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  1. dude, ive had so much trouble with this , so anyone with a solution PLEASE POST!
  2. im currently making a mod for bfme 2 and i need all the hlp i can get, and i am hoping someone hear can mod bfme2 and will offer help.check out my site and the otherforum i posted at.. http://www.freewebs.com/thelemur http://www.gamereplays.org/community/index.php?showtopic=84362
  3. not bad, but as already said, old....
  4. lets just say that since you sold it, dont you think it would be a waste to buy it again...i mean, if it was that good, u probably wouldve played it a little longer....i think that this is best left up to your desire to play the game...im pretty sure it will work on 360, my cousin still plays it and he sold his xbox and bought 360, so if you desire playing it again, go for it.
  5. ive gotten over 300 alot, but it does reset after a while, which sux
  6. cis:darth maul republic:Obi wan rebels:luke empire:vader(he may be slow, but hes so f****ing powerful.....oh, and hes DARTH VADER!)
  7. the only reason i would have to play it would be to be able to say"Ive beaten it for the billionth time.....yay?" the game stinks, ive recently gotten empire at war also, and it ROCKS!
  8. which one did you download?? some of them seem to have a problem with the game sometimes, so it could be just the one you got
  9. i dont think so, ive asked a lot about a map pack like they did for halo 2, but apparently they are too lazy to make it.
  10. i figured as much, they seem to be getting pretty lazy, not really paying much attention to the communitys desires....
  11. will they do like with halo 2 and release a map pack in stores for like 20 bucks? bc that would be easier than xbox live, considering i dont pay for it anymore
  12. i only did it once, bc when i finished it i realised doing it again would be the biggest waste of time, its too short for me... instant action all the way!
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