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  1. OK I'm no longer on holidays, time to start studies, so I probably will be far less active than I have been (especially around june and july). As a last post before I go, I put here the latest review of my "dream" about saber style perks, in hope it will help OJP and you'll like it.



    Note that any "implicit declaration" I do in my text counts as a definition ("blabla does x% damage instead of y%" means that I think it should be y as default, and x for the perk of the current form.)


    The number before form name is the cost of the first level. The level 2 and 3 should cost respectively 2 and 3 points for all forms. (So Shii-cho costs 1,2,3, Makashi costs 3,2,3, Juyo costs 4,2,3...)


    (1)-=Shii-cho=- 15 DP damage


    L1: Blocking rear shots or swings only does 150% DP damage, instead of 200% for other forms

    L2: Blocking shots costs 1 DP less

    L3: Any MP gain is reduced of 1


    (3)-=Makashi=- 14 DP damage


    L1: - Start time of swings is 25% shorter

    - Attacks deal 2 (maybe 3) MP and attack fakes 3 (maybe 4) MP to the opponent if he doesn't parry

    L2: Attack parrying an opponent doesn't make him lose MP (or if it can't be done, just make it give the same ammount of MP as a normal parry)

    L3: Attack parrying an opponent deals 7 DP damage to him (cannot kill though, just DP drain)


    L1: Blocking shots costs 1 DP more


    (2)-=Soresu=- 13 DP damage


    L1: Blocking shots costs 2 DP less

    L2: Parrying costs 25% of the initial DP cost, instead of 50% for other forms

    L3: Attacking an opponent in a slow bounce, heavy bounce, or stumble deals 150% DP damage (other multiplicators such as running x1.5, stumble x2... are still applied)


    (2)-=Ataru=- 16 DP damage (Not just 1 saber dual stance, we would need a real new one, looking like Qui Gon's)


    L1: Swing speed (not start-swing animation, and not transition) is 25% faster

    L2: All jumps have their base cost halved (see jumps FP cost for more details at bottom of post)

    L3: Force empowered attacks enabled (Released attack fakes do 25% more DP damage than the usual attack fake, and do 1 FP damage, but can't cause lock.)


    (2)-=Djem-so=- 17 DP damage


    L1: - Transition time reduced of 25%

    - Manually deflected shots have 75% chance of getting reflected right in the crosshair instead of 50% for other forms

    L2: When you attack parry an opponent, he suffers a little knockback and loses 2 FP

    L3: Hitting an enemy with an attack or attack fake makes him lose 1 or 2 FP respectively, if he doesn't parry.


    L1: Whenever you gain any MP ammount, you gain 1 more MP


    (4)-=Juyo=- 17 DP damage (maybe 16 to replace Ataru's if it doesn't get implemented)


    L1: DP cost to dodge is reduced of 5

    L2: Attack fakes deal 25% more DP damage if not parried than other forms' attack fakes (which means: 17*1.25*1.25)

    L3: Running swings deal 200% DP damage instead of 150% for other forms


    (4)-=Staff=- 13 DP damage


    L1: Can hit 2 times with 1 attack

    L2: No DP penalty for blocking rear shots and swings

    L3: Allows chain swings: everytime you attack the opponent and he doesn't parry, you get 1 extra attack point (AP) which is added to the next DP damage, it is cumulative.

    (Example: if you hit the enemy 4 times in a row without being parried, you will do 13, then 14, then 15, then 16 = 58 DP damage, but if he parries you in the 3rd attack, it will do 13, then 14, then 15 (parry reduction applies of course) [sTOP], and when you attack again, it starts at 13 again, AP is set to 0 again)


    (4)-=Jar'kai=- 14 DP damage


    L1: - Can hit 2 times with 1 attack

    - Never fully disarmed

    L2: No extra FP cost for attack fakes

    L3: Can parry while swinging


    L1: Attacking costs 2 FP



    Jumps FP cost without Ataru:

    -Normal jump: FP_cost = 4 + (3 - jump_level) + heaviness_of_equipment

    -Special jumps (wheels, baclfkip): FP_cost = 2 + (3 - jump_level) +



    -DFAs: FP_cost = 2 + 1 + (3 - jump_level) + heaviness_of_equipment

    (DFAs cost 1 FP more because there's an attack in addition to the jump.)


