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  1. Hi, i need some help with TSL. I wanted to copy and paste my savegames to another user on the PC. If I start the game I can load the savegames but the folder says it´s empty. Where are my savegames then?
  2. Didn´t play the first game, but I pre-ordered this. Must play the first one.
  3. At last! Today after 2 years of waiting I´ve got Edna and Harvey to my Birthday.
  4. Today I played it through. It was fun. But short. BUT short and good is better than long and bad. Much allusions on movies and yeah LucasArts Games. Sam and Max. Or MI: Look at ship: "I hate pirate movies..." And then: "Just look there is the famous ship by the intrepid G.T. who sailed to M.I. to settle accounts with L.C."
  5. The Legend of Crystal Valley, Darkness Within 1 and now Darkness Within 2.
  6. http://www.autoblog.com/2011/02/03/study-gamers-take-more-chances-behind-the-wheel/
  7. Last played until last week: Simon 4D, yesterday Simon 5D. Until now: Hotel - Das Rätsel um Schloss Belevue.
  8. @Jenni It´s pre-ordered! It comes on February 12. Lol, age registriction in the UK is 3 years. PEGI says 12. And in Germany the USK says it´s without age registriction! They only seen the graphics but didn´t play it right! Well there were more. But the last games I Played were: Lost Horizon, Wallace and Gromit Episode 1-4, A New Beginning and Gray Matter. Tale of a hero didn´t work very well.
  9. I just ordered the SWKOTOR comic books.
  10. Btw the English version is pre-ordered since 1 month!! It´s time now!! After a long time. I must do have this version. I´m looking forward for the translation.
  11. Last books I bought: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Lost-Symbol-Dan-Brown/dp/0552149527/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1295570242&sr=8-1 http://www.amazon.co.uk/Phantoms-Brain-Human-Nature-Architecture/dp/1857028953/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1295570346&sr=1-1 and: http://www.amazon.de/Man-Who-Mistook-Wife-Picador/dp/0330294911/ref=pd_sim_b_23 In German of course. They´ve a little bit to do with the game Gray Matter. That´s why I bought them. And it´s very interesting, too! But I´m not ready with an other book. And I f...... must have the comic books of SWKOTOR! But it´s pity they´re not really BOOKS like the books of SW Republic Commando.
  12. I played it through, lately. Still a very great game. But I hope (like the Monkey Island SEs) there´ll be a DVD version. Not only Download. And not in a package with other games like it´s on the market in Germany. I had problems with the savegames! Broken Sword 5. Please!! But one question: Do I need the Steam update for the Italian and Spanish voice? My version didn´t support that.
  13. Long time, no see... That´s the secret of Monkey Island: http://blog.monkeysisland.com/wp-content/gallery/bildergalerie03/d34_1072.jpg And I was there. *quicklyoff* Btw: yes. OF COURSE
  14. I just wanted to go to Dxun for the civil war. But when I quit the Ebon Hawk the screen wents black and I can´t do anything. Only quit the game with "alt" "F4". Btw playing on PC. Please help.
  15. I was on Crete. But not in the ruins. I was too young and didn´t interested in that. But after playing Indy 4...
  16. Dito. BUT I WAS and I´M more looking of the 1st and 2nd SE then TOMI! And yes they must make no further SE! And the atmosphere of MI1:SE is really great. Especially at the beach. Makes fun for vacation.
  17. Before I restart my PC yesterday it says I´ve no savegames!! Now they´re there. I did nothing to my savegames! In my saves. Before I made that savegame I had the Corouscan mod yet! I even cannot laod savegames I made before the mod!! But now it caused to a new problem! Please help. I can´t load my savegames only. And that´s the problem too a new bug: Atton wanted to talk too me but I enter the Hawk. And now That´s a new bad bug. Cause I can´t meet Visquis now. I´ve no joy to replay all things I made now: This time with Mical, T3, dark side. Talked all things with this too. Who ever tested this game made it wrong. Sorry I´m so frustrated about KOTOR 2 with its bugs!! Btw I deleted all mod things. But that doesn´t help. I think the best thing to do is: to have nothing to do with this game. Edit2: Reinstallation of the whole game didn´t work!! No new savegames. And the also the old ones.
  18. Since yesterday I´ve AGAIN a big problem. I can´t load my savegames. Only the autosave. On "load" it stucks. With "ctrl" "alt" and "del" it says that it works and there are no "not reactons from the game" But it stucks. Please help. I have no joy everytime I continue the game too play until the point I played it!! Btw I´ve the Corouscan-mod. On the technical side I hate SWKOTOR 2. It has f.... too many bugs! Even with newest drivers! :mad:
  19. Thank you, nevertheless but (just) installing of a new graphics driver and the newest version of the catalyst worked!
  20. I´ve an ATI card, too. I had a hard drive crash! Now I´ve a new hard drive on warranty! And now on Dantooine (Khoonda) the graphical building is damn slow. I mean really slow! Like a C64. Do I have to install the new catalyst driver? I play it with Frame buffer, smooth shadows, grass, AA @ 8 and AF @ 16! 8) On KOTOR 1 and 2! The best settings were never a problem. Except now. Please can anyone help?
  21. @Jenni I must look on Amazon USA. I HAVE too buy it again in English.
  22. Long time ago I posted here in this forum. I was lately more in the KOTOR forums. @Threepwood4life Good to hear that you liked TWW. Does anyone know when´s the release of Edna and Harvey in English? @Haggis Have fun with Ghost Pirates of Vooju Island. I´m just playing Black Sails. Well I installed it the 3rd time. The first time it didn´t installed the voice pack right. The second time: hard drive crash. And now with new hard drive the 3rd time. Now, copy that!
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