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  1. Good point I never thought about that...I guess she would be okay if she were older instead of a stupid kid. Come on everyone knows wookies don't brush their teeth! I was also thinking about what Nancy Allen`` said...maybe we could have some ancestor of Aayla Secura as a party member instead of Mission?
  2. Neither did I but what is HK without T3? Just HK! I was wondering about being able to put your own face into the game for the new Rainbow Six Vegas game has the ability for you to add in your face as the player's face model. I think that would be pretty cool...having the main character in KOTOR III look like you?!
  3. You put the synthesized odor in the corpse pile with a frag grenade. A cutscene will then happen wich shows the rancor eating from the corpse pile and then die because the frag grenade blows up inside it. Ypu can also enter stealth mode and lay mines then drag the rancor through them or you can throw greanades at it until it is dead. If you dont want to fight it at all and you have a very high stealth skill activate stealth and then sneak through the rancor's legs.
  4. I think thats a pretty cool idea...never thought of that PS. Why do you all like Atton so much? I think hes just a poor replacement for Carth.
  5. I would want Revan but I would want to play as him. I would NOT want to battle him as an arch nemisis
  6. That is my idea aswell but I would like to switch to Revan half way through the game and at the end they join up. I would want Revan to have his armor and would like to be able to upload data from previous games for a boost. Definitely want HK and T3...they were in the other two games why take them out now? Besides they are like the Artoo and Threepio of KOTOR. (Notice I didn't double post...yay) I noticed and I thank you! -RH
  7. lol. That would be funny...although I'm pretty shure there are alot of people with better dexterity than me. Anyways I could see a lightsaber shaped remote. (I didn't post this yesterday because I was still thinking about it)
  8. Yes a Sith Lord would be pretty cool...maybe it could be a reincarnation of Darth Nihilus? What is it about everyone liking Atton? Personnally I think he is just a scout that replaces mission. I would hope for a cooler scout character. For example a Rodian. I woud also like to see more aliens as party members not just the same old humans.
  9. I agree Nihilus should appear but I don't know about a new form...I agree on all the other characters except Mission Zaalbar and Hanharr but thats just my opinion.
  10. Yes I agree. I would buy the Xbox and PC versions first and would want them to keep it for those platforms but a PSP version would be appreciated for portability.
  11. I don't think that would be a good idea...the DS doesn't have enough buttons to support KOTOR and personally I prefer the PSP to the DS. Although a stick figure star wars game could be kinda fun...just not a KOTOR stick figure game. Maybe just a mini-game you could download of lucasarts.com
  12. Thanks for the kind reminder. I will remember it in the future.
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