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  1. Hey, are you DarklordXana from filefront?

  2. It's to be expected

  3. K...didnt realize thats who you were

  4. nope. Just saying hello! I'm your Vice-Admin at the Team Wraid forum

  5. eh...hi....sumthin up?

  6. Uhh yeah basically...I am redoing them.....and as fas as screenshots not yet...I actually just had to reformat my HD..yes i saved the work else where....but since I did so Ill have to get everything back on my HD...then Ill get some screens...TBH there wasnt as much done on the mod as there seemed...a few weapons...all of about 3 cause on one of them the file got a screwed up when my software ran into an error and crashed...I had one that I made custom based on a design a freind made...so I guess 4 actually....the heads and bodys originally appeared as though they were not possible...so I ended up deleting them....once I found out otherwise I was forced to restart those..which other than Genesis none are done...Genesis wont need to be redone......so i can keep him checked off.....a few items are still good to go..though the materia idea hasnt been successful for some reason...apparently the stimulants dont like being replaced =/...the areas will need to be redone...not due to the permissions issue..but more due to an error when i reset the xform...it decided to pitch a fit and throw pieces of the module all over the place....and thats about the majority of what Im currently focusing on.... as far as the permissions deal went....I started this mod sometime ago...back before I had any real knowledge of modding...and had no idea at the time just how difficult getting permissions could be.
  7. My ears were burning....I knew someone was talking about me...heheh....Inyri is right there...I will admit that most of the screens you see in my thread contain "borrowed materials" most were structually altered but I would still have needed to gain alot of permissions...which is just one of the pains involved in creating this mod..the fact that I am no longer going to use alot of that...instead Im going to build all the borrowed work again from scratch....no that I have had time to work on my modding skills it wont be nearly as difficult..merely time consuming....the mod isnt dead for those that noticed the inactivity of the thread....I simply quit posting updates cause people quite responding... And now im sure my apearance in this thread will queue an onslaught of questions....so i might as well perpare my self to answer =/
  8. Well like i stated I really only need the top part of the cannon where they are fighting in those screen shots....the other segments would be appreciated but not necessary...Ive been looking at tutorials and it looks doable...however i dont think its gonna look anything like it if i make it
  9. KOTOR 1 I was hoping someone would attempt this... its Juno from FF7 Heres more reference images...i really only want a few small segments of the area divided into several modules i mainly need the top part of the mako cannon big enough for a large fight.
  10. This is possible it would require a series of scripts triggered by dialouge however.....
  11. Thats actually a pretty good idea...I had kinda thought of doing something like that....however I have never even attempted modules before....I am more of a reskinner..and learning about scripts.....however Im on board for anyone that wants to do this....if anyone takes the request let me know if you want help...in the mean time Ill learn what I can about modules....maybe I can do it myself....depends on how far I get with my K1 Code Lyoko mod first....once Im done with that Ill look more into this...
  12. Please tell me you either know of an alternate link or can send me that mod..I had it before but had to reformat my hardrive and when backing up files I missed and now Im working on a mod that requires one of those swords, and since pcgamemods has magicly dissapeared Im screwed.
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