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  1. YertyL, your example is so bad that it's borderline retarded. Falcons don't hunt 'using gravity' in the same the Vornskrs use the force. That's just as ridiculous as saying that there animals that hunt using their wings, so that means it's only logical there are creatures that can cancel out wings. Which is obviously complete bull s**t. Falcons sense their prey using sight. Hence mice have a colouration and natural instinct to remain hidden. Sight is one of the major senses in the animal kingdom, and hence it's only logical that there are creatures that can rmeian hidden, either through the ability to mimic, hide, change colour or are camoflaged. In the same way, a creature that uses the force to sense its prey is weak to a creature that can hide it's presence in the force..... in exactly the same way that a creature can hide it's presence in sight. I'm not even going to bother to decipher what on earth you're going on about here. Who said anything about energy beams? Do you not understand the concept behind a Lightwhip? It's got more in common with Bowcaster quarrels than Lightsabres. It wraps a whip in an energy sheath.
  2. Actually I thought it was quite clever, especially with the existence of Vornskrs who hunt using the force. It's only logical to have a defense mechanism that cancels it out. And plus, he could have simply put thrawn in a cortosis/energy shielded mecha.... would that have been better? Or why not go for the oh-so-original idea of simply making him *yet another* Dark Jedi? He didn't do any of that, but he did make something that simply didn't get affected by the Ring, twice. Those somethings were called Tom Bombidil and Faramir. So the precedent was set. In your opinion, has even Tolkien gone down the route of making cheap ways to deal with plot holes?
  3. You're talking about chrysalis beasts - of which Cuddles is certainly not one. It took palpatine a lot of time and resources to make those things...
  4. Does it? I don't remember anything in the Courtship of Princess Leia along those lines.....
  5. IMO Xwings need a boost to their HP and and a slight increase to damage. I don't like the torpedoes because it will not only render Y-Wings and B-Wings obsolete but it will also unbalance the X-Wing's role. the last thing I want is for my X-Wing to become the next StarViper. Here's what I think the balance for Rebel Fighters should be - X-Wing: Space superiority - handles non-defender TIEs and StarVipers A-Wing: Dogfighter - capable of wiping out any fighter and is fast, but fairly pointless against cruisers Y-Wing: Standard Bomber (I think the Y-Wing as it stands is fine) B-Wing: Assault Bomber - a cruiser in fighter squad form A bit off topic but.... Yeah, the rebel pilots weren't necessarily the best but none of them were incompetent. People like Red Leader and Biggs were former military pilots while Wedge was an ex-smuggler. And of course, Luke had no military experience but was known as a hot-sh1t pilot. On the flipside, the Empire at the battle of Yavin were still obsessed with their 'absolute conformity' policy and hence the idea of 'best' imperial pilots wouldn't have really been measurable. The pilots on the DS were really considered the same as the rest of the Empire. Vader was probably the only notable pilot on the Imperial side - of course, he was one of the best in the Galaxy. I've said until I'm blue in the face I couldn't care less about Raw speed. Really, the ability to fly under and over Imperial ships - that is, be able to get to any point in space regardless of what's in its way - would be the advantage it needs. Currently it has to spaz about trying to maneuver around obstacles etc. I'm not against it. Personally, I think just increasing the HPs on the launchers and giving it a shield boost would be what's needed. I'm not really sure where this has come from - I reckon the Nebs are balanced as they are - sure, they don't have the firepower of the other basic cruisers but their shield boost makes them much tougher and they're great for holding battle lines and lending turbolaser support where needed. Any argument that says the ZC are balanced currently is either not sensible or is being made by absolutely appalling players. What you've just said here highlights this. I'm reserving judgement on the ZC until I get the patch. I'll see then whether they need more tweaks. I would ordinarily say 'of course not' because that would be totally unbalanced and complete nonsense.... but then again, the same can be said of the ZCs abilities to fly in Asteroids, so I'd rather not know.
  6. I'd rather he didn't, I'm almost afraid to read what sort of godforsaken tactics he's been using which have lead him to believe the Keldabe and Agressor are dependant on each other. I've been in a game where a single Keldabe outdid two Mon Cals - if that is 'useless', then I'd hate to see what he considers effective.
