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  1. Yes. In Germany this Re-Releases released in March, 22.07. (Monkey Island 3, Sam & Max, Full Throttle and Grim Fandango) I translate it in 4 words: It works under Vista. Btw, yes 2002 is right. And the background music in Sam and Max is now like Soround Sound. lol
  2. It runs on my XP. But i have the XP/Vista version. (Version 2.0) This is avaible in Germany and UK. And other countries? I don´t know. That´s the third time i have GF. The quality of the CDs are bad.
  3. Hochdeutsch is not only for rich people. It´s an accent. Hochdeutsch is the "normal" german, that you find in an english-german/german-english, spanish-german/german-spanish, french-german/german-french and so on... diktionary. Or in a book, movie or what else. @Bavaria Yes, i know, but you can´t chance it. Bavaria belongs to Germany. But it WAS own. From 555 to 1871. Since 1871 it belongs to the German Reich. Today Germany. Since 1949 it belongs to the Federal Republic of Germany.
  4. The **** what? Bavaria is not Germany, Bavaria is Bavaria. No that was a joke. Bavaria is Germany. I say a-ber. And what is a "equivalent"? Wikipedia: "Aber and Inver as place-name elements Aber comes from a Brythonic word meaning confluence or river mouth and appears in Welsh, Scottish and Breton place names. Standing alone, it is the popular short form of the following Welsh place names: * Abergwyngregyn * Aberystwyth" and: "Other * Aber Diamond, a Canadian diamond mining company. * Aber is also the name of a company that makes photo-etched brass detailing sets for model military vehicles. * Aber is the German word for "but". * ABER is an abbreviation for abduction with external rotation, an important position of the arm for MR imaging of the shoulder * ABER can also be an abbreviation for abercrombie"
  5. Yes. Aber ich kann hochdeutsch.
  6. My favorite LA-Game and favorite Adventuregame ist Day of the Tentacle. My first LA-Game was Dott (and MM) too. I have all Adventures from LucasArts and SWKOTOR 1 and 2, SW Republic Commando and Indy 5 and 6. I´m a Indyfan, but no Star Wars Fan. But SWKOTOR 1 rules!
  7. I am from Schwaikheim, Germany. Near Stuttgart. Southern Germany
  8. I have voted for KOTOR. Ok i have only KOTOR 1/2 and Republic Commando.
  9. My favorites are Bastila, Carth, Canderous, Jolle, HK47. And SWKOTOR 2 is not ready...
  10. I play most female light-side. Very rarely dark-side. (at this mom.)
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