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  1. A little Googling turned up this.... Lamasu - unlock all levels I haven't tried this cheat code (nor any of the others), so I don't know if that is right or not, but a couple of sites list it that way.
  2. You can use these "on your own server" or in a mod....
  3. There is a game glitch that allows you to throw certain gun ammo as if it were a grenade. You may have seen people throwing rockets, or AA ammo (the two most popular ones). Throwing shotgun ammo is also done a lot. There is another game glitch that lets you shoot your gun while carrying the flag in CTF. You can bind a certain command to a key to allow easier headshots when you are on the same level surface as your enemy. This can be effective when sniping and when using blaster and/or shotty. NOTE: I will not provide any specifics on how to do these, as I think they are all dumb and noobish to actually use in-game. However, you *can* find them with Google if you look hard enough.
  4. Well, as far as Multi-player mode goes, I don't know of any way, but there is a *tactic* you can use pretty successfully once you get good: 1) Choose Trando team on a public server. 2) Pick up a Rep Blaster as soon as possible. 3) Every time you kill a Rep, be sure to run over their blaster to pick up their ammo. 4) Don't die. Seriously - if you can kill pretty efficiently, its like having infinite ammo (well almost).
  5. Delta 1207 - I will make you a siggy when I get some free time. It would help a lot if you could search for some sample images using Google Image search and supply the links here. They don't have to be *exactly* what you want, just some samples.
  6. Press "Alt"-"Prt Scrn" or just "Prt Scrn" (depending on system). Then when you close the game open your favorite graphics app (or Windows PAINT if you must), and PASTE the image into the program - then save it. Or - download Xfire (free) and you can take as many screenies as you want using the Xfire key combo you specify.
  7. Niner - Check this (playing as Osmosis again)....
  8. Maybe "flame war" was a bad choice of words. Since R18 has dropped SWRC, I will be shopping around for a different SWRC clan to join. I don't want to tick off anyone by accusing them of running an unfair server when I have no evidence at all - simply a gut feeling from many many hours of play. Bottom line: Every now and then when there are many clan members present on this particular server, I notice several things: 1) The damage anyone wearing the clan's tag can take seems very high. I can follow one around unloading my blaster into his head, and they just won't die. 2) The damage their weapon can inflict seems to be cranked up. I'm unloading rounds and rounds into them and they turn around and kill me w/ a couple of bursts - even though I'm at full health. 3) The "tractor pull" effect will be in play, where I get "locked in" to someone carrying a shotgun and I can't dodge or move - boom. I'm a pretty good player, with lots of hours logged. I always have decent ping and my rig is top notch. The effects above are not subtle to me, they are like night & day, black & white. All this may seem like a rant (and it sorta is), but all I want to know is: "Am I crazy?" or have other experienced players noticed these same things?
  9. Yeah - I won't name servers b/c I don't want to start a flame war but there is one popular one that I notice it on a lot.
  10. B-man, I don't understand what you mean by "make it have the 3 somewhere in the spiderman font". Please clarify. What "3"?
  11. Yup, that's me. Thanks - same to you. Re: Glitch: yeah, I know how to bind a throwweapon command, and that it can be used to litter-spawn and crash the server. Anyway, for some reason I've noticed a lot of "tweaked" play recently. I just leave and go elsewhere - it's all you can really do. Has anyone noticed a hack where you get close to an enemy and you can't move? It's like you are beeing pulled toward them by gravity or a magnet.
  12. I do everything with JASC Paint Shop Pro version 7.02 It comes with a pretty basic animation tool, that can be coaxed into doing some nice effects with a little finesse. Just a hobby, but I've logged a lot of hours with this app. "Thanks for your support"
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