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  1. Gabriel Knight 1. Great game! Especially the music of this game. And now - of course - part 2.
  2. On adventure-treff I read that Tim said that the licence of Dott oder FT would cost ca. 10 million dollar! Don´t forget that a star trek adventure game sometime in the 90ths did cost 25 mio. dollar. 5 mio the game and 20 (!) million the star trek licence.
  3. 110$ from me! I wanted to fund 250$. But the poster is gone.
  4. Well Ron Gilbert is at DF Games. And Tim is not at DF rigth now. Ron to Tim: "I'm making everyone stay at their desks and work. You're not missing anything." Tim and Al Low @ Dice: https://twitter.com/#!/TimOfLegend/media/slideshow?url=pic.twitter.com%2F1HH6cKQ9 DF Games: https://twitter.com/#!/doubleanna/status/167764236733390848/photo/1 Ron Gilbert: "I think this proves that adventure gamers are the best gamers ever. Thank you everyone from everyone at Double Fine." These are all comments and links from twitter. (I´m not registered at twitter) And now over 1 million and I´m going to bed rigth now.
  5. It´s like the Sam and Max petition but this time there are guys who CARE about that. 1 Mio and I´ll get to bed!
  6. @Glokidd Dito. I´ll never sell collected things. @Thriftweed Why´d you have so much German things may I ask you? Just curiosity.
  7. I hope I can get this handbuch and this bottle. @Btw Why has the article (the poster signed from Steve Purcell) been moved?
  8. Wow, that looks great. And you not only sell the games. What is that Handbuch (handbook) anyway?
  9. You mean it moved up so quickly. Yes, it changed a few times. But it was long on place 9 (!), 6 then 5 and 3 and now short place 1. That´s good enough! But before SWTOR and Skyrim!! And 3rd and 2nd place both a week or so. And the first circulation of Deponia was sold out. 1 day before release. And they had to reproduce it, again. Please do buy Gemini Rue! Great indy game! Daedalic also sold the retail version of Gemini Rue: http://www.amazon.de/Gemini-Rue-Verschw%C3%B6rung-auf-Barracus/dp/B00553MV3G/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1327759186&sr=8-1 Ye can also play it in English. And you have a nice box, too.
  10. Ya, I know. But no adventuregame was ever (in the time of ego-shooter i think) on place 1! Even Monkey Island SE! But Deponia must wait! Anticipation is the word!
  11. I´m playing Gilbert Goodmate now. Btw adventure games rule the world, again: http://www.amazon.de/gp/bestsellers/videogames/ref=sv_vg_0 http://www.amazon.de/gp/bestsellers/videogames/301129/ref=zg_bs_nav_vg_1_vg
  12. @Snugglecakes Sorry. But I want them, too. I saw Loom (FM-Towns) for about 200 €. And one from Germany. Well then (for me) there are no toll costs but 300 is very much, too. How much did yours cost? Edit: I just bought Indy 3, Indy 4 and Loom FM-Towns for 877, 58 €! And MI 1 after I get an answer tomorrow.
  13. Sorry, it´s an old fred but how about that? From France. But that prize: http://www.ebay.de/itm/ZAK-MC-KRACKEN-LUCAS-FM-TOWNS-MARTY-JAPAN-IMPORT-/300622869130?_trksid=p3286.m7&_trkparms=algo%3DLVI%26itu%3DUCI%26otn%3D3%26po%3DLVI%26ps%3D63%26clkid%3D5793912730372961687#ht_9217wt_1282
  14. @M@rs Have fun with Machinarium. Now it´s not over yet! On Monday I bought: The City of Secrets Legend of Kyrandia 1 Gabriel Knight 1/2 (Collection) and episode 3 Toonstruck Gilbert Goodmate Police Quest (Collection) Prisoner of Ice Blade Runner The Riddle of Master Lou Tony Tough and Leisure Suit Larry 7 And then I bought Goblins 4 and Tony Tough 2. Well they´ve not received a good review. But I just can pick it up on my adventuregame-collection. And yesterday. Well...this night I bought: Discworld 2 Discworld Noir 3 Skulls of the Toltecs Ark of Time Under a killing Moon Quest for Glory 1-4 and Galador And I´ve bought The Legend of Kyrandia, again. Cuz there was a mistake on Amazon and it was no longer aviable from this seller. I gonna get my money back and I can keep the game he was send instead. So to say as a freebie.
  15. Last played: The Fall - Mutant City. (Yes an adventuregame but nothing special) And yesterday I bought these game collections: Leisure Suit Larry Space Quest Kings Quest
  16. No, I installed it normally. The game works fine but the cheats doesn´t. But now all works fine.Thanks.
  17. Huh? I can´t enter the cheats. The game itself works well. Edit: When I go to the compatibility folder and change THIS ini inside it works! Just like in KOTOR 2.
  18. Since my PC crashed a few hours ago! The second time on one PC. Damn! I installed it on my Win 7 PC and after a few problems starting it I can´t enter cheats. Why? I changed the config ini entries to cheat but I can´t enter them in the game.
  19. I thought so. But I didn´t know the name before.
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