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  1. Even though it really has very little to do with the feet touching the ball, it's been around for centuries less, and it's very un-popular outside the US, only really being played in America.

    Yes, real football. :¬:

  2. very nice.


    my fav way that I killed him involved bashing him to just before death with a baseball bat, running out the office and throwing in a few molotovs to finish him off, then molotov-ing all the cops and escape via my helicopter I parked nearby.

  3. Yeah, ah well he won't be missed by many people :xp:

  4. He got shot by Federal Police for childslaughter

  5. Normal acoustic. Yamaha F310


    If I'm not mistaking I have a pic of it on my myspace, tis a nice guitar

  6. In Flames, All That Remains, Metallica


    Mainly metal and such, but I do like acoustic music

  7. alexisonfire



  8. not much yourself?

  9. He can eat more than you think ;)

  10. his kids used to, but then he ate them :xp:

  11. 1. no

    2. ok

    3. a lil from column a, a lil from column b ;)

  12. he'll get them when you can't protect them, in their dreams

  13. haha, reminds of this joke i once heard:

    what do you call a penguin in the desert?

    Lost :lol:

  14. need over 1000 posts

    then user cp>edit your details

    it should be one of the first options :)

  15. if anything, i should let him wander off more :xp:

  16. Not much, you're the first person to rhyme something with Pingu while talking to me

  17. Eh, not much, it's hot down here, so I'm gonna go beach soon :D

  18. Obviously your memory is faulty o_Q

  19. Haha, what do you mean?

  20. haven't heard white wedding

    kryptonite would fall into mainstream rock, or maybe even pop-rock

  21. Depends what sub genre you're thinking of

    although most of it is awesome

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