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  1. Wow I haven't been here for ages, work for MB really has got on top of me. Right BushidoBoy I wrote this http://www.moviebattles.com/forums/showthread.php?t=20526 a while ago. It goes through merging your animation with the game. If you want to implement new animations (as in completely new, never before in JA) then you'll need a coder to help you as well. Secondly JRHockney, single handed blocking anims: http://img139.imageshack.us/my.php?image=shot0203ua0.png http://img362.imageshack.us/my.php?image=shot0201fj6.png http://img398.imageshack.us/my.php?image=shot0197jz5.png http://img184.imageshack.us/my.php?image=shot0199yi8.png http://img237.imageshack.us/my.php?image=shot0195hg7.png I made a full set for MB that I can merge and give you full permission to use
  2. Damn it! I can't seem to get the animation at the right height. He always ends up standing in mid air in game. It looks like the .gla got duplicated, so you literaly have two copies of it merged together. I haven't much time to check.
  3. I could merge it now however I'm confused as to how someone has managed to double the size of the normal _humanoid.gla (from around 20000 to 40000). I doubt you've made 20000 frames of new animations and nothing in the 30000s is referred to in the .cfg. Oh and the preblocks still trigger when close to a corpse.
  4. Haven't had much time recently so before I get swept away again Most recent version looks good btw (glad to see my backblocks, JackBaldy did you make a new knocked backwards animation?). Please can someone upload a fixed install, Maxstate you one has a saber glitch and there doesn't seem to be any darkside force powers (and only absorb for lightside) unless this is intended? Oh and why are there three blade mods in the stuff .pk3 and why is the humanoid.gla 40000 frames long?
  5. Yes, though I think this might just be me. I've always had a problem with OJP's bots; with issues like the bots not attacking, only going along one route etc. They seem to correct themselves after extended time. This is just the first issue that has stayed after reloading the level or proceeding to the next round. I'm currently using the latest revision, and have made no changes of my own.
  6. Basic Cultist (one of the few player models I like from the default game)
  7. I played several games and several rounds and they never once did either even when I killed the wampa and cleared the cave.
  8. Siege works but its fairly pitiful currently. It doesn't seem to update with the rest of the code meaning the saber system and gunnery system is quite an old version. The bots as already posted are also unbelivably stupid (e.g. in the Hoth map they never attack the Turbolaser turrets, only ever use one tech and don't try to go through the Wampa cave) and sveral classes seem useless (e.g. classes with the concussion rifle, which is now very underpowered).
  9. No but I might have a look. As for the animator side of things you did well enough on the coding side to warrant your lack of knowledge of it
  10. It can create blend frames betwen key frames but thats it for its animation tools. 0.89 was meant to add an IPO curve editor (broken) and allow single bones to be blended (also broken). Do you think its worth me learning to animate in XSI? It has much more advanced animation tools but the method for getting animations working ingame seems extremely difficult.
  11. Another mishap, though I'm really not pleased with this one, I feel it's not violent enough http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=89_UvR3nrHE
  12. It doen't actually seem that hard to code other than the force being able to affect the flame, delays and timers aren't massively difficult to code (or at least thats what I've found in a short forray into coding recently). I personally like the idea of the damage multiplying.
  13. That's brilliant. I've experienced that more than a few times (I can never make up my mind as what to be when playing OJP)
  14. Staff Mishap WIP http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=mXP5PCqxsUU My previous comments still stand. I'm also not particularly pleased with his footwork.
  15. I personally feel the current animation isn't violent enough for what it is mean't to be but each to his own. I agree with the fact that the sound needs work, it again needs to feel like it has more power behind it. For the time being I'm going to leave it as is and come back to it later, once I've finished off more of the mishaps. Happy to be of service
  16. http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=VttUCCpf0KI Did this quickly as an example of Force Effects. I don't think it looks that bad (the impact needs work) BTW I've also realised Fraps doesn't compress videos, which is why youtube didn't like and JRHockney couldn't play it. I'll get a new updated version up soon.
  17. Ah, so its the length thats the problem? The first few frames are a transition between the default medium stance, if they're a problem I'll remove them or shorten them.
  18. Most of the work I plan to do here is passable over
  19. Next week onwards I've got alot more free time. So I wanted to create a thread of animation issues that need to be looked at, whether they are creating new animations, or replacing old. Here are some of my own: Blocking Positions Already in the works is a back block animation however really one thing that lets the look of saber duels in OJP down is the fact the blocks often aren't that near to the attack. The positions themselves are quite simple to create, they're really no more than a stance. This is more a coding issue, I have no idea how hard it is to add extra positions and transitions. If someone can code in new positions I can create animations for them. Mishap Animations This is my main focus at the moment so I don't really need to go into much detail. Currently the animations are multi-purpose and not designed for their use. One thing I would like to ask is if it would be possible to code seperate mishap animations, in that way allowing for more than one mishap adding to the overall look. Swimming Animations A fairly low priority at the moment seen as they are mostly unused however anyone who has seen the swimming animations will know they are rubbish (and thats being generous). To make these look better further transitions will need to be made. Saber Transitions Though Maxstate has done a very good job on the transitions he is only working with what he's got. Certain transitions are not perfect, with jumps between positions and attacks for example. Ledge Grab The current ledge grab animations are very static, and feel very unfinished. It would also be nice to add different get up animations i.e. Obi Wan Ep1 and new drop down animations (actually letting go of the ledge on purpose) Kick The current kick forward animation ha a strange hop in its otion that needs to be changed in the future Force Effects Currently being pushed, pulled or lightninged (if thats a word) looks alrigt at best. Push and pull just don't strike me as powerful or violent enough. In the films and books the charaters are flung across rooms however the current animation makes it look more like they tripped. Lightninged characters seem very static for their plight. In Ep6 Luke writhes in agony. Ideally in the future I'd like to see this changed. Anything else? As it stands the list is quite daunting by itself, especially as I and perhaps JackBaldy (though Maxstate, it wouldn't be that much of a step up for you to learn) are currently the only ones creating totally new animations. However little by little I hope to tick off at least the first two, and if the community is not dead by then, the rest.
  20. Its an avi, I can upload it in a different format if you like (though it played in my windows media player). Should I remake the single saber back block then or should I leave it for JackBaldy (you said he was creating one)?
  21. I've finally had some more time to do these, and as suggested by Razorace I've recorded one. However whenever I try to upload a video to youtube it asks me to confirm my email, which I do, says its confirmed then asks me to do it again . Instead I've uploaded it to filefront http://files.filefront.com/dragon+2007+11+18+19+55+51avi/;9072283;/fileinfo.html Its alright but currently the way he originally spins back needs work.
  22. Is this the newest repository version as I'd like to see it working?
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