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  1. Or a new computer... which is happening anyway... alright....
  2. Has anybody else read anything by Gene Wolfe? I've read his The Book of New Sun and the Wizard Knight. If you haven't read him, you're really missing out on some good sci-fi/fantasy. That is, unless you don't like reading... then you're a boring person.
  3. I've actually never completed the game. For shame, Concilator! I like both the Rise of the Empire and Galactic Conquest, so there! The space battles are my favorite addition on BF2. I miss the Rhenvar Ice Caverns level though. And Cloud City Bespin.
  4. Just don't play at Mos Eisley if you can't win. Mos Eisley has always been my least favorite map. In both Battlefront games, but the Jedi thing is kind of cool.
  5. Okay, my game won't start! Which is funny, really, because I'm using the exact same computer that worked perfectly with the exact same game for an entire month. So I know how to play BF2, but I just reinstalled it and it won't work. First it says that I'm using a copy of the play disk (I'm using the same copy I bought from the store), then says I don't have a TnL (which I do have) then it opens a FATAL program and the whole derned thing goes kaput. Oh, what did I do wrong? *sob*(It's a PC game, duh)
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