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  1. Bug Max. He's got some talent for animations.
  2. Seconded. You could even turn it into an animation competition.
  3. Mandowars ftw, but failing that, this'll be cool too. And if you claim its a tribute by the way, where you don't charge money for it, you can't breach copywrite.
  4. If you want reasoning for it, how about this: The "shield" is supposed to derive from a belt around the person. Using something like this would simply mean forcing all of the energy of the shield forwards to a certain area with great speed, causing a great push. True enough, though in the movies it never fully went into details about the armaments of every single race, so whose to say it didn't exist? =o It'd be the gunner equivelant of force heal, yet slower and only to a certain point. Which is why I said it'd be an EMERGENCY pack. For when you get a spare chance to apply it. Bandages are there to stem the amount of damage and slowly repair it, this is like having a mini bacta tank which goes off when your in a critical state. Plus, about weapons being so lethal, I've found myself many a time with 15 or under hp. I thought OJP was about realism, not balance? You can't claim one thing is going against realism to SW, and another is going against balance xd Plus, Force push and pull? Saber deflect letting 0 shots through? If anything, this IS a form of balance for vs Jedi. Battle Stimulants, like Max said. For reference, see KOTOR.
  5. I'm a friend of MaxState's, and he's more than once dragged me onto OJP =) Firstly, as an opening post, gotta say I'm impressed with what you've done with the system. Very, very cool. Hard to get your head round at first, but cool. Secondly, I've heard about some of the things coming up for the next version - particuarily in reference to the gunners and their gadgetry. Now, I'm a fan of the MB [Yes, hiss at me now] style of gunners and how they have their points sorted and whatnot. Thats the main reason why I venture into it from time to time. But I've been urged [by Max <3] to post up my ideas on here for what I think could be good. Not sure if any of these will already have been discussed, so I'll throw them all out there. 1/ Shield Repel. For the gunners, a melee skill which has the same hit effect [though significantly reduced damage] of the Concuss. Rifle secondary fire. It can be set as an extra button, and only usable during melee [i was thinking oddly you could use an animation like a chest thrust, or failing that, double palm push away] and it would drain some of your shield per use [i was thinking about 10?]. This would limit it to a maximum of 10 uses, with only two usable from the start of a new life, plus it would have to be used sparingly - Save on shield, or push him away and hope you can get to that item spawn point type of scenario. 2/ Smart Armour. This one no doubt would of been discussed before - regenerating armour. If you were to make it go up in set incriments, you could allow a cap-limit on how much can be regenerated, as well as the speed at which that happens. I realise this in conjunction with the above can be used to effectively Repel Spam, so if you make it so that pointwise they could have both of these and nothing else, or full this and not enough for Repel, or Repel and level one this, restricting heavily the regen rate. Just an idea though. 3/ Emergency Auto-Medpacks. When your health reaches a critical point, say, 15hp or under and stays like it for atleast 4 seconds, and automatic singleuse medpack is triggered [One per life] which'll restore you for 50hp. Now, reason I say at least 4 seconds is purely for the fact that if you get slashed with a saber, or really heavily shot, realistically no matter how many medpacks you use you'd still die. Atleast this way you can escape injured, heal abit, fend them off and then either live, die or run. 4/ Double Grappling Hooks. Hoboy, probably not a favorite. Using the default grappling hook system [the one with the line what acts more like a pole], it'll give you the ability to use two. Reasoning for this is, to effectively Tarzan the whole level, swinging from one hook to the next [This is assuming if hooks are added they don't move at the speed of sound =o]. Can also be used on people to bring them to you, ala Scorpion from Mortal Kombat, by using one as an anchor to keep you fixed and the other to pull the person to you. 5/ Good ol' Steroids. Act like Force Speed, but also give you temporary strength and defence buffs - but, because they're dulling your senses, disable dodge for a short while during and after. Not sure on this one, havn't thought it through fully, but I'm laying it out there. I did have more, yet they escape me. Some feedback would be nice on the suggestions =)
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