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  1. I think the soundtracks for both KOTOR1 and 2 were very good and more or less in the same spirit of the Star Wars scores, and the fact they actually hired someone do an original score instead of sample John Williams' movie scores like every other Star Wars game out there is a big bonus. The one thing the score was missing, however, were the familiar tunes from the movie. If from time to time we could hear the main Star Wars theme or the Jedi March theme, it would be perfect. They should do this for the KOTOR3 score.
  2. I also think the light vs dark issue should be distanced a little from the classic good vs evil. The dark side isn't essentially evil, though amplified anger and hate does make a man more prone to evil. A darksider could actually be a hero, though his inner darkness is a serious liability (as Revan found out to his detriment). Likewise, the light side of the Force isn't essentially good, but simply the absence of darkness, though people who suppress their anger and hatred will . Heroism, altruism and sacrifice a Jedi values, not aspects of the Light side. A Jedi who forgives someone for cutting off his arm should get a LS point for letting go of his anger and hatred, even though he has the right to (and arguably should on principle) arrest his attacker so that he may be tried and punished.
  3. They certainly have their own Sith Lords, but they probably have no connections to the Sith Lords that emerged from Revan's armada. The "True Sith" waiting in the Unknown Regions is probably the remnant of the Old Sith Empire that was defeated in the Great Hyperspace War 1,000 before the game. They fled into the Unknown Regions to hide, rebuild and eventually reconquer the galaxy. Somehow, they manipulated the Mandalorians into attacking the Republic so as to weaken them ahead of their own planned invasion. Revan pushed the Mandalorians back to Malachor V where he eradicated them. There, Revan figured out what was going on, and decided the Republic, with its battered economy and weak Jedi Council, was not strong enough to face the True Sith. So, he embraced the Sith philosophy himself and converted his Jedi followers, fueling them with a disdain for Jedi and weakness. By doing this, he firmly severed their allegiance to the Jedi Council and made them more accepting of his plans of conquest (this is my reasoning as to why Kreia described it as a "sacrifice" rather than a fall).
  4. I think going Consular then Weapon Master/Sith Marauder is the best combo. You become strong in both Force and combat. Guardians get Force Jump, but that doesn't get used often. They get Weapon Specialisation: Lightsaber, but you'll get that eventually when you take any of the PrC. Sentinels get immunity to Stun and Fear, but there are items that give you this, and you don't need all the skills. Consulars, on the other hand, get bonuses to Force power DCs. This is the only way to make save-or-nothing powers like Stasis and Horror to work, as all the enemies seem to have very strong saves. Watchmen and Assassins get Sneak Attack, which goes together nicely with a stunning effect. However, why not just fry them with Force Lightning? Jedi Masters and Sith Lords get lots of Force points, but by lvl 15 you already have plenty of that (even if you like to indulge in opposing alignment powers; your own alignment powers will have negligible cost). They also get no additonal bonuses to Force power DCs; you might as well have stayed a Consular. The Weapon Master PrC, however, will fix up your weaknesses without hurting your Force potential; lots of feats and great VP and Defense.
  5. On Wookiepedia I learned that Atton Rand was in fact a bounty hunter who Coorta hired to deliver the Jedi Exile back to Nar Shaddaa. I never found this out in the game, even with maxed influence. How is the information unlocked?
  6. I think KOTOR3 should either be an FPS/RPG hybrid ala Vampire: Bloodlines, or a more classic isometric perspective like Baldur's Gate 2. The former will allow for ultimate action, the latter will allow for ultimate tactical play. KOTOR 1 and 2 are somewhere in between and the result is not very good. Fights aren't very stimulating when all you do is chain Force powers and special attacks. I played those games for the story and characters, not for the fights. Also, I want it to dispense with the corridor approach. If we revisit Dxun, I don't want to go through ravine mazes again, I want to go through an actual jungle. If they could do Far Cry on an XBox they certainly could have done it for KOTOR. Finally, I want to get rid of lifeless objects being imbued with the Force. The Force should emanate/flow from living things, not from crystals or Sith tombs or robes. That dark side hotspot on Dagobah that Yoda showed to Luke was teeming with creatures, so I figure it was only the life in there that allowed the dark side to take strong root.
  7. The Star Wars comic books have settled on Revan being male & redeemed, and the Exile being female & LS. If things become too burdensome then they can just settle on the accepted canon. In any case, Revan's gender and alignment had little effect on TSL's storyline. It may not be so big a problem.
  8. After buying all the +/- cards I can find, I win about 60% of my pazaak games. I also don't use the quicksave/quickload to cheat; I accept whatever losses the game inflicts on me. It's too bad that in K2 there is only one player - the one on Telos - who will play with you an limitless number of times (by exploiting a dialog bug), and that the max wager is just 40 creds. She is potentially a limitless bucket of credits, but it'll take you an infuriatingly long time to earn enough to buy that phat lightsaber crystal you saw in a store. I only stand at 19. Unless my opponent has played all his cards, he always seems to beat me when I stand at 18 or less. On a slight tangent, I think the pazaak game is not fairly designed. You have to buy expensive +/- to have a good chance of winning. In a real word card game, both opponents would randomly draw from a complete deck; neither is at a disadvantage.
  9. "Traducteur" is French for translator. Never heard the word "traductor" before.
  10. I've seen all of them, having replayed TSL many times. The cyan crystal is buggy: when you transition to a new area, the lightsaber's blade will suddenly be on and not turn off.
  11. HK-47 has the option to take the "Droid Interface" feat, which apparently would allow him to speak with droids who do not speak a "sentient language" (ie beeping astromech droids). This feat sounds useless at first glance, because he isn't the main character. Does it open up new conversations between him and T3-M4?
  12. That sucks, because Lab Stations are a little harder to find than Workbenches (I remember one in Dhagon Ghent's clinic on Onderon).
  13. Isn't there supposed to be a lab station in the Ebon Hawk's medbay? During the Red Slaver attack, T3 used it to make some mines to take out the slaver boss, but after the attack it was gone.
  14. Do they mean the witches of Dathomir? They ride rancor mounts.
  15. The Zabrak Vibroblade grants Weapon Finesse: Melee for free to he who wields it. If I'm wielding a vibrosword in one hand and a Zabrak vibroblade in the other, does this free feat apply to both weapons, or just the zabrak vibroblade?
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