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  1. Clan Name: TR (THe Resistance) Platform: PC Games Battlefront2 and others check are site for details Site : Resistancegaming.net About us: We are a clan that that plays a variety of events. Conquest,ctf,space. We compete monthy with other clans at Eclipticrealms.com more info visit are site and any other clans interested in joining ER visit there site for more info:D Recruiting: Yes. Tryouts: Come visit are server. Has are logo (TR)
  2. Lets see better looking game. More units on the battlefield. Some map changes on some maps. Plus on the pc you can make your own maps. I dont know of any difference online for battlefront 2 but im pretty sure its better on the pc imo that is.
  3. I share your same oppinion on this and also Glad to see you posting Kurgan Yes I play battlefront 2 now as well I think that are community is split up now because of people not patching. Im pretty sure are community would be bigger if everyone had to play on the patched version. The advantages to patches can be endless. Everyone should know when a patch comes out its there to help the people that play the game to enjoy there product by fixxing some glitches, problems and with additions on most games that people get on the pc. Not that this patch offers much but with people not patching it lessens are community of people and enjoyment of playing online. I also heard from a friend that the patch would not install or work with his copy that he has. Not a pirated version either It could be the copy that the has depending on when he did get it or he is just installing the wrong patch depedning on which version he bought. For anyone that doesnt know SWBATTLEFRONT.NET provides multiple links for the patch for whatever version that you have. So maybe some of you are installing the wrong type of patch. Just providing some suggestions.
  4. Thankfully we have found Nitty and are playing some games still. To anyone that is still intersted in playong online with this game the clan im in would be interested to hear from you. We have a forum going and amazingly we are getting people that still want to play this game after all these years. So if your still interested here is the link to are site so hope to hear form you soon http://members.lycos.co.uk/jkle/
  5. I agree as well. Even though its Fox affiliated that wasnt the intent of this discussion it was on about this person using the Ds for his own sick ideas. Sharing your oppinions on what you think of the outlet that reported this story is not what this discussion was about Spider so if you dont have anything to say thats on topic please by all means keep your opinions on Fox to yourself. So stay on topic and leave politics out of this everyone.
  6. I doubt 90% is because its 12 year olds. Yes I agree that probally 12 year olds do prob talk this trash but so do older teens and even adults. Adults do bash people and also talk this trash so its not just the youngsters of the community. If I was a 12 year old or alittle older playing this game ( im not im 18) I would be one that wouldnt talk this trash or just picking on people. Otherwise my argument that as a whole its not the 12 year olds that overspam this trash ingames. Its older immature people.
  7. Man that is just sad and disgusting of some people in are society that need help badly. Using the DS' pictochat for means and purposes of what he was intending is disgusting and not what nintendo intended for there product to be used for. Same goes for online on what these troubled people go to lenghts to do online as well. These things need to be stopped these people need to be served justice for there crimes and need pyscological help to end these disgusting crimes.
  8. I wish her well dude. Thankfully they discovered it early so that increases her chances of coming out ok. So all the above with me here.
  9. I wouldnt say that. If your referring to how immature some kids can be (trash talking and all the complaining) I wouldnt say its just 12 year olds etc. Yes some young people even some you can consider adults can act stupid with all the uneeded cussing and complaints that goes ondoesnt help but the people that they learn these immature actsfrom fellow gamers online dont help the situation at all.
  10. Agreed there Ray. Society isnt helping to stop all this violence when they keep on showing all this violence. And how should all this stop? I agree that everything isnt the parents blame but I think some of this blame does go to some parents. Like the parents of the bully or some other examples. Where were the parents to help stop this bullying even before it began? Or the teachers,principles and the one or more friends of the people that got bullied? Its just not one thing that causes these things but a multiple of little things that dont want to intend harm in there views but little by little helps it along till it becomes these big tragedies. I dont think society as a whole is bad but there is alot of uneeded things that dont need to be aound IMO. There are good things in society as well. Like for one instance Ive seen comercials that provide programs for tvs for parents to block programs that parents think are uneeded for there kids to watch. These and many other programs provide help to parents to make there jobs easier.
  11. Hey great to here from you vitruvius. Jkle doesnt usually play mods lately that is but we are all up for any if anyone is up for some. (well some of us that is) Today we actually had 8 people playign today which was an awesome evening. We would like to play more on Sunday as well. So we will keep in touch.
  12. Hey good to hear that people are still intersted in playing Jedi knight and mysteries of the sith. Ok let me give you all some input on whats going on. Me and some friends Kurgan,Andrew,Chris,Matt,Nick have been playing jedi knight and Mysteries of the sith just about everyweek. Usually on the weekends and have been doing this for months. So we are welcoming anyone interested in playing to come join us. Now to answer some questions Maarten: All that you need to play is just Jedi knight installed to play with us. Me and some others usually just play on the regular maps installed. Now if we do decide to play Mysteries of the Sith you have to have that installed as well. But as for needing anything you just need the game installed on your computer. If me and my friends decide to play on some modded map or use some mod We will let people know. Unlife: glad that you showed interest I will PM you for yor info and hope to play with you soon
  13. Well true there Carlo but not really. Your hero can die in seconds you spawn if you get spawn killed . The hp loss starts slowly but picks up later as time passes by. So only way to counter that if your a hero is get kills. IDK how long yo ucan last with a hero though. So anyone out there how long minutes wise have how long haveyou been a hero?
  14. Here here I would support an end to poverty and drugs(plus terrorism) but sadly there isnt enough support to actually do any of these things. A force of righteousness is a good dream but to bad Power and Greed get in the way of these ideals. A question to TK is there any reason why USA aided al-Qaeda back in the cold war? My first thought would be that al-Qaeda was on the right side so to speak and have thus changed positions to do there own ideals.
  15. Yes I agree with your points there Ray. I agree with that almost all video games have some form of violence in there games. But not all games have violence in them. So the game industry shouldnt be stopped over some peoples quick and biased to judgement that video games are the cause of all the violence that some kids do when they dont have concrete evidence linking the violence in video games to the conduct that some kids do in real life. The video game industry isnt only for kids is one thing they should learn first off. Alot of adults also play video games. There is a big variety of games meant for enjoyment of kids and adults alike. It all comes down to the parent on what there kids should and shouldnt play. Now on that one comment on the cashiers of stores. Basically my oppinion on this is what are they there for? They are there to just check off what you have bought and make sure you payed for there products. I agree that they shouldnt be selling teen and mature games to kids which is why thats been taken care of already. There is some law or some regulation stopping the selling of mature games to underage kids. (just like beer,wine etc) But the problem here is(ive read this in gameinformer magizine)when kids go to there parents if they cant get what they want and have there parent come back and buy the game for them. So in this story the cashier does warn the parent on the conduct of the game but the parent still buys it for there child. So what have we learned here? 1 Kids are not stupid. if they cant get what they want they go to there parents 2 Either the parent doesnt know the conduct of the game or they just dont care or they that the conduct in the games is ok for there children. So basically it is all up to the parents in my oppinion. They need to either be educated if they dont know whats going on. They need to know what the child is getting out of playing video games(behavior wise) And of course teach there kids that violence isnt aceptable in society and isnt right morally to hopefully end all this violence that kids are getting themselves into.
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