  7. What shield leeching? Are you arguing about the Agressor or the Keldabe? :shakes head:
  8. Yes, let's stick to the shadows, because that's where we can hide our 20-capital ship fleets and hordes of Hovertanks and Torpedo Artillery..... Lets just stup and think for a second. Compare the Agressor to the Equivalent ship in the Rebel/Imperial fleets - the Marauder and the Broadside. The Agressor is meant for firepower. It already outdoes those in every single department except for sheer range. Now lets add to the fact that it's capable of operating as a lightweight capital ship *and* it has it's self-destruct. Nerfing it will only stop it from being grossly overpowered as it is. And here's me thinking that's what they were supposed to do in the first place...
  9. Um, the ZC doesn't have a philosophy beyond the biggest most powerful stuff for the cheapest price. If they are nerfed to the point of being balanced than I hardly see how they'll be completely useless. Haven't you been listening? What would you know about problems if you think the Agressor is useless without the Kedalbe? Crikey, your tactics must be awful if you think you can't use an Agressor as it is...... maybe you should play Dune 2 instead?
  10. The Tank is matched by some squads of Lancets. Luke is nothing compared to Vader. If it was Yoda though....
  11. No offense ImpElite, but what on earth are you on about here? We're talking about how the Self-Destruct can wipe out tons of fighters at once... Which is what I thought you were talking about. But's what's all this business about dealing with its cannons? That has nothing to do with it's self-destruct....
  12. This is a very odd way of comparing fighters. I totally agree with you that XWings are better than TIE/lns and Y-Wings are better than TIE Bombers, but you've compared completely different fighters later on. Firstly, you yourself stated that Interceptors and lns were basically the same thing, so why are you also saying one's a lot better? Also, it's wrong to compare A-Wings to Interceptors - the A-Wing is the best fighter the rebels have, and should be compared to the TIE Defender. I'm not against the idea of the TIE Defender so long as it has a heavy cost, as it's basically the best multi-role fighter in the game. The B-Wing is the best bomber though, as it should be. They kick out a lot of firepower - in fact, they are the only effective weapons that I have against Keldabes. uh, I'm not really sure what you're saying here. Defenders are easy targets for corvettes anyway. A single Corellian Gunship can crush Defender sqauds in seconds - but that is true for any Corvette vs Fighter engagements. This is precisely why torpedoes are a bad idea for XWings. They would become StarVipers. Personally, I think a simple boost to their HP is all that's needed. That may have been true at the start of the Civil War (i.e the time that EaW represents) but by the time we get to the period that FoC represents, Rebel Command's obsession with keeping it's pilots and troops alive had meant that a disproportinate amount of the rebel forces (compared to the Imperials) were *very* experienced, as they had survived loads of previous engagements, and the Empire's total brutatlity had meant a lot of their best TIE pilots had defected to the Rebels. At the battle of Endor the Imperial pilots were totally dependant on superior numbers and the Emperor's Battle Meditation to keep up with the rebel pilots. The Rebel pilots, at that stage, *were* elite. You make some good points, but a few things to add - The Mon Cals are supposed to have excellent shielding, that is one of their defining characteristics; Can we stop trumpeting on about speed. If you can't pin down precisely why a characteristic equates to an advantage then don't mention it, becaue it's meaningless. All this talk about maneverability, speed and blind spots is not only extremely nebulous but is too dependant on outside factors as well - it's all very well saying that the Mon Cal can get into the ISDs blind spot really quickly but if there's no room to do it then that 'advantage' evaporates. That's a tactic, not a unit advantage. I've yet to play against the upgraded ISD, but I agree about the ZC stuff. That shield leech weapon on the Keldabe appears to have been custom designed to pwn Mon Cals. It's pathetic. No, I don't agree with this. Nerfing ZC cruisers is a good course of action bu they are issues with other units that won't be fixed simply by nerfing the consortium. You're preaching to the converted here. I don't despise the Agressor as much as the Keldabe but I do think it was still overdone. Both ZC capital ships are needlessly better - they can be built anywhere, they can easily move through asteroids (I don't think Petro actually bothered to explain that boost) and their special abilities are off the scale. The Self - Destruct idea was *way* overdone. It basically means that whatever bombers you send to destroy the cruiser are forfeit. Personally I think there should be massive disadvantages to the ZC self-destruct. Such as not being able to bring in any more cruisers to replace it, or their being a *huge* cost to replace it (c10000 or more). That'll make it a true weapon of desperation rather than the cheat it is at the moment.
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