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  1. I lol'd at the dog poop and manhole, being able to relate to it the most. :p

  2. Something to help foster your understanding about Rio, Sabre:


    (This BBCode requires its accompanying plugin to work properly.)


    Enjoy with some caipirinhas!

  3. Hahaha, I guess it must be really weird for someone that doesn't speak portuguese as a mother language to witness people using "Cum" as a swearword. Though "porra" is probably one of the most recurrent on my personal repertoire, kinda like the F word (thanks, censor) in englsih. As for "filho da puta" I thought you had learned that on Tropa de Elite. :xp:


    Still haven't played it, Sabrez. I do plan to, it looks positively awesome. Gimme some nice screenies from the favelas (oh, and downtown São Paulo if there are any), because from what I've seen, this still looks like a very faithful Rio. :p

  4. Been playing Max Payne 3 and really digging it. As with other media of Brazil, can't help but think it's happening right here in Mumbai. >_< At least I've finally learnt how to spell "porra". :p I've also learned that in Portuguese, end sentences with 'filho da puta'. :D


    Thoughts on the authenticity of Brazil in the game?

  5. I wanted to but it's not out here yet. I may play it down the road. Are you enjoying it?

  6. Yeah it's pretty good, pretty much a direct interpretation of the game, which is good! Are you gonna play SWTOR? Or is it even out in your region? That's eating my time.

  7. I'm still on the 3rd ep but now that vacations started I'm catching up. Liking it so far?

  8. Are you watching Persona 4: The Animation?

  9. Thanks mate! It was awesome!

  10. Happy birthday! :D

  11. Not a false positive this time around!? omygawd, more info pleaseeeearrrghuuuu

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