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  1. I'm looking for a reskin for TSL, it is called Strawberry head? A red haired woman.
  2. It would be really weird when Bao-Dur upgrades him. Just to point it out.
  3. Holy shnikies, I didn't even notice the new dialog!
  4. I am looking for DuffmanDan's Handmaiden reskin.
  5. Thats quite obvious, why?, well Jedi are forbidden to feel any kinda of emotion, as they saw as a weakness, which in turn isnt and shouldnt, main example being the best, Anakin Skywalker, being forbidden of having Love affairs or any sort of attachement is what in the end drove him to the Dark Side. Did you know that after episode 6 Luke legalized the attachment rule? Supposedly Luke got a wife, and Han & Leia got a child. Food for thought.
  6. I like the sandy skin to, but it just looks like tatoonie. Erosion takes a lot of time to make it like that. can anyone make the ground have patches of sand?
  7. This is a mod that will add a level of detail to the game; I want someone to edit the part after you faced Visas and she would be in the medical room being treated. Can someone strip her clothes and give her a new two piece underwear and give her scars, scratches and bruises on her skin. This would "make sense" when the Exile and Atton comments on her wounds.
  8. All it is about is taking the original robe skin and overwriting it with the new skin for that robe than changing the Boss Nihilus skin. It has nothing to do with kotor tool or any tools, just renaming the file. This might be clearer: 1) Inside the .zip of the PC wearable Nilhius robes is a .TGA or Targa image. usually it is something like "something.tga", with out the quotes. That tga is the skin for it, or what it looks like. 2) That file front file is for the boss Nihilus, but it is reworded to only change the bosses skin. There are two, one for the head (N_Nihilus_H.tga) and the other for the armor (N_Nihilus_A.tga). 3) By merely changing the label from N_Nihilus_H.tga to something.tga, it will use that same tga file from N_Nihilus_H.tga for that wearable robe. If you mod has a utp file then I have never seen that file before. At least you now know more about skinning then before. May the force be with you!
  9. I remember a mod that shows the characters armor no matter what armor you put on him/her. It is something like visas, whether you put robes or armor on her, she will have that dark robe on.
  10. I can help; first find the twin Nihilus robe you are able to wear. Then, find out what the .TGA file name, that is the skin. Download a Nihilus robe you like, find the name of the TGA file and write the same name for the wearable robe on the your new look robe tga file. I am sorry if this makes no sense.
  11. I just mod special robes & new look for party members. You can try this website: http://knightsoftheoldrepublic.filefront.com/
  12. Bastila loves Revan so she didn't kill him, Mira loves no one so she can be a cold hearted bounty hunter.
  13. I am more concerned about the swords and blasters looking fuzzy, I would like to see it crisp and sharp. Torthane, does your mod adds them or replaces them?
  14. I notice that mods have nice clean textures but not the originals. Can a team of skinners go into all of the original weapons and armors and "clean" them? Like the blaster; can you remove the blotches and make it like new? It is a big mod to do but it would be a very nice mod to have.
  15. I'm on a no-play-TSL-strike until TSLRP is out. KOTOR is a really good game rich with stories, but believe it or not, TSL will be the best in the series. TSL was a RUSHED game so the potential was lost, but according to team Gizka, they will make the game that was meant to have in.
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