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  1. popcorn2008 don't tese me like that ... 7 days ... .... 37 days (or more) for me .... Heidern extracting only xmls dosn't work, that why i relased the meg file, use the packs meg inserter program to create a Config.meg... Sorry but no ... 7 days i can't belive ... Btw No serious bugs were reported so we stay with 2.1 ....have a nice day and FoC ... So goodbye and sorry for spamming the forum with my "writing style".
  2. Vormex5: Minor bugs fixed fortune faded13: Therotical it happened only to me when i was trying to remove some scripts but I didn't relase that... Heidern: I used the Demo MOD Tools pack from filefront, you can just edit DarkTroopers ..XML change thier build requirments and Affilation. Ok guys I will be dissapering from the forums (for a veary veary long time), please report all bugs not working things ect. you have time about to tommorow (EU tommorow) I will relase V2.2 and Goodbye...
  3. Heh sorry I have a hmm some kind of "writeing disese" (don't know how to say it in english...Dislesko? I move letters to wrong spots). I hope my post is more readable now ... Hmm anyway it is strange with that Xizor gets owned ..(again)..but everything is possible and nobody knows wath next Star Wars will bring..
  4. Heh I it is like to know that criminals know much about criminal underworld and Xizor must know that Tyber gots his best fighter... yes I know that Mandalarions love credits... (XI:Wath 10 Viragos were seen over Ryloth?! MandalMotors gonay pay for it) Xizor owns MM so if they woudl sell those plans to the Consortium things woudl go bad for MM veary veary bad... And selling MM bigest destroyers and corvets also .. woudl be little crazy under Xizors nose.. and the Scennario of Tyber getting Xizors trone is like more realistic (As we know he "must" die ) Edit... heh I was late : But MM can't just sell things like that .. can it? I don't think they realy like their lives ...
  5. ESB ? but DS II wasn't operational when the Bothan Spy.net infiltrated it I thought ... but so it is possible... so ESB to ROTJ ? .... mayby but Underworld has acces to the MandalMotors products StarViper, Crusader etc.. and MandalMotors belongs.. to Xizor (or belonged) ... I don't think that they sotolen the MM shipyards ..?! anyway Xizor also bought the rights to StarViper design so in Xizor era there are no StarVipers....
  6. Yep I know. And if it goes for FoC as I said in my coutry it will get relased about a mont later so in the first point I made the mod for myself.. but anyway thanks guys.
  7. Heh because there is no ai + I woudl have to modiffy a hell of files.. and i don't know if it will work BTW. V2.1 up frontpage...
  8. There must be a fleet combineing lock somwhere.... I disabled 2 already.. hmm... ok guys time for V2.1 ??
  9. ...Actualy I am a novice in xml script modding .. and i don't have time to test it all ...the text part of the script is realy wicked it contains some Jabba dialogs something about wookies..oo ... but maby soon... or just think about this text says go and buy the best expansion ever
  10. Ok i removed everything exept the Long starting tutorilal text but when it ends .. you can do wathever you want
  11. -Coruption unlocked for some planets (don't use Land Tactical Combat exept Piracy mission on Manalore) .... if I am right you used the land tactical commbat .. it dosent' work no maps... (btw i Coudl change all tactical maps to the space mission over mandolore .. )
  12. Anothe missing planet map miss.. uff.. I got it fixed in my dir... soon I will try geting the V2 files updated but I need to be shure there are no more bugs so, post if they are more bugs or there aren't any more.....
  13. If it goes for the StarViper in Wookiepedia is Xizors fighter.. and it was relased for mass production following his death .... so? A) If this is right Xizor is dead.. and.. B) Xizor is alive and his best fighter is in hands of the Underworld. (Star Viper http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/StarViper-class_attack_platform)
  14. A repulosr eqiped AT-AT .... or a cloaked barge ... you here a kock sound .. look behind a big dore opens in mid air ..you look inside a AT-AT ... soon all battles will be cloaked ... Cloked Rebel "Hey Is there anbody here?" Cloaked Stormtrooper "Yep.. But i don't know where...:)"
  15. Eee.. As I said ..I didn't do anything special anyone qoud do it better faster etc.. but thank for those nice worlds ... tommorow I will try geting all planets with Imps and coruption and maby something more.
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