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  1. I would never request porting. Like I said reskinning the heavy combat suit is good. But if you were able to make the armour model a bit more... bulky, I'd really appreciate that. Oh, I forgot, skins should also be for the female models. Or is it possible to give the females male armour? 'Cause Halo multiplayer only features male armour, and in RvB there are two women. Both in Spartan MkVI armour.
  2. It also does make more sense than the original. Mining droids repairing the ship? Mi shebs!
  3. yes, Dak Drexl made them.

  4. Any scetches, drawings, other pics?

  5. can u model me a weapon? I am just about ready.

  6. Okay, Phildevil got it right. I have no problem reading or listening to English dialoque. But the game disagrees with me and doesn't show the text. Or it crashes, depending on the mood. So I thank you, deathdisco, for pointing out this tool.
  7. Are those TC mods compatible with different language versions of TSL?
  8. Okay.

    Just need specifications.

    Oh, and if you can use it, I already finished a DC-17m, blaster attachment. Have no idea how to get it working, though.

  9. i'll send an invite. You can make weapons and stuff.

  10. Not sure what I can do. Scripting is way over my head, texturing is something I push to my sister. Maybe modeling, but only equipment like weapons. No clothing or characters.

    What's this mod about?

  11. Wanna help with my TC mod?

  12. Well, I think the armour is not that important. A retexture of the heavy combat armour would do. And thanks for the links, none 223. They will do. Now I can really play as "Sarge" and use Atton as Grif. Thanks for answering!
  13. Azzameen


    Okay, I hope this is possible. Can somebody mod me the Halo MkVI armour in the colours orange, red, maroon, light red (pink), brown, blue, cyan, teal, and black? Perfect to finish the set would be the sniper rifle, shotgun, assault rifle, battle rifle, and pistol. And... the helmets should be removable. Anybody think they're up to it?
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