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  1. Errmm... TSL #10, that's a bit underrated and harsh -.- Anyway... 10 - Starfighter 9 - Obi-Wan 8 - Battlefront II 7 - Teras Kasi 6 - Jedi Academy 5 - The Phantom Menace 4 - Lego Star Wars I,II,III 3 - KotOR MMO (lol, just kidding) Galaxies 2 - KotOR I 1 - KotOR TSL
  2. Hehe, I just thought I'd pop my head in the subject, Well, as jonathan7 stated above, Gmax is for modelling, you can get Gmax from here, and in order to edit the kotor .mdl format, you'll need to get NWMax, a plugin for both Gmax and 3dsMax, you can get that here. Hope this helps
  3. Well, first, let me grab a quote from the rules When you ask a question on modding, most people generally assume you're modding TSL But ultimately, the particular subject jonathan7 is talking about applies the same as K1
  4. That's probably why he said it, lol. But still, it won't change anything, file sharing ain't about to become legal lol
  5. Imbecile, people like that need a slap round the face, lol
  6. Nice idea, it has been suggested before... But the problem is it is impossible to have more than 3 playable party members with you at one time, it is hard-coded into the game and cannot be changed, sorry.
  7. You know, I don't know why everyone's treating this like the end of the world, all I've seen is people saying how bad it is and how big a mistake it was, well quite frankly I'd like to know why it's 'the end of the world', why can't they possibly make K3 just because EA bought Bioware?
  8. This can be done, if the armour is present in KotOR II, I'm not sure if it is, and I haven't seen this in another mod, though there is loads so... I may have missed it. {Snip} Removed text referring to a deleted useless post. -RH
  9. Actually it is possible though making it projectile would take quite a bit of work, but keeping just as a staff is definitely doable and I wouldn't mind giving it a go if I have time, so no promises, but I'll try to get round to it.
  10. Ohhh I did one of these back in 2006, didn't really advertise it here though, Here's the link: Clicky Sorry I don't have a picture handy, the skin is slightly darker purple than Darth Balatro's though.
  11. Wow, that's a very cool, big (I might add) picture, that's going on my desktop
  12. That would make that a triple post Also here is a pic of the planet from space And here's a pic of an Ithorian on the planet, as you can see the plant looks very exotic
  13. I got KotOR 1 Because I love star wars and RPGs, I found out about it from my brother though, I played it on his Xbox then decided I liked it so much I bought it myself.
  14. I'm not sure if Master Zhar's head is present in K2, if it is then it shouldn't be so hard, if it isn't then a normal Twilek would have to be reskinned to make it look like Zhar, as porting anything from 1 game to the other is against the rules. As for the robes that's the same thing, they can be recreated to look similar but can't be taken from the first game and 'dropped' into the second, unless of course I'm blind and have missed that the K1 robes are in K2
  15. I've been over this subject many many times, but I'll say it again, I would want the series to end with an KotOR style RPG, but also think there should be an MMO as a separate game, I've also said this before but I'll say it again: The company that makes KotOR 3 would be stupid to make it an MMO, but a company that makes A KotOR MMO would be genius. Basically what sums up my post: I want both!! lol
  16. Well... it honestly doesn't matter weather he is gay or not, it doesn't matter if you fall in love with a man or a woman, it's still love! Lol, I seriously couldn't stop laughing at that, lol awwwww.
  17. Well, I'm sure Lucas could see the potential of making a KotOR MMO, especially as it will be the successor of SWG (assuming they don't screw this up as well, which is highly unlikely). Ahhhh I can see the headlines now (well, internet headlines), "SW: KoTOR MMO CRUSHES SWG!!!" lol
  18. Yes, but they'll make back all the costs when the games go on sale
  19. I realise your trying to be funny, but I have no 'faith' in Nihilus, he was just so dull, I mean you couldn't even understand what he says, so... For me just way to boring
  20. Well actually Sion and Kreia were two of my top favourtite characters in KotOR II, I like the character of Kreia and I thought that her character was one of the more thought out party member story lines. As for Sion, well I just really liked the menacing manor about him, and I really liked his appearance as well, not to mention what made me like him even more was that he was Kreia's apprentice. As for Nihilus, well, to me he just seemed to boring and appeared like a poser of a sith, thinking himself all powerful, which I thought got old really quickly, I like his appearance yes, but he was just to dull. Anyway, just my thought on the subject
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