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  1. Actuly you can get mods for the PS2 but you have to hack it and risk blowing it up( and destroying your PS2) if you don't do it right
  2. maby the cd is rigged or something?? ( ha ha joke) no realy it could be if it was ileagal because i downloaded halo for mac and it was rigged too. do they make bf2 for mac??
  3. i new somebody would have something like this AN ADMINISTRATOR PLEEEEEEEEZ CLOSE THIS
  4. Which dude do YOU think is the best for online play ????? I think the rocket launcher dude is because he can kill many people at one time or one dude or a vichle(cant spell it right), but that is just my opinion WHO IS THE BEST???????
  5. I think Jango Fett is the best Villian cause he can snipe with his gun thingy and burn people with his flame thower and blow up people with his rockets.
  6. this may seem noobish but how do you be come an administrator, do you have to pay an amount each month or something?? I would like to know thx star wars Phreak thanks for closing that thread i wanted to delete it but i dont know how
  7. i have tried that stratagy and it works VERY WELL i have also tried puting mines on the bike or detpack and left it there and stupid human players take the bike not knowing whats on it then 5seconds later they die BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM
  8. good point they do have detpacks which are explosive fun
  9. sorry guys my stupid dad forgot to tell me that the phone company/internet providor was doing coming out on 11/5/06 so how about 11/7/06 at 1:00 pm U.S. east cost time cause i have that day off from school ok with you guys??
  10. you said it bro!!!!(joke) but it is super hard to hack a consle unless you plan on breaking yours g*y idiots go around with wepons that explode on contact and put mines on EVERY SINGLE DOOR and it is hard to live if you die every five seconds, like i was playing this morning on the Tantvine 4 level and every where i go i get shot up 5 feet
  11. ok lets meet on 11/5/06 ( this sunday) at 12:00 United States east cost time and the server will be called Death o'matic server,ok with you guys?? and i am not a noob at the game if thats what you ment my game nickname is MasterChief and what are your game nicknames?? if you guys need to contact me my email is dhardenburgh@sbcglobal.net
  12. i hate the PS2 i get no taunts on that
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