    With Ataru:

    -Normal jump: FP_cost = 2 + (3 - jump_level) + heaviness_of_equipment

    -Special jumps (wheels, baclfkip): FP_cost = 1 + (3 - jump_level) +



    -DFAs: FP_cost = 1 + 1 + (3 - jump_level) + heaviness_of_equipment

    (Note: The 1 FP more of the DFA is because there's an attack in addition to the jump.)


    heaviness_of_equipment is the sum of the weight class of weapons and items, not only selected, but carried (if possible):

    Saber: 0

    Pistol: 0

    E11: 1

    Bowcaster: 1

    Thermal: 1

    Detpacks: 1

    Rocket launcher: 2

    Clone rifle: 2

    Disruptor: 2

    Bacta: 0

    Jetpack: 2

    Force field: 1

    Cloaking device: 0

    Flamethrower: 0

    Seeker droid : 0

    Sentry gun: 1


    Which makes a maximum of 14.

  2. Yo, as I discussed yesterday with Max, we have both come to the same conclusion : the feeling of Jedi vs gunner is not great (yet), there is not really a feeling of danger when facing someone with a gun. We think this is due to the actual way of fighting a gunner for a Jedi : basically you run at him, swinging and deflecting until he dies.


    To make it better, Max suggested to have a deflect button.

    I agree with it, but to be more precise, I'd say a reflect button : not holding it focusses on keeping you alive, holding it focusses on killing the enemy gunner. Of course this would need a counter part, but since it's not my idea, he'll probably tell you more about it.


    Although I had another idea, to prevent too much run-while-holding-attack kills (which are pretty easy), we could make it so that a saberist being shot while running suffers some kind of stumble (whether he is swinging or not), so he would have to be more careful. The "dangerous enemy" feeling would be far better.

  3. Good idea, what about making a skill "tree" for all weapon?

    Example : you first need to buy pistol (1 skill, 1 level), which unlocks 3 skills (1 level each), such as stabilizator which reduces the gained MP, clip extension which increases ammo in clip (if this gets implemented, or else just give it double or triple ammo), shot focusser which increases damage a bit.

  4. I don't think you will be flamed for giving your opinion here. At least not by me. But maybe I wasn't clear enough : I'm not able to create dual pistols, I can't even make a pistol model, all I'm proposing in this thread is the pistol effect (sound, and shot, basically).

    I'll wait a bit more to let everybody vote, and then I'll be proceeding. (Just the sound to replace, since I've already made the shot red, and also more movie like, as I did for other weapons, with a white core)

  5. You voted for the dual ones... it's weird that nobody wants the single one... (this will only affect sound anyway, but though) sometimes I wonder if people have the 2 different sounds in mind... (let's have a laugh: "flew" for duals, "peeaaaaw" for single, yea my imitations own)

  6. Ensiform, realism doesn't mean "realistic to the real world", it means "realistic to its own universe", here the universe is star wars'. So a realistic star wars game is a game which respects what is seen in the films, not a game that takes place in the boring human daily life.


    With this I mean that people shouldn't become suddenly stronger because they have killed x people in y <insert_time_unit_here>.

  7. Oh, I see, I thought you meant the cartoon, which is just a caricature... (took me more than a month to figure out it wasn't fan made... since it was so crappy...)

    Ok then, although I'm not sure the JKA DL-44 is really Han's.... I can't really recognize it lol, good job Raven... But I'll replace the sound with Han's pistol (unless another pistol wins this poll in the next few days).

  8. Ensiform, I didn't say anything that you just said, I know that you did a lot for OJP, and I wasn't threatening you, I was just surprised that you still propose something not seen in the FILMS. (Clone wars doesn't count, even a fan fic is better, but here's not the point).

    It wasn't my intention to offend you, sorry.

    It's my fault, I shouldn't have made that "Other" choice.

    But anyway it seems that it will be Jango's or Han's...

  9. As you might already know, I'm currently making new effects for guns, as for E11, bowcaster and clone rifle, it was easy to do since they are unique in the movies, but what about pistol?

    I'm doing this poll to know which pistol of the ones in the movies is the most wanted.

  10. Finally someone could answer :p thanks.

    But I still wonder about one thing :

    Would that particle remain on ground until it's life is up? Is that the difference with the usual sparks, which go through the ground or walls (some kinds of better physics in fact)?

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