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  1. Unfortunately not. My site went down March last year, and I haven't had the time to mod. I also haven't had the time to update the site and host it. I will attempt to upload my mods somewhere so people can get them still, but I won't be creating a new one. :(

  2. It appears in the old Obi-Wan game, you can explore a bit in the Phantom Menace PS1 game and finally the longest level in Jedi Power Battles (ohhh how I love this game) is Corucant, in fact the level was sooo big (for the PS1) that it had to be split into 2 parts, halfway through there was a loading screen. TBH, the timeline is wide open, I'd say there's more of a chance of it being in ToR than another period. Ohh and I also share your hatred for Tatooine lol.
  3. QFT. People seem to bash this game so hard, because it's KotOR:Online not K3. It's beginning to get really old... I mean hardly any details have been released and it's already the PHAIL game of the century. Get over yourself people.... If you don't like it, fine, don't play it when it comes out, it's a simple as that. No need to make it your life goal to verbally abuse a game that isn't released. EDIT: Sorry, have to QFT this as well
  4. I actually gave this a go a long time ago, the modelling is the easy part, but rigging the head, was impossible back then, now... maybe it's different. I don't have enough time to attempt this mod anymore. But it would be cool to see it done. These are my old pics for reference. I doubt very much I still have the model file.
  5. Ahhh well, it might, you may not have much hope, but they have kept the development of the game under wraps for 3 years, the game is already in a playable state... Believe me, LA aren't dumb enough to make the same mistake twice, I mean Lucas himself might be, but I'm sure his 'highly' paid employees are not. (Assuming we're talking about TSL here) In any case, I can imagine either early 2010 - early 2011. It'll probably be within that time frame. That would give it a reasonable development time of 5 years, that's half a decade, it's quite a long time for a game to be made. If this is the case, the game should ship pretty much flawless.
  6. Nah, it's the logo for a rollercoaster in the UK lol

  7. Thanks on the avatar compliment. Do you know where it comes from?



    Happy Christmas. :D

  8. Which creature avatar do you mean? this one?



    Or this?



    They're the only avatars I've had that are kind of creature-ish.


    Ohh and Happy Christmas SS.

  9. If you get it you'll be happy, it's a great game. What do I want, hmmmmm.... Well, I'd love a new computer, but that ain't gonna happen.
  10. LOL, there must be some part of my post you don't understand. Why would they make a successful MMO, and then make another one after it's completion? Does any part of that statement not sound dumb?! I'd also like to know as to where you got the idea that the MMO will be "out of date" once it's "completely done". You seem to be on a roll with the responses as of late. Ohhh and another thing, don't make out that I'm being all defensive regarding K3, I personally don't think they will make it either, the MMO will most likely be the last KotOR game ever made, my point is there is a far likelier chance that they will make K3 than a 2nd MMO, if not, well, that's just plain and simple, bad business.
  11. I don't mean to be harsh here but, that is probably the most dumbest thought up response I've read on the whole ToR debate. Why on earth would a company make an MMO, should that be successful, they give themselves a contradiction to their first successful MMO. There is a 99.9% chance of them making K3 instead of a 2nd MMO. Bring on the flames.
  12. QFE Bass FTW My advice would just be the same as Mace's, that's what I did.
  13. As far as I'm concerned, this isn't a bash KotOR II thread. I'll be glad when this announcement has finally been said. All this pointless banter about how empty K2 is, and how fulfilling K1 was. In terms of a KotOR MMO, well, if the announcement turns out to be the MMO, I'll laugh and say I told you all so. If the announcement brings other news, I'll, errrm, calmly walk on, lol.
  14. That's an extremely bad idea. My evidence to back it up... At the moment, we don't know how the servers are going to be handled. Nor how the game will be released. Assuming they will go the wow route and create Europe and US servers etc. There are many countries in Europe, most in different time zones, the launch time for the game will different for all these countries, which is basically going to mean that players in some country in Europe will go out and buy the game install it, download any patches, play, then make their Jedi, bam, there's your 10% cap. Then 3 hours later, on the other side of Europe, the shop doors open, players buy the game, get home, install the game, download any patches, play the game, then make your Jedi "Ohh sorry the 10% cap has been reached". So, a better way to do this, is cap the servers for a % of how many players there are, the more non Jedi that join, the more Jedi will be able to join. To be honest, I don't quite care who doesn't like this idea, I happen to think it's a good idea which will definitely decrease Jedi numbers, but not make them impossible to get and be made. (BTW I want this game) @mattig89ch: For further reading, look at the first post of this page.
  15. No, I don't think that's the way to go. Can I quote myself here? (Taken from the K3 speculation thread) Another idea that I thought of that Da_Man_2423 elaborated on, to also add to the above idea, would be to cap the servers for the % of how many Jedi there are allowed, so the more people that join a server that aren't Jedi the more people will be able to play as Jedi. That would definitely guarantee more of any other class than Jedi. ~MZ
  16. Exactly, so a better way to go is to even everything out and just have the standard monthly fee
  17. That probably won't work, and most likely end up more expensive in the long run. Unless we're talking like 1p ($0.02) an hour here, which is kinda stupid . As far as the topic goes, I have faith that Bioware won't screw this up.
  18. ^ If that's your skin, you need moisturiser.
  19. Hey, not bad. Join me on MSN sometime today if you want, I'm on all day today.

  20. Actually, as there hasn't been any marketing yet, they might go about it completely differently than people are thinking, I always say, never assume. Don't be so smart mouthed next time, I was only stating fact.
  21. I play bass, a Musicman Sterling As I only have a camera phone with cruddy mega pixels I'll link you to somebody else's guitar. The only difference with mine is I have a Black Pearloid pickguard And if anyone asks, no, this wasn't my first bass.
  22. Errmm, not to sound cynical or anything, but there has been no marketing, how can the game not be marketed towards 'us', when no details of the game have been released, no marketing has commenced. Tell me how the game is being marketed towards MMO gamers when there hasn't even been one screenshot, or trailer, or even a press release?... Ohhh and if you know where to look, yes, you can actually find overwhelming responses regarding the MMO.
  23. Haha. "We're sorry, the clip you are trying to play is not currently available in your area" Stupid A**holes On Line, you phail... Either way, I can kind of imagine what happened lol.
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