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  1. Cheers Igor! Nice round up page, too. Yet I notice this piece of text appearing here and there in FoY descriptions which isn't correct: It has always been called Fountain of Youth, Jocke had written it especially as a new adventure that had nothing to do with Fate what so ever. Disinformation!!
  2. Then go play the other three games
  3. The UK release is in early November. I think all ideas of 10/10/03 can be erased as I did ask CC about it and he said something along the lines of (I didn't record this bit see) "It won't be out in October, it will be ready in November. Early November though, you can be certain of that". This interview WILL be ready soon! It all depends where and I can get the AGDzine hosted again. m0ds
  4. Awww hehe I didn't get to ask him that - but I did find out what colour his tooth brush is! All revealed later. m0ds
  5. Well, here I am at ECTS - theres an appaulingly small amount of stands/booths this year. Theres a big queue outside the Half Life area, so I'm not even going to bother trying to get in. However, I saw Charles Cecil at noon, and he showed me lots of BS3 - which is nice. I'm seeing him again at 3pm briefly to ask him some of the questions you wanted answered. I can safely say, that BS3 really does look great - and even tho I'm a die hard point and click fan - I think even I'll be swayed to want to play it. And hey, as THQ are giving me a free copy - why not? However, from what I've seen the release date is in November, yet on the Revolution website it says 10th October. I'll ask Charles about this a bit later on. In other show news, there's absolutley no other adventure games about. Lots of RPG's, blah de blah. So, it'll be a short day for me once I've asked CC these questions. I'll write up a full report and post you the link asap. I might even get time to do it tonight. And hey, they don't even do free sandwiches in the press office anymore! m0ds
  6. Before I begin, remember that AdventureX is an idea that is currently "pending". It has never happened before and it will only go ahead if I'm certain that putting in time to planning and organising it will work and be successful - "successful" doesn't just mean 'point & clicks are revived', but it also means 'people will come' and/or 'there is interest in the idea/proposal'. Basically, what AdventureX is, (or, could be) is an expo (rather like E3 or ECTS but on a MUCH smaller scale) that will showcase independant and commercial adventure games, adventure game engines and publications/ezines about the genre. We're mainly looking here at point and click adventures. By that, I intend to have people like myself showing off the adventure games they're working on, but of course to have larger developers showing the games they have in production off. It's also my intention to get the press along to see also how many games are in development and that their accusation, "the point and click is dead" is utterly false. If it all goes to plan, it will be held for the first time sometime next year in the UK, probably situated in London or another major city. You can view the website here; http://screen7.adventuredevelopers.com/adventurex/ but remember, it is just a "place-holder" website to give you some idea of what it's all about, and in no way is the information included on it entirely accurate (you'll see some parts have been left out, or have lines waiting to be filled). Well, let me know what you think Regards, m0ds
  7. Right, well Courhold hasn't posted on a LucasForum for over two months, TaxiCab hasn't posted for about a year - neither respond to email, in fact, Courthold's email is dead, the splash screen hasn't changed for ages - I get the impression AD is going the way of the dodo.... Basically this is a strong plea for SOMEONE who deals with AD to come back. My main concern is that the AGDzine is bulging with new content but it has nowhere to go... It needs hosting! Someone turn up! m0ds
  8. (non AG related, sorry!) Just pimping our little clip... http://screen7.adventuredevelopers.com/download/express.wmv (Right click and choose Save As if you've got a slow connection) "Can I order a Mark please?" m0ds
  9. I hope j00 are taking a parent of guardian with you!!1
  10. I was gonna say. That Mother Earth song has been on my HD for over a year now - I think I deleted it about 2 days ago realising I was never going to use it at the end of one of my movies in the end. I liked that song, but their others are a bit too gothic for me. I think I'll stick to John Williams Greatest Movie Scores m0ds
  11. Just wanted to drop in a line to say that Mittens (the gathering of developers, who always seem to be all AGSers) in Sweden this year went down well! We had a turnout of about 16 people altogether I think. We even showed off our games as a PC was available. Have fun meeting each other jaf and emma, if you haven't already m0ds
  12. I don't know. But i'll find out.
  13. *Deletes his nuclear attack plans* There we go. All gone. Right? m0ds
  14. Gotcha Thanks for that, its on the list. And I know what to say now when he says "Can you rephrase that please?" m0ds
  15. Can you explain what you mean by an episodic game? (I think I know, but im not that intelligent) and I'll be sure to ask him. m0ds
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