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  1. I was on wookieepedia and, according to them, Malachor V was destroyed. Can someone post any information from an official source confirming this or provide a link to somewhere where I can find such information? Thanks.
  2. No, Shem, we don't know that Kae was exiled for having a baby. The only source of that information is Kreia, and she lied to the player alot, making everything she said suspect. And who says a guardian can not be a historian? Not every lightsaber wielder is a moron. Kavar came up with the plan for the jedi council to go into hiding, and he was a guardian. And besides that... all jedi masters taught.
  3. I have read a few threads about the Arren Kae/Kreia issue, and there is a lot of opposition to this. Maybe I'm not a talented reader, but as far as I can tell no one has offered any evidence that Kreia isn't Arren Kae. Can someone post the facts that I've missed that explain why she can't be? Thanks
  4. I don't know if anyone knows or cares about this, but I'm going to post it anyway. In my game I played through as "evil" as possible while still gathering all of the jedi masters. Then in the scene at the council chamber when Kreia explains why you left the force, " You were afraid" changed to "You had no choice". I thought this was kind of interesting.
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