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  1. Something to help foster your understanding about Rio, Sabre:


    (This BBCode requires its accompanying plugin to work properly.)


    Enjoy with some caipirinhas!

  2. Hahaha, I guess it must be really weird for someone that doesn't speak portuguese as a mother language to witness people using "Cum" as a swearword. Though "porra" is probably one of the most recurrent on my personal repertoire, kinda like the F word (thanks, censor) in englsih. As for "filho da puta" I thought you had learned that on Tropa de Elite. :xp:


    Still haven't played it, Sabrez. I do plan to, it looks positively awesome. Gimme some nice screenies from the favelas (oh, and downtown São Paulo if there are any), because from what I've seen, this still looks like a very faithful Rio. :p

  3. I wanted to but it's not out here yet. I may play it down the road. Are you enjoying it?

  4. I'm still on the 3rd ep but now that vacations started I'm catching up. Liking it so far?

  5. Thanks mate! It was awesome!

  6. Not a false positive this time around!? omygawd, more info pleaseeeearrrghuuuu

  7. Indeed. I might be going further north this weekend because of all this ruckus. But I can tell the people are mad about those riots making England getting undeserved infamy.

  8. I'm really eager for this year's E3. Dunno if ATLUS is more likely to announce anything this big there on in TGS, though.

  9. You know, they just need to announce P5 already and be done with us.

  10. Having not read/seen much about the specifics of gameplay how the time travel system works is a bit (bit?) confusing. I know that some bad decisions can be made and then you have to go back and change it, or something like that. I mean, changing the past by doing something in the future then going back to witness what you just did in the future isn't really something Terminator has exdplored in depht. :xp: I guess it's one of those things that aren't really clear until you play it.


    Combat looks what you'd expect from a traditional JRPG, right? Excepts it resembles Breath of Fire so much it's irresistible. :xp: Oh, and story/characters seem nice. DO you care about them in this game? I love political plots, so long as they can avoid a few dead ends and clichés.


    And I remember confusing this with some sort of Radiata Stories spinoff (which is a pretty damn good idea btw) :carms:

  11. it's ****ty that you're playing Radiant Historia and I'm not. What do you think of it?

  12. Lawl, their ideology is do what you must to get the job done. A bit fascist, but, hey, the guy playing the protagonist himself said that (he's a socialist). Tropa de Elite 2 brings more politics to the screen but remains awesome and much more thought provoking.


    BTW, one of the best scenes is when the captain is training the hopefuls while yelling at them that they don't have what it takes! We feel so evil!

  13. Saw your pm. Sure, signing in - I'm just not sure my mic is working!

  14. (This BBCode requires its accompanying plugin to work properly.)


    Hopefully better than Trinity Soul.

  15. Looking at your signature I've just noticed that the guy closer to the screen looks like he's leaning on his hand just like the Thinker statue. =p

  16. Look up Machado de Assis on Wikipedia, dear lord Sabrez, and if you can pick one of his books. I'd suggest "Posthumous Memoirs of Bras Cubas - Epitaph of a Small Winner". Brazillian literature at its finest.

  17. Lawl, no PSP yet. Might get one by the end of the year, in time to play this pearl. ;)


    Amazing, since I came to Atlus side of the Force, three names won't leave my mind whenever I think of RPGs: SMT, Meguro and Jack Frost. :D

  18. I see. Hey, let me give you some advice. You must click on the "view conversation" link on the bottom of each visitor message to actually answer to it. If you don't, no one will know you actually answered anything. ^^

  19. Haha, just to let you know, research the term "viado" in portuguese and you're in for a tough surprise. :xp:

  20. I'm sorry, but I must ask: where are you from?

  21. It's still an enjoyable game after all this time, I guess. And you've got to love Fou-lu.


    Where are you in the game, BTW?

  22. Oh, how I loved BoFIV

  23. Hey, you posted on my Vivaldi blog and I told you I was going to send you Winter on a kickass remix. So there you go, assuming you enjoy some electronic music :) : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jZvBUGwfhiA

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