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  1. ^Naruto Sport Festival in progress...Do not disturb.
  2. ^Eh, at least he can get a Super Mod if he joined 6 years ago, right?
  3. Eeeek...That hurts...Is it really worth for a game?
  4. [Covering nose] Oh my goddess, my nose! Anyway, I'm on my laptop, so my desktop picture is just a Sony one. @JD: Yep, you got nice desktop, too. [Faints due to massive blood loss]
  5. ^If he joined 6 years ago, he was already an admin.
  6. ^Looks like Mace Windu vs. Yoda vs. Kit Fisto. @Darth Balatro: Oh my goddess, are you a poet?
  7. ^Why don't you use Soul Calibur instead?
  8. ^A slimy bug called Jabba the Hutt, lives in the Dune Sea on Tatooine, around the New Republic Era. [Objective: Annihilate him.] Is Darth Caedus as vile as Darth Palpatine?
  9. ^He already planned to change his name on March 25th, 2008. Nice planning, but I wonder why can't LucasArts give us a definite release date of KOTOR 3 just as Topsite's date of requesting a name change? @ Sabretooth and Topsite: thanks, gentlemen.
  10. ^He should be a M16 Agent because his location can't be located by a GPS, "Top Secret", it shows. @Darth Balatro: Stop repeating your quotes...
  11. ^The...the...I can't tell...Maybe it's the butt? [@CAD: Check your PM box again. ]
  12. ^Half dozen more immates for prison! [Did you check your PM box?]
  13. ^His location is "undisclosed"...What does it mean? You mean it's classified as top secret?
  14. ^A HK. Stands for Hong Kong. Oh, yeah, Marty McFly! It's in Back to the Future II, right?
  15. ^Wanted to be a Woman Prison Warden.
  16. ^When the Kusanagi would provide a Tachikoma as a pet...
  17. ^Sira Moonwarden is here. =P @CAD: Same here, but I play on Northend [Europe Battle.Net] because many of my friends are there. And let's set up a time and play together, okay? BTW if you have an European Battle.Net, care to share your Username?
  18. Oh, okay then. ^A Diego Varen version Revan.
  19. ^Hopefully not S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl
  20. At last, the duo stopped. Both were nearly out of breath, but CSI’s condition was worse—the butterfly crest appeared on his arm, face, back, torso, and leg. “One more strike, and you’re done for.” Kaname continued to jeer at CSI, although she can barely move herself. “Why don’t we focus on this one strike?” CSI said, “We both don’t have enough power to keep on fighting, so let this strike be our last one. And you haven’t seen my katana…yet. Didn’t you realize that I didn’t even pull out my katana during this fighting?” “What…The…” Now it’s Kaname’s turn to be surprised. “Since you want to see my katana so bad, I’ll show you.” CSI pulled out his white katana, and said calmly: “Flap, Chidori!” The green lightning bolts filled onto his katana, and emitting loud “Zap” noises. Kaname meditated a little, and she stood up, “I’m ready.” “Then let’s go.” CSI and Kaname both charged towards each other. Then a blinding light emitted from the clash of blades. Then smoke consumed both figures. -- When the smoke finally dissipated, CSI and Kaname were still standing there. “I’m sorry, my friends. I failed.” CSI knelt down and fall to the ground, face down. “What do you mean, you failed?” Kaname closed her eyes, “No, it’s me who failed.” Then she took a look at her wakizashi, which looks pretty good. After 1 second, with a small “zap”, her wakizashi broke into half. Then she fell onto ground, too. CSI was still lying on the ground. He neither moved nor breathed. And the electricity on his katana was gone.
  21. CSI and Vergil walked into the empty Senate Chamber. No one was there. "No one is here. Let's go." Vergil dragged CSI's robe. CSI just stood there: "Can you feel it?" Suddenly a lightsaber flew into his hand from nowhere and he performed a backstab. With a shout, a cloaked Sith Assassin collapsed. "Captain Kaname Chizuru, I know you're here." CSI made a unnatural smile. "Wow, you still remember my name…So long time, Captain Vincente Dantes and Captain Vergil Descartes." On the center platform, a dark figure appeared, "Remember, if you betray us, and the Noble Dantes Family would fall. Tsk, tsk...always a shame to see a noble family's downfall." Then it disappeared from the center platform and reappeared behind Vergil and pulled out a wakizashi*, which was hanging behind waist. Vergil turned around almost instantly, and his left hand was on handle of his katana. “I hate to scar a fair lady’s face.” “Really?” The dark figure took off the hood, thus revealing a once-beautiful face. CSI closed his eyes. Dark Side can be very corruptive. Suddenly about 50 Elite Sith Assassins appeared around CSI and Vergil. “Can you defeat them?” Kaname said mockingly. Vergil whispered to CSI: “Do you have a Plan B?” CSI shrugged: “No, we fight.” With amazing speed, CSI subdued one Assassin near him. Vergil smiled, and pulled out his katana: “Bring it on!” And with several screams, he also subdued a bunch of Sith Assassin. -- After a while, CSI dispatched the last Sith Assassin, “Is that your best, my former apprentice, Captain Chizuru?” “Unfortunately, no.” She made an evil smile, and vanished. After a minute, she reappeared above CSI. “I still remember your trademark technique, Critical Strike!” “Critical Strike, huh?” CSI used his arm and blocked her Critical. “You still got so much to learn, my young apprentice.” The two huge powerful strikes clashed together and formed a shockwave around them. “My master died years ago.” She answered calmly, “It’s time to avenge for my master. Sting to death, Hornet!” “Oh, no…” CSI’s eyes widened, “Not possible…” “Well, it’s now.” Kaname’s smile widened, but it looked like a cry, “You shouldn’t have forgotten—my wakizashi, Hornet, would kill you instantly after second hit.” CSI nodded grimly: “See if you can make the second hit, Kaname.” Suddenly, a butterfly symbol appeared on the spot. “First hit. Second hit on the same spot, you’re done for.” CSI frowned and started running. “Yeah, wise choice. Run. Run for your life!” Kaname jeered and followed him, “The crest won’t disappear unless I want them to.” CSI continued to run. Kaname continued to chase. Suddenly, CSI ran to a big space and stopped, “You’re right. Let’s deal with it.” Kaname grinned devilishly and the duo fought on. *It’s similar to Katana, but it is lot shorter than a katana.
  22. "You'll see soon enough." CSI smiled and noticed the Jedi Phoenix landed in front of Senate Building. "Let's go." Vergil said and jumped off the Jedi Phoenix.
  23. ^Oh hell, yes, Tachikoma! Ghost In the Shell FTW! [Currently Watching: Ghost in the Shell: S.A.C. Solid State Society]
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