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  1. lots of random games i have but mostly gear of war online
  2. i am from liverpool,england,uk.
  3. His name is now Galen marek he was only called Jacob nion because of the book and comic's early release in germany (that was his orginal name).
  4. it installed ok but i had to leave it on over night and i don't know how to check my spec?
  5. what is needed for SWG i downloaded the trail and it didn't work and it downloaded fully. now if your wondering i have a windows xp e-machine home edition.
  6. am playing two worlds its CLASS!!!! and am also playing rainbow six vegas which is also class.
  7. thanks a lot ztalker that really helpedme out but i've been looking thought some pics and i can't pick up any arm braclet??? you thoghts please?. dk
  8. now in both trailers vaders apprentice is kicking stormtrooper butt now is light or dark?? i heard a rumor couple months back that he starts of dark then vader finds out that he trick in to the dark side by sidous and vader tells his apprentice too become light. your thoughts please????? dk
  9. all i hope is that you get to name him thats all. i would call him Quietus witch in latin means death. dk
  10. holy crap the new trailer for SWFU looks great its just amazing I can't wait for the video game it going to be great
  11. i down loaded the 14 day trial and it says failuar to close back buffer
  12. Sorry if this has been posted before but i need to know what you need for sw galaxies online adventures. can some one please help!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. can some one tell me how to get my sig please
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