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  1. I think one of the Rakatan Elders says something about it being named Lehon.
  2. Yeah, I pretty much use Force Wave at the start of every battle. It doesn't work to well on Force users though. I have went back to Dxun and stocked up on Advanced Medpacs. We'll see how I fare against him in a little while. I will post my progress. ( If any) I will also try using Force Storm to death as well. Edit: Alright, I used Force Wave the first time and knocked all the Jedi down. Then I used Force Storm and killed all except Malak. Then Malak and I fought to the death. In which, he disappeared. Thanks for all your help.
  3. Hey is there any good strategys to defeating Malak. He beat the crap out of me! So help me out here.
  4. I hate that stupid random thing. Today I got two Solari crystals. You know the one that Shaela Nurr was given by her master. There is supposed to be only one. It kind of ruins it.
  5. Definitely Atton. He was more like a Han Solo of sorts. Carth was cool, but he held too many grudges. Atton could pretty much care less.
  6. HAHA!! Chuck Norris!! How about Bruce Lee? Surely he could beat up a ragged old woman and a senile old man! Naw, just kidding! Jolee would beat them both! He is very cunning and persuasive, but so is Kreia.
  7. I bought it cause I bought one for my cousin and then later decided to give it a chance too. That game turned me into a Star Wars fan. I loved Star Wars after playing that game!
  8. Now I'm a: Jedi Guardian/ Jedi Watchman Regular clothing Single Blue lightsaber Forms and Force Powers: Whatever I feel like!
  9. He's talking about KOTOR 1. No, try not to give too many credits away in the first game. I couldn't complete it at some point because I didn't have enough money to buy medpacs to keep me alive. So I had to quit that game. You can still be all light side, I've done it before without giving away too many credits.
  10. Alright, Jolee could absolutely kick butt in KOTOR 1. Kreia would have a sort of disadvantage with her hand missing. Jolee has much more experience than Kreia, for he fought in the war against Exar Kun and survived to tell about it. He seems to hate people kind of like Kreia so that would drive his forces as well. And with his persuasive powers he could probably prevent the battle from happening anyway. I agree Kreia is powerful, but Jolee is more powerful.
  11. I have for sale a set of Star Wars Episode 1 and 2 widescreen DVD's. They have never been used at all. Brand new! One has no wrapping on it but is still brand new. I opened it up and realized that it was widescreen and did not use it. If you are interested please PM me or post here. $27 with shipping. This is a good deal! Please don't let this opportunity pass by!
  12. I like Jolee a lot and would think he would be able to defeat Kreia.
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