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  1. Ok, so I just got SW: EoW about 3 weeks ago, and the more and more I play the more I am seeing alot of what could be considered bugs. So far here is a few: 1. When cycling through your own planets, space station (and possibly other units) that have been built on the planet don't show up, and you have to zoom back out to the galactic map, then zoom back in to see them. 2. Can not send scout units (boba fett, probe droids) to all planets. The grey'ed out ones, if I send lets say boba fett to an adjcent planet to a grey one, I still cant move him to the grey planet. I noticed this cause the game was giving me missings to kill a hero on a planet and I could not go there. 3. Send scout (boba fett or prob droid) to a planet, 2 units show in space but in reality there is much much more. Example, I sent a probe droid to an adjacent planet, it showed 1 xwing and 1 maurader, but I followed it up directly with my fleet, and ended up fighting this with the proper garrison untism, plus 5 corvettes.... wtf! I have patch 1.05, are these known issues, and if i was to get the expansion would it clear up these issues?
  2. Grr... 30 second wait but still posted. *edit deleted double post*
  3. Not a bug, and not even sure is possible to "patch" into the game, but veterancy to units. Feel free to read up on my 1.06 recommendation http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?t=168137
  4. Ok, so you find yourself at the head of the Empire, in control over a few planets with alot of work todo... where do you start? Is there certain ground buildings that you should consider manditory for all planets? i.e. barracks and light armor... Should all planets have a space station? If so, should all be upgraded or only your core planets? Is how do you determine what fronts are your most vulnerable in order to beef up your space and ground units on given planets... and which you are more safe to leave with a basic garisson? Some help on how to get off on the right foot, and determining a strong stratigic start would be greatly appreciated.
  5. I added a proposal to the Recommended Changes in Patch 1.06 sticky.
  6. Proposal: Add Unit Combat Veterancy to the game. What is this Unit Combat Veterancy you speak of? In a nutshell, any given unit gains xp when they enter combat and defeat another unit. After "x" amount of xp has been gained, they gain a rank and with this promotion have a slight increase to their base stats. i.e. 1 X-Wing squad is created (Rank Private, Level 1, what ever you wish to call it). They then engage in a space battle. Within this match the squad kills 1 Tie squad. Upon defeating the Tie squad they are promoted to (Sergent, Level 2, what have you) and get slight increase to speed, dmg and accuracy. Veterancy promotion is structured on an increasing xp scale. So even though your promotion from rank 1 to rank 2 may only take 1 unit kill, promotion from rank 2 to rank 3 may require 2-3 unit kills. Reasoning: This will add a very stratigic aspect to the game, where players will want to manage their units alot more carefully. Sending in a rank 3 unit into combat and loosing it has much more impact than sending in a standard unit which is simply replaced by creation. It also gives players another dimension when creating fleets or ground force platoons and enables tailoring these fleets/platoons to have more veteran forces thus having slightly better fighting power for given battles.
  7. So, it's been a week now since I got the game (still dont have FoC but will be getting asap) and am pretty impressed with the game. I find it very fun even though I can easily say that I still only have about 20% of the gameplay/proper unit usage down. However, everytime I play, I find myself with this nagging feeling like something is missing and today it finally struck me! Individual unit veterancy! Every other RTS style I have ever played has units gain experience the more they fight and win and give after so much xp has been gained they are promoted in rank and given a small bonus to their stats. Why would this not have been implimented in this game! It makes a world of difference as far as pulling units out of a battle so as not to loose a veteran unit and I think would have added a very needed stratigic aspect to the game. Thoughts and comments?
  8. Ok I am really confused. So you put a scanner on your space station, and all it does is warns you about an attack that will inevitably happen within a couple seconds anyways... *scratchs his head* From what I read on the description of the upgrade, I thought it would basically do what the probe droid does but only to adjacent planets to what ever space station has the upgrade. Really... what is the point of this upgrade? What does it matter if you know 5 seconds ahead of time that a planet is going to be attacked... it changes nothing nor does it allow you to prepare for it...
  9. Usually I play Empire but last night I decided to give the Rebels a try. I ended up landing a single squad of troopers and reinforcing with Han and Chewy. I was up against HUGE Empire forces, AT-ST, Speeder bikes, and locals. Anyways, I was able to capture 2 build pads right out of the gate and built 1 bac tank and 1 anti-infantry cannon. Then proceeded to go lure in units back to the cannon and finish them off. Chewy took over an AT-ST and basically as I moved through the map was able to take over build pads, sometimes salvaging and making what ever was needed at the time (be it bac tank or engineer repair) and took over the planet with these 2 units. Key was knowing when to pull back to heal up your units and the lure to cannons was major.
  10. Ok, so I understand that sending a probe droid to a grey or rebel controlled planet will show you what you are up against. I have 2 questions though... 1) Is this 100% accurate or will it sometimes only show you some of what the rebels have in orbit? 2) Does it reveal whats on the ground? I have been able to assault and be vicotorious for the orbital space of a planet, but when I click on zoom I see no forces on the ground. So I send down some units to take control of the planet to find my self getting assaulted. How do you determine what your up against on a planetary invasion scale?
  11. Hrm... I have the unit chart infront of me right now. I don't see any units for the empire that refer to these Defenders or Phantoms in any of the tech levels. Were these mabe added to the game in a patch, or are you refering to units that are now added with the new expansion?
  12. I understand the Rebels can not do this, but is it possible to put Tie Fighters/Bombers back inside the Destroyers/space station and deploy as needed?
  13. Ok. So, lets hypothetically say you have the Empire player create an Acclamator. This in essence creates the capitol ship, 1 squad of tie fighters and 1 squad of tie bombers. In order for the rebels to match this unit creation, they have to basically have 3 seperate unit creations Q'ed up, the Corvette, 1 X-wing and 1 Y-wing... and my next question is, would these 3 vs 3 units be a balanced battle?
  14. I am fairly new to the game so forgive me for a rather basic question. But from what I can tell, the Rebels can "Create" fighter squadrons directly from their space station, yet the Empire fighters only spawn from a created Star Destroyer or space station, and are not directly "Created" at all by the Empire in any form correct?
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