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  1. i tried that, but it wont show the maps on Server Manager
  2. one thing i have never figured out how to do... how do you add custom maps to a PC dedicated server?
  3. whats so dispicable about hacks? its only if you screw up someone elses server that its bad... and im stereotypical? you dont even know what it means
  4. hey can u teach me how to do the infinate jetpack suff i have cheat engine and a hex editor

  5. your certainly welcome to, just visit our site http://gts.aowc.net we are in the process of changing sites right now because we are going to move on to some PS3 games like Resistance and Warhawk, but we are going to stay with SWBFII until its dead
  6. official group? anyway yes this is a PS2 clan
  7. I dont know about the teleporting, but I do know how to mod a sever to do these things: Infinite Jet Pack, Stamina, and Health, Freezing bases, Infinite Ammo and Rapid Fire, being able to go out of bounds, and other things. If you want to know how to do this PM me.
  8. I had the same problem, but I was running my server on a laptop. I tried running it while wired to my router and I couldnt join mine. Then I tried running the laptop wirelessly and then I could join. But that's just me. Try switching your computer's Ethernet cord to a different port on your router and see if that works.
  9. He already joined (GTS) a month ago Oh cool you do Empire at War too! If you want a clan match on EaW just tell us.
  10. We are a clan originally associated for Battlefront 2 for the PS2. We just started the EaW division a few weeks ago. The clan overall is 3 months old. We have 4 members right now in this division and 10 members in our Battlefront division. If you are interested contact Darthwedge at http://gtseaw.aowc.net
  11. yeah were mainly PS2 but we do have a separate division for Empire at War. our site is http://gts.aowc.net you can find info about us in our forums.
  12. We now have 10 members (GTS)GTSinc (GTS)PRONK (GTS)Darthwedge (GTS)Big-$ snip3r (GTS)Texximan (GTS)Drgn (GTS)zaraquin (GTS)Mr.Bumble (GTS)Ringwrath (GTS)Da'Force
  13. GTS is now recruiting! We are new, so if you want to join a clan where you won't be compared against the veterans of other big clans when you join them, then you should join GTS! We focus mainly on having fun and teamwork. We only have 2 members right now, (GTS)GTSinc-Owner,Supreme Commander and (GTS)Pronk-Admin, Major General Commander. But you know, if you join, then one more person will be on our clan. Thus making it better so even more people will join. We are generally accepting anyone that is good at getting along with other people. We dont discriminate between noobs and veterans because anyone can be good with practice and time. So if you are interested, or want more information, please visit http://gts.aowc.net and register, then fill out the application form.
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