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  1. but you see, in this way I fight a saber having 3 possible styles with a saber that can use just one style (I usually put the fast/blue style on my staff as single_bladed_style)... The problem is that the blue/fast style I have left when I switch off one off my blades is missing all of the special moves such as katas and cartwheels.


    I don't know why but the team of jedi academy decided to take special moves away from single bladed style of the saber staff and dual sabers because of game balance but, for people like me, who like the fairplay and don't need restrictions to play corectly actually this choice is very unbalancing.


    I tried to find a mod (or make one of my own) able to allow all the special moves that are missing from the fast/blue style of my saber staff while single bladed: I think that if at least I could have that one style I choose with all of its corresponding moves it would be a totally fair duel even if it's one style against three.

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