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  1. Got them, though there only seem to be ones for K1, K6 and K7 and only 6 positions for each? (Do you also want work on the Vs? V6 18830 - 18910, V7 18910 - 19008 and V1 mixed in with the Ks. They have eight different animations so were you referring to these?) These are the Ks in the animation.cfg I could find. I can't believe I missed them when I first looked. Check. Once this is cleared up I'll start work. Perhaps I'll get a chance to revist my swimming animation in the future.
  2. It is in the Yavin training map but generally they aren't used as they are pathetic. (DarthDie is there a chance you could explain how to code new animations to me as I've always wanted to do it but never got round to it) Sorry to hear you were ill. I was wondering what are the names of the current stumble animations (I can't find them) so I can take refrence from them. Then, with a bit of luck, they should fit seamlessly into the game (I asked in the Reacting to Damage thread as part of another post). I also wanted to check that the stumble animations are the ones you get with a high mishap when an opponent blocks you. So should I continue with this or focus my efforts on the stumble animations? (I've got alot more spare time over the next two weeks due to half term)
  3. Well after not getting a response on the current stumble animations I searched around the forum for the old animation threads. Swimming Animations came up. Here is a new swim forward animation in GIF format. I don't think its great so I would most likely redo it for release, it just a question of whether you want it. However to really get this to work new animations will have to be coded such as four transitions (backwards, up, down and forwards) as well as up, down and forward swimming. It would also be nice to have surface swimming animations and transitions when running into the water or hitting the water.
  4. Its still up in the air but I personally will fight for it. Though the Clone Wars Mod (it use to be the RC mod) is actually quite old no details seem to have ever been confirmed. I only became part of the team recently, and there's actually been quite alot of activity recently I'll give it a go, but first could someone just name a few of the current stumble animations as I can't seem to find them!? (I know there around here somewhere...) Just so I can get the exact positions to start from so they should (with luck) fit in seamlessly.
  5. I'm willing to animate for you (I did mention it when trying to help Bushido Boy in the Calling Maxstate thread) if you think any animations I make will get added. It would help though if you posted what you want done . Hopefuly it will also tie in with my work on the Clone Wars Mod as I believe we are basing our saber system of yours (with your permission of course)
  6. As I said in my post it is in the 0.7 version of Dragon and I think it is also somewhere in Wudan's forum. As for merging animations from the different mods you could just use the merger however you will merge every animation in both glas e.g. if you merged MB2 and Chaos Force's gla's you'd get two copys of each of the basic animations as well as a gla with around 40,000 frames. If you follow my post and the dragon tuitorial you should be able to extract seperate parts of the gla's and merge them, reducing you file size considerably. What do you plan to do anyway?
  7. Taking out animations and editing them is easy. First go here and get Dragon (Wudan's Forum). 0.89 is the most ecent though I prefer 0.7. Extract Dragon, put the _humanoid.gla in the folder then point the avatar file to it. Then ,when in Dragon, bring down the console (~ key) and type "impframe <frame number> <number of frames>" replacing the <> with your details then edit away. As for putting them back again or into another GLA I think it would be best if you looked at this manual as it explains it quite well (its how I learnt). The section on it is at the bottom. GLA Merge comes with 0.7 or there is a link in the forum. This is the only way I know of 'switching' animations between GLA files.
  8. If OJP doesn't start getting publicity soon Jedi Academy would have died out completely.
  9. If you download OJP and open the OJPstuff pk3 with pakscape the _humanoid.gla (containing the stance files) is in models/players/_humanoid along with the animation .cfg
  10. I have always felt that there should be two types of jump, one forward (momentum) and one up (height), up when standing still and forward when running forward. I personaly agree with this and feel like this is the most "realistic" if that word applies in Star Wars I feel this should be given to the E-11 to tie in with A New Hope, and the pistol should do a burstfire of three shot's I don't agree with this as kick is hard enough to land as it is (hitboxes?)
  11. Interesting... What does the animation look like? I may have just missed it. What seems to happen is that one of the people in the lock does the saber lock finishing move thing and the other is suddenly a few feet away and is allowed total freedom of movement.
  12. I agree with the idea of adding maps and playermodels but can we keep within the limits of star wars related or at least Sci Fi as I have always felt JA+'s swords were slightly random (one of the many reasons I never really got into that mod)
  13. Oh! I had never heard of it before nor had I seen it in action. It looked alot like a bug due to the lack of an animation showing you broke the saber lock.
  14. I can't tell if this is intended but every so often in the latest revision during a saberlock (I think thats what it is called) I am randomly teleported a meter backwards?
  15. http://forums.mt-wudan.com/viewtopic.php?t=608
  16. It is in the 0.7 release of dragon whic you can get at Wudan's/Dragon's/Forcemod 3 forum in the Dragon part
  17. The scope for the disruptor in the most recent build seems to be broken as it makes whatever your viewing lighter and lowers your view distance!?
  18. I to like Kyle's fatigue ideas (though I think something similar has been suggested before) and I don't mind the idea of Ironsights but I believe that Ironsights would be too much work for too little gain as none of the current gun models have particularily good sights. One thing here is if this is implemented should force still be a kind of stamina bar as this does not make much sense for gunners or should a true stamina bar be added?
  19. I enjoy CTF however it doesn't seem to work very well with OJP's saber system and therefore I no longer play it.
  20. Currently the bots constantly attack fake (I think thats right) and never kick Never use guns or force powers (as I have already said in a different thread) and their bot routing is fairly pathetic and very predictable with with the bots using only a few of the many routes through even the basic maps (though I was going to try and help correct that over my half term in a couple of days if my laptop holds together long enough) As for futher ideas for the NPCs perhaps make some of the bounty hunter NPCs, for example, have a chance of running wjen you draw your lightsaber (alluding back to Kyle's comments in your initial force training)
  21. DarthDie, is there any chance you could improve the AI of the bots as well while your improving the NPCs
  22. How about making them seek cover when they have low health and perhaps make them search for you if they see a dead body.
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