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  1. Allright. I looked in the Scumm Vm Forums and I found that this problem is due to the spanish version of the game (it's a fan translation or something like that), which is the version I was playing. There's a specific patch for this problem. I post here the link for the download: https://sourceforge.net/tracker/?func=detail&atid=418822&aid=1205255&group_id=37116 I copied the file in the game directory, overwriting the original, removed the game from ScummVm, added it again, and then it worked perfectly. Hope this would help other people if they run into the same bug I did. Thank you very much.
  2. Hello, I've got a problem in Last crusade, in brunwald castle, when Indy tries to unlock the nazi uniform in the little room. The Scumm Vm opens a window in which says "Console is ready. Debugger started. Type exit to return to the game. ERROR:Value 8293 is out of bounds (Object 8293 out of range in getOwner)" I type "exit" to resume the game, as it says in the window, but the game crashes and returns me to the desktop. Is there any solution? I can't play this game in Windows Vista without Scumm Vm. Should I try other version of Scumm Vm? Mine is 0.6.0.
  3. I play CMI in XP selecting Win95 compatibility (right click on the .exe file of the game, Proprieties, Compatibility). Never used ScummVM. Maybe that solution works for you too.
  4. Yes, I thought that at first, but then, when you arrive at Dinky Island, you find that parrot which guides you to Big Whoop and, supposedly, belonged to Captain Marley, and it repeats all the time: "I don't want my grandaughter to marry somebody like you, I want her to marry a captain" or something like that. I suppose, because of this, that Elaine was already a young woman and had pretenders at the time her grandfather arrived at Dinky. The Captain complained all the time about the pretenders and the parrot learned the phrase. Of course that doesn't prove anything at all. I simply found strange the fact that everybody agrees calling the drunkard in Phatt Island by that name, Rum Rogers Jr., because I had never come to that conclusion before, and seemed a bit unlikely to me, not only because the age of the drunk man, also because he doesn't seem to know what's going on with that "treasure" in his new house. That's all. PD. I've always played the Spanish version of the game, so I don't really know if the name appears in the original version; that's why I'm inquiring.
  5. That's quite a stupid question, but anyhow... Why everybody calls the guy who lives near Phatt Island Rum Rogers Jr.? You know, the one who drinks the contest rum. He's too old to be his son, in my opinion. If he's so, how old was his father when he sailed to Big Whoop, 100!? I had always thought he was simply a drunkard who had bought the house and didn't even know about the skeleton in his basement, and he's never called by that name in-game as far as I know.
  6. Hello. I've got a technical problem with the sound in Secret of Monkey Island: I can't play the music with my Soundblaster and instead it's only heard through the PC speakers, which are quite annoying. I never had this kind of problems playing MI2 in the same computer. Could anyone help me with the configuration of the sound card? Thanks. PD: My computer is a Pentium III with Windows XP, if that's important.
  7. Ah! I've noticed something new: I was having trouble with the sound, so I uninstalled the game and installed it again, quit all the programmes in the background and installed the patch, but it remained wrong. Then I disabled the compatibility mode and it was automatically fixed. Also, changing the session in Win XP (when there's more than one user) seems to help. It could be a solution, but it doesn't work all the times.
  8. Yes, it only occurs during cutscenes and the sound go wrong more frequently than right. I haven't noticed that running something in the background influences anything at all; it's completely random. Sometimes I play for a long time without problems, then I shut down the computer, and when I play again, the sound have turned stuttering. But I think that it only occurs if you quit the game; if you, for example, simply pause it, then it remains OK, as far as I can remember. The drivers, I don't know, I think there's no more actualizations for these sound/graphic cards, because they're rather old. As I said before, it isn't a big problem, and I'm nearly finishing the game by now, but thanks however.
  9. It's a Pentium III 798 Mhz, 128 MB RAM, ATI RADEON 7000 graphic card, Creative Sound Blaster PCI, Windows XP Profesional...I don't know much more. I've seen posts of other people who had similar problems but it was because the Hyper Threading, I think my computer doesn't have that.
  10. Hello, I'm new in here. I've got a problem with the cutscenes in Grim Fandango (I think there's a lot of people with a similar problem): in the cutscenes sometimes the sound go wrong and the voices become stuttering, but it's strange because it only occurs sometimes, and the problem fix itself spontaneously fom time to time. I've got a Pentium III and Win XP, but I play in Win 95 compatibility (which doesn't seem to solve anything). I've got the spanish version of the game with the 1.01 patch installed. The game also crashes ocasionally and returns to Windows. It isn't really a very important problem, but it's still annoying. Is there any solution to this or is it just my PC? I think I've tried almost everything, even copying the .LAB files from the CD to the hard drive. Thanks.
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