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  1. 12 year olds suck. However, people who are older than them but stereotype them must be sooooooooo intelligent. Download a life. (Directed to person quoted in Grevious' first lust for vengeance)
  2. If you live in the US, you shouldn't get much lag... And that's mainly in the large, undedicated servers...
  3. Yup. Not enough players any more... Oh well...
  4. If I speak 1337, it's to make fun of the people who actually do... And great if it requires teamwork... The problem is, teams are not always equal in numbers. Then, you have to rely on skill. And if, for example, the opponent is using the ATATs and ATST, you're basically going to die...
  5. Some messed up version of Campaign... I mean, seriously... This doesn't even make sense... And the endings are pathetic...
  6. Hehe. Cool. We're a PC Clan. We don't practice in space much, however, as our largest focus is on Eisley Assault and ground battles, but we make sure to make our members as good as they can be in space. We're all rounders. There aren't many space-only Clans... But anyway, if you want, you can join -(db)- as a partial member, until I can see you online, and then you will be made a full member...
  7. Mmmmm... Which console? And I know a member of {-IC-} called Nazgu1...
  8. Yup. I don't do it any more, but it was fun while it lasted... Hehe. Yup. Just keep pressing takeoff and land till you get it. Didn't know the part about the engines... I should try that.
  9. Errr... Then just throw a Detonator at every door... Or make a no mines server... Hey, that's original! And if they're noobs, then they should be easy to kill. And btw, if they use Force in a No-Force server, DON'T go to another game without said abilities, just boot their sorry *ahem* bottoms.
  10. Welcome to the DarkBlood Clan thread. Now, our name is misleading, since we do not care about what side you play or RP as, be it Jedi or Sith, Hero or Villain, Empire or Rebels. We are quite a peaceful Clan, with a War record of 2 played, 2 won (the second being a disband war with (ck)). We aren't as old as many other Clans, but are quickly rising, with many recruits joining each week. Our sole aim is to make our members, as long as they follow the rules, basically that there's fun, and there's too much fun, we have improved many members by huge amounts, giving them practise and new tricks to add to their arsenal. We have many Allies, and only one current enemy, who we have defeated in various battles, causing us to win the war with them. The =SS= have all but given up on Battlefront 2 now. We do not believe in spies, and our three virtues are Honour, Loyalty and respect, as well as honesty, which basically needs no mention. We would be happy if you could join. We offer best support for PC BF2, though we can help with any other games you have. Darth Vindr
  11. Eep. Wrong one. Darnit. I'llrepost in BF2. Please delete.
  12. *Ahem* Yes, some 13 year olds are annoying, but some (like me) are not. I haven't threatened to hack someone, spoke in 1337 (it's too easy anyway), or any of that other stuff. Oh well. It's better than the noobs that can't talk at all...
  13. Oh, can you now? Then how come you don't come online and pwn all the AI?
  14. And HOPEFULLY on the PC... Oh well... I hope they give you an option to let you turn Force powers off online.
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