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  1. I posted them for JRHockney's use mainly as he is in the process of coding a back block.


    You can view them through the program I used to create them (Dragon) or XSI. If your really interested then I'll go into more detail but really they're just slightly more polished versions of whats already been posted in .gifs

  2. http://files.filefront.com/GLAs+for+OJPzip/;8972335;/fileinfo.html


    I've uploaded the three back blocks I've made (single, dual and staff) as well as the mishap to filefront in a .zip. They are each seperate gla's and are labelled fairly obviously.


    I'm continuing work on other mishaps but am suffering from a bad case of real life syndrome at the moment that my doctors have told me should clear up by next week. Hopefully by then the coursework virus will have been beaten back and I should have short term immunity (:^: no coursework till near christmas).

  3. btw, Jack is working on animations too a little more behind the scenes.[/Quote]


    I guessed from the number of PMs I've been answering from him. Post your work here and lets help each other.


    I really like that one. Looks like something Darth Maul would do.[/Quote]


    Glad you like it. It was a bugger to do without spinning the whole body as the deformation kept mucking me around. I'll start work on a dual sabers backblock then (unless JackBaldy's already done one?)


    Its amazing that we've had very limited new animation resources in the past and now we have several! LOL!.[/Quote]


    I only started animating because everyone said thats whats needed (it did also help that I find it quite easy compared with modelling and mapping, both of which I'm attempting now)

  4. If your opponent has any kind of momentum in his swing you have to be very strong to be able to stop his blade dead in that position. You would want as much separation between your hands on the hilt as possible in order to gain leverage. But that's not necessary for ojp because we have the force to strengthen our defense. I say it's nice.[/Quote]

    Generally being able to block something coming in behind you when its not choreographed is not realistic. Looks cool though.


    I think maybe the legs should be closer together on the backward steps. They can start how they are but it may look more like he's really off balance if his feet are a little closer together for the steps. I was just trying it here with the mirror and my stance is definitely narrow while stumbling back and then it widens again as I regain composure and come back to a guard. Hope that is some help.[/Quote]

    I'll try it and see what I get. Anyone thought of a better way of posting animations than GIFs yet?


    But it just now occurs to me that it might be nice to have right and left versions of the back block, so that the saber was more over whatever shoulder the attack was coming to.[/Quote]

    Easily done (as long as the model decides its going to deform correctly), I'll get to work


    It's good work.[/Quote]



    However, there would be a lot of work involved. That's why it wasn't finished in the first place.[/Quote]

    I can make extra blocking positions easily, they're no more difficult than a stance. I'll make ones for a doublebladed lightsaber and for dual sabers if you want me to. Which positions do you have already? Just the ones I've created single saber animations for or others as well?


    I presume by the work you mean mishap animations, transitions etc rather than the postitions as positions take minutes?

  5. You should leave the feet positions as is for the block animations unless you're going to be changing them all.[/Quote]

    For the blocking I haven't changed the feet positions.


    In that case I think they're good man. I would have thought you could have the starting position be the animation frame from mid way through one of the downward swings. But i don't know much about it. All I've done is edit the cfg for new stances and try to adjust return anims to make them gel better.[/Quote]

    The starting position is the start of the normal bounce back animation, slightly over half the swing I believe.


    I've also made a backwards block if you want it







    I'm also going to repost the GIF of the current mishap as I feel it might get lost in the talk about the blocking animations otherwise.




    Currently the animation is mediocre at best (though I am a perfectionist). The second step backwards is just wrong, and the footwork, generally, isn't right. I'm going to have to edit each frame seperately to get it perfect.


    Its something to do with the rotation. Any help here would be good.

  6. But, like I said they look good right now and changing the feet (if it's tedious work) might not be worth it


    It doesn't take that long for a single position.


    It just occurred to me too that maybe the feet will be doing whatever they're doing according to walk animations. Is that the case? Cause if so, my last post is useless. Sorry.


    It does. No worries (though it would help if you used the edit button, your cluttering the thread :smash: )


    I think the animation should start with him standing with his right foot forward and his left foot back


    Its starting position (and therefore the legs) is taken from ingame. It would mean replacing the entire set of attack animations, which is tedious and unbelivably long work which is probably beyond my level and beyond the tool (Dragon is basic, though usable). Thanks for your comments though. Anymore? :ears1:

  7. I can't imagine mustering even half the time needed to create something like that ;P


    Its half term. At the moment I have alot of it.


    For the time being I'm going to try some others as I can't quite work out whats wrong with the footwork (other than it is wrong, swords people?).


    Oh and while browsing the animation.cfg I've noticed there's no block left or right e.g. BOTH_P1_S1_L for any stance. Anyone know why Raven didn't make one?

  8. Is there a faster way of showing you animations than a GIF (I'm converting .PNGs to .GIFs using paint), especially as I managed to muck it up last time (thanks maxstate for telling people how to fix the problem, I'm unavailable most weekends so couldn't help). I've made progress and would rather not have to spend half an hour making a GIF.


    the sword above your head

    This has been added before several times and it never seems to look right, perhaps because it tries to emulate anime, perhaps because they create a very static position, pehaps because the animations were not designed around it. You never know, though, OJP could become famous as the first mod to have a realistic overhead stance ;P .


    I also may as well put up my MSN (stephenbrown63@tiscali.co.uk) but be patient with me if I get it wrong; I only just got it and am slightly unsure of how to use it properly.




    Here is another GIF of it




    Currently the animation is mediocre at best. The second step backwards is just wrong, and the footwork, generally, isn't right. I'm going to have to edit each frame seperately to get it perfect.


    Its something to do with the rotation. Any help here would be good .

  9. I thought I may as well start a thread about this, partly to ask for comments and suggestions (:ears1:), partly to show progress




    This is the start of the overhead mishap. I'm going to add a step backwards to show the loss of balance. I may have to add a parry animation for it to make sense as it is meant that the opponent pushes the saber back. (BTW I'm not pleased with this animation at the moment so I may rehash it completely)


    Should I add another step? Do you want the animation to be as long as the current one or shorter?

  10. BTW, I made a mistake, the stumble animations are actually the BOTH_H animations, not the BOTH_K ones


    Ahh that explains alot. Okay I'll get to work then. Sorry for all the confusion caused.


    Yeah, though we could probably use better looking ones of those too to make them look more like powerful blocks. I do like the ones we have now, but I think their more appropriate for mishap maxouts or attack parries rather than something that happens almost every second like the parry. The movies had way more two handed blocks, and though its easy to say "the parries are the one handed blocks you see in combat" in explanation, if they were moving or pushing two handed blocks, we could just as easily say parries the blocks that are moving


    It would be good to rework all the blocking animations but I don't think I have enough time or enough patience. It could get extremely frustrating with all the tweaking needed :) . Perhaps in the future when I've worked alot more with the saber system and know which animation is used for what if JA hasn't died by then.

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