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    Tariki Hongan Temple, City of
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    Graphic Design, and Star Wars, and Homework.
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    Frozen Throne
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    IE. it sux. but I use it.
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    KOTOR I and II
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  1. So you're not dead, uh?


    Don't be a stranger, mate. ;)

  2. The manga is still ongoing, isn't it...Oh well.
  3. Depends on how destructive you want it to be. Is "this" a question?
  4. ^Has Spanish in his sig. Next time try put on French. CSI stands for Crime Scene Investigation, a popular TV show.
  5. Happy belated Birthday, Stoffe_mkb. [sorry, can't get rid of old name.] Monkey King Bar. [short term is MKB]. +75 damage. +15% increased attack speed. 30% chance for 90 bonus damage and stop channeling spells. Awesome.
  6. ^A language that I don't understand.
  7. Eh, not really. I think both Miss_Mayhem and Darth Ave are girls too.
  8. Sir...Jedi Guardian aren't supposed to do the Force powers...They got most feat, while Jedi Consular get most Force Powers...So that might explain why Jedi Guardian has insufficient FP... In layman's terms, Jedi guardian is like shredder. Jedi Consular is like Inspirer, I think...
  9. Eh...Leave me out of this please...
  10. Eh, prob not--I don't like crime committing game...
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