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  1. I just replayed K1 again, and it left me with the same questions. I didn't really explain my position the first time, so here's round two. LS K1, Revan's supposed plan (according to Kreia) is a huge fail. The Republic is extremely weak, and his/her legions have been decapitated. Lacking a major military force, he/she goes off by him/herself to take out the True Sith? Totally unaccompanied, after going through all the trouble of converting half the Republic army to Revanism? lol DS K1 makes even LESS sense. Revan brings the galaxy to it's knees, then leaves the core worlds untouched? Why in the world wouldn't he/she finish the job before leaving? Galaxy is militarily strong, on it's road to recovering politically and economically and would be ready when he/she came back to lead it's defense. If LS, why isn't the Jedi Order standing strong in K2? LS or DS, what happened to the remaining Republic/Sith armies? If DS, the Sith army/navy had to be massive, and had the galaxy in a death grip. Nothing adds up. Two massive armies just disappeared, a war suddenly stopped, all the Jedi are gone, no explanation. The Nihilus hunting them down story doesn't make sense, as the council on Coruscant (core world) should have been mostly in tact, regardless of your ending. I dunno. Maybe we'll get some answers in tOR. It'd be nice if we got a real K3 that somehow explained these major plot holes. lol
  2. Shorter path to lightsaber (I'm a Jedi (or a Sith, anyway), give me my lightsaber now, not on the third planet...). I want to find out what actually happened to Revan, I was greatly disappointed by K2 in that respect. I don't really care that much about the Exile. It'd be nice to know where that story went, but Revan is much higher up on the to-do list. The ending of K2 was weaksauce. Definitely need real, and different, endings. I liked the endings of K1 much better. I'd like to see a REAL dark side story. Not just random, unnecessary unjustified cruelty. I'd like to start as a youngling or whatever the Sith equivalent is and have the option to "fall" or be "redeemed" during the story progression at any time via Dantooine/Korriban. Honestly, I wasn't all that fond of the major plot twist in K1. The robes/mask only go so far so explain no one recognizing you, SOMEONE had to know what you looked/sounded like lol
  3. I never said the fault was Bioware's, it belongs to whoever decided to make the LS ending for K1 the cannon story.
  4. Totally did that (up to the purple saber... Singles only) on my last play through.
  5. Does anyone else think the LS ending of K1 makes no sense, given the whole True Sith bit introduced in the second game? Um, hi. I started a war to take over the Republic so I could make it strong enough to withstand a massive assault in the near future, then I just gave up in the middle of it and left to fight them by myself... I personally feel the "left to fight them alone" angle is completely ridiculous too, not to mention leaving the Ebon Hawk... Can he teleport now?
  6. You're right, I was confusing the BoS mod with the actual game. Way to go Silver, now I don't remember what really happened. Actually, him not remembering everything would only change Tatooine, and I already stated the second part wouldn't work ~snip~ Flaming is not permitted on the forums. ~tk102
  7. Spoilers in here, if you haven't beaten K1 for whatever reason, read no further. I always thought it was odd that after you realize you're Revan, you still do random things on the final planet, even more so if you're dark sided and are intending to reclaim your throne as Dark Lord. For example, on Tatooine, you know where the Star Map is... Why bother with the Sand People? Force Persuade the guard, go directly out to the Dune Sea, kill the dragon and get it. Manaan I can understand if you're LS, but for dark side players, demanding access to a Sith submersible should be an option. On Korriban, everyone should recognize you as Revan (especially if you cheat and are wearing the robe/mask) and you should be allowed to go straight to the tomb (or be forced to fight everyone, either way). Kashyyyk obviously can't change a whole lot. Also, I always thought it was kind of odd that in all the hundreds of people you meet, no one recognizes you as Revan... I find it hard to believe that he always wore that robe and mask, especially at the beginning of the war when he was 100% LS. Obviously, that last bit would really dork up the storyline, but would anyone be interested in doing the first part?
  8. Instead of Darth Bandon, maybe a generic Dark Jedi Master would be better? That way there could be voice overs added... Just my two cents.
  9. I suppose I put this in the wrong forum then. I appologize, and thanks for the help
  10. I appreciate the response but I need gamesave versions... Or is it possible to convert one of those to an AR gamesave? (I appologize, I'm new and very tired.)
  11. Would it be possible to get a gamesave where you start on Telos, before you get cleared to go? I mainly want a blue normal lightsaber in the lockers where you pick up your stuff. I hate Peragus with a passion. Level 3, Blue lightsaber, Jedi & Jedi Master robes, Female Sentinel named Jen Chilar or Male Sentinel named Jagg Fel? Thanks in advance
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