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  1. i know why you are experiencing this. It means that you are banned from that particular server. Its the message you get when you have been banned. It may not be you that got banned, Bans arent perfect. THey sometimes ban innocents too, by accident. THat is probably what happend to you. A side effect of someone elses banning. Try playing on a different server.

  2. No, on single player and everything. The screen freezes, and i get the message upon reboot, Generic Host Process for Win32 services has encountered a problem and needs to close. Its an error report type of message. And, it often will happen online, but not always, the screen freezes and I cant get anything to help.

  3. I experience random crashing/freezings when I play Mos Eisley Assault online.

    My system is: an alienware with Total Physical Memory: 2,048.00 MB, my graphics card is an NVIdia and stuff and I have a dual core processor, but ive tried the set affinity thing. Help?

  4. Forbidden

    You don't have permission to access /sonyonline on this server.


    Apache/2.0.59 (Unix) mod_ssl/2.0.59 OpenSSL/0.9.7j mod_jk2/2.0.4 Server at http://www.station.sony.com Port 80




    Ok... wtf. What is this? Will someone try telling me whats up with...


    #1. Star Wars Galaxies

    #2. SONYS WEBSITE!?!?!?!?!?!



    The launch pad will not display the news, i cannot get on sonys site to contact support, wtf? Will someone here on LucasForums be so kind as to give me an answer as to whats going on here? a little while after the error, the site weant DEAD.

    I may be good with computers, but this error is a bit too complicated for me. What I THINK is going on:


    An error in a UNIX server that hosts the sony website went down, bringing swg with it.

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