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  1. it's dead. Cos they made it badly. Great to play but the engine under the hood sucked.... bad lighting, abd addon support. Very bad artwork. Shame reallycos to play jk2 is still one of the best... in places. Arco
  2. Soon it will be out. If i can get in touch with toonces. I might reskin him... well his face anyway. Just might not also tho... cos jk2 is dead. Arco:deathii:
  3. hey hey hey! It is my skin. We are still not finished on him yet. It will be done eventually. Arco:deathii:
  4. there yer go... reborn and desann replacements. Arco:deathii: -: jingle jingle jingle :-
  5. Arco

    WIP: Mace Windu

    ah sp player version of obiwan is special. I have done about 6 skins i think for the model that are used ingame... for certain evil jedi reborn types and their rather tall master. I might post some pictures of them later... if you are lucky. hohoho. Merry Christmas! Arco:deathii: -: jingle jingle jingle :-
  6. eh? whut? who be the young whippersnapper... tailguy you say? I only just noticed the foo' I hope he is banned now. looks like i'm wasting time writing about him as well... but he was a rather annoying brat.... altho I appear to have completely missed his short stay on these boards. Toonces will release the jedi models soon. Gawd Iwish I got paid for making all these jedi dudes... but I love em so! Not to worry tho last job offer i got (which i had to turn down) was paying a fair bit... for me to draw monsters and stuff all day long. heehee. Arco:deathii:
  7. Arco

    WIP: Mace Windu

    hey what about me... and for that matter tex. remember us! lol. Tooces you are the man... i can't beleive how much mesh work you have got done.. it's hard for me to keep up! Arco! PS: remember i have been working on the textures a fair while too... i feel like they are my babies too! the love children of toonces and arco their grandpappy being tex... ewwwwwwwww.
  8. yeah it's version 5... radiosity and all that. Bloody nice stuff! Arco:deathii:
  9. it is rendered in 3dstudio max... Arco:deathii:
  10. more build up! We will be unleashing them soon I thinks! Arco:deathii:
  11. Arco

    WIP: Mace Windu

    Just a little render for you. I have been testing out my brand new copy of max5. Anyway We are on the big build up to release... the textures are pretty much final on all the jedi... i think there is a few clipping issues and sizing probs to be sorted oh and they need to be capped. But apart from that.... done. So we are a matter of days away from release I would say. Arco
  12. Arco

    WIP: Mace Windu

    whoops sorry about the double post. Nice pic tho ey! I'm working on improving it also. Arco:deathii:
  13. hello... update. the textures are orange because the game takes so much saturation away with it's **** lighting. It is almost only able to do primary colours for fecks sake! anyway pics.... Arco:deathii: ps.. soon they will be released
  14. hey guys. A little more teekage done- some reasons for the odd colours. Well one reason really. the game screws up colours bigtime so in order to get it looking ok ingame you have to apply some pretty funky colours. trust me I know what I am talking about. Anyhew that is about the best likeness I can get. He is a young pasty faced boy with very little in the way of defining features... this makes it very hard to skin. Unlike for example mace windu... who is easy as he has lots of unique features. oh well... it will do. It has a little of myself in it... imagine that ewan McGregor was just playing obiwan and obiwan was a real person who looked a little like ewan... well this is that person. heh. Anyway like it or lump it's what you are getting... months I have been working on this and so it is FINISHED. arco:deathii:
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