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  1. I feel like I share Lynk's sentiment on the matter. It has been the subject of discussion with ex admins of a couple of forums I used to be a member of (now all but dead in fact and in law). In my experience, the worst dick-limping factor that curbs any enthusiasm to recreate a forum board is the general notion that there just isn't that many people interested on them. In itself, it's not a huge issue, as the plan ends up being a "nostalgic place for an old clique to hang out about", but then time constraints start being thrown in and we have a problem.
  2. Nice trailer, the internet went mad with justice this time around. A lot better than the senseless montage that was the first trailer but still got me screaming like a schoolgirl because it's Star Wars again. But he went full cyborg. Never go full cyborg.
  3. So we've established that it plays better with a controller? Still haven't beat the game and my current setup allows for couch playing.
  4. I'm not sure I agree, Quanon. Having read all the books (out so far) and following the series religiously, I find that the books were better, more engaging experiences. That said, the series isn't bad at all but it does spoils many of the surprises masterfully delivered on the books. So while I don't know if watching the series first is the best option, I found great pleasure in reading the books and then watching how they'd do particular scenes on the series (and if they'd actually do those things on the TV, since some parts are seem too gruesome for TV audience).
  5. ^ Wood finishing. Classy. Also very old-school. Still ugly and looks even more like a grill!
  6. Not that I'm adding much to the discussion but you answered the charade yourself: the point is to get the defendant on the tip of a lethal injection needle. I also agree that this method of getting a death penalty is dishonest at best.
  7. So, just to be clear, are we talking about the Persona 4 Arena game? It's an entrirely different spinoff that I can't quite comment on (having never played). But most fighting games aficionados agree that it's among the best of its kind.
  8. I could write an entire review of the series about how godly it is but I'm fairly sure every self-respecting review will praise the game just as much. I can't recommend it enough, really. What console are you getting this? The PSVITA version, The Golden? If it is, congrats, I've been meaning to get a Vita just for this game - which is the definitive version. The series are a bit like Final Fantasy: entries aren't directly related and each has it's own story so P4 is as good as an entry point as any. If you still have a PS2 (haha) or own a PSP, get Persona 3 as well: IMO, the story is even stronger on the third (the PSP version has everything but the ultra-hard storyline that takes place after the main story, which was included on the PS2 FES version. On the plus side you can play the entire game as a female character, which warrants some differences on how the side-stories unfold).
  9. Yep, huge fan here as well. Been expecting this new album for months. Only Daft Punk fills the interwebs with dozens of remixes and extended versions of a 15 seconds long song.
  10. And yes, Tyrion has that mighty scar on his face but the nose is still there.
  11. New-Newly-Announced-Watch Dogs-for-PS4-playing-on-PC-with-PS4-specs-trailer. By the way: I never asked for this. (This BBCode requires its accompanying plugin to work properly.)
  12. At any rate, we've got Harrison Ford signed up to play Jar Jar. http://afterthecut.com/2013/02/15/harrison-ford-returning-as-han-solo-for-star-wars-episode-vii/ I feel bad for my joke.
  13. Well, if they need a younger Solo... (This BBCode requires its accompanying plugin to work properly.) Disclaimer: I do not support X-men like character spinoff movies.
  14. Yeah, I didn't care for the 3D either, but since I never watched the OT on theaters I was pretty damn excited. Still am, if they're still going to be released.
  15. I like him much better than, say, Spielberg's stuff that came of late. And I'm sure he knows the established movie canon isn't meant to be messed with (as he did with Star Trek IX).
  16. Indeed. I know Star Wars movies are a touchy subject to most fans, myself included, and this whole deal of who's directing one is still so fresh and unheard of, but for the adaptations Snyder did, he managed to do very enjoyable movies which still retained the soul of the original work. If someone is qualified to head other's work, it's him.
  17. I gotta say She's quite hot. Everybody wins. Congrats to Lucas, may he take only one bold step per year.
  18. Loved what I read, Lynk. I plan on showing the movies to a friend who has remained blissfully ignorant of Star Wars in the last 20 years next month and I'll use the Machete order and post the results. Last time I did this, I showed them to my ex on release order (OT then PT) and it was satisfactory, but Machete defends his case so cleverly I'm actually convinced that jumping the atrocious ep I will be a good thing (all I needed was a well-thought excuse to not showing it to any potential fans anyway). Please do the same with your nephew's experiment.
  19. Yeah mate, you'll remain lonely if it's up to us I'm pretty much lactose-dependent myself.
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