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  1. @Smalltalk-80 So you say the VGA graphics in MI 2 are bad? I love Mark Ferraris work. Especially in Thimbleweed Park.
  2. Yes. But two years ago I was at the Pinkerton Road farm and was also in Philadelphia. And as Dott fan it was nice to see. But if you read the manual of Dott right then you know that it´s not exactly right.
  3. I saw this one on German Amazon too. Nice.
  4. Disney and Paramount got a deal: http://www.deadline.com/2013/12/disney-paramount-ink-future-indiana-jones-movies-marketing-distribution-deal/
  5. Every day the same. Only started the game 30 seconds. First video appears. Games stuck. I could wait like windows wants it. But I think it could be last hours. On SWKOTOR 1 you HAVE the launcher with steam. But with TSL you have no launcher und no config file! That´s horrible. Why doesn´t the retail with the same settings on the PC have these issues?
  6. @Q That´s different. Sometimes the video doesn´t start and stucks the game. And then I have to restart it. I don´t understand why you can´t switch videos off in the Steam version.
  7. Does really nobody has a solution? Please?
  8. Another but same problem. I haven´t had this problem since years but now I´ve been glad the english version works with steam and now there is this problem again. Btw I´ve the tslrcm 1.8.2 and the M478 mod. So now after movies (not all) the game stucks. I can´t do anything but shut the pc down on the unusal way - Windows can´t make it alone! And the problem is: I can´t disable movies. On steam I can´t start the launcher! There is no launcher anymore. And on the game file where you can activate the cheats you can´t disable movies. Btw that is strange since the retail version works fine on the same system/pc!
  9. Yes before the selling of LA it was nearly definite. But since Disney says Indy is not as lucrative as Star Wars maybe we won´t see a new Indy movie.
  10. Yes, would be nice. There were rumors about a 5th movie a few years ago.
  11. Yes I know that it´s still there as a licensor. But it isn´t really a "company".
  12. But lucasarts.com still exists: http://www.lucasarts.com/
  13. EA. But Bioware! That´s the New Hope. More KOTOR games. SW 1313 and I´d love to see Republic Commando 2. But without Sev?
  14. Also interesting to talk to one of my favorite characters: HK47. He has a little bit to say about it but he don´t knows exactly.
  15. Well it´s German. Most of you don´t understand it but it´s worth a look. From 7:15: http://www.gameone.de/tv/247
  16. I´ve one of these. But it´s ok. Only a few were able to buy it. I also have tentacle cups.
  17. No SW 1313. I was glad to see this title. And no more Indy.
  18. I´ve bought many adventure posters from posterxxl lately.
  19. I´d say it´s gonna be AVS 2 not year one. I´d plegde all of the 2 things! And don´t forget 1954 Alcatraz from Gene Mocsy... *ahem*
  20. Great! I wish I can find something like that!
  21. Mh, I think. Yesterday I seen on my other PC. Both are connected to the same monitor. That it now has only 1920X1080. No more 2048... like before. I think my monitor is broken? On this PC I didn´t swap my graphics card.
  22. When I´m healthy again I´ll look into it. Hope this doesn´t crash my game like mods. I still don´t get why it worked before.
  23. WHAT? It´s the same monitor. And it had 1920X1080. I also changed it both in the [Display Options] and [Graphics Options] as you said. But still nothing. This must be another problem!!
  24. Before that I played it with 1600X1200 without changing something in the TSL ini.
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