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  1. Thanks guys Now I have the game now I'm really really stuck and its making me so angry! I've done it a thousand times but I just can't get past it. It's the scene where Lucas arrives at his apartement, answers the phone and the doors fly open and all of this wind picks up his stuff and hurls it at him, and you have to hit all of the action keys to help him avoid it. I can get as far as the kitchen things but it seems impossible because I keep going wrong somehow! I'm using the default controls that you begin with at the start of the game, and I've tried using other controls but it doesn't work as well for me. I've spent hours over it and it really does seem impossible!!! Can anyone help with any tips before I rip all of my hair out?
  2. I was just wondering what people thought about Fahrenheit. When I looked up the review it came up about 90 per cent, which is great, and the demo was pretty good as well. But after watching a few trailers it seemed quite complicated (and a little freaky, but that's not really an issue). Since I'm getting it for Christmas, can anyone tell me the basic plot and their rating of Fahrenheit?
  3. How do you use these codes people are putting on some of their posts? Like I really want to watch that one about the GF movie someone made with The Movies but I don't know how you play it because it just comes up as a code in a box.
  4. Hey guys please visit my forums at: http://[link removed] for discussing films, http://[link removed] for discussing music, and http://[link removed] for discussing video games. Thanks!
  5. When Manny finds Domino's mouthguard and inspects it: Manny: Euck Domino had this in his mouth. And when he puts it in his mouth: Manny: Euck! Well now I know what Domino tastes like. Call me weird but I find it funny whenever Manny says 'Euck' in these two quotes. Oh also when Manny switches on the switch at the tree in the petrified forest and Glottis starts spinning around and around and around... Glottis: Heeey Maaaaaanny what are you dooooooooing?!
  6. The Longest Journey 1 is perfect for your description. Although it's not as good as GF it's still creative and humorous.
  7. Which does everyone prefer and why? I think Grim Fandango is the best but I also love The Longest Journey. So do you prefer Grim Fandango or the Longest Journey?
  8. Hi Um I actually meant puzzles in Grim Fandango lol.
  9. Hey guys I'm new to this forum thing but I just want to say that if you have any problems with puzzles in Grim Fandango I can help. I'm no good with technical difficulties though. But you can post any puzzle problem you have on this thread and I'll help as best I can.
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