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  1. This leaves you a bit of time to try out my effects, tell me if there's something that you really hate in it, and to include it.
  2. OK we can say I'm finished with that effects (for a quick-version, since later I'll continue with more movie sounds etc). To make sure it's good enough, you can test it by yourself, get it here : http://www.megaupload.com/?d=DBMCITQE Feel free to tell me anything to quickly change or to remove. Edit: I've just thought that it would be better if I tell you what is changed with this pk3. •Saber: -Saber blade tip is rounded (and the blade is slightly wider) -Saber default colours are slightly changed, to more movie like ones (except yellow and orange which are not seen) -Saber deflections no longer make sparks (which is ridiculous), instead there is a flash •Guns: -Every gun (except disruptor) has its shot and its wall impact (and the muzzle flash, though it's not really noticeable) improved. - Pistol and bowcaster now both shoot red too (some might don't like this, although I do), the only difference between the shots are the size (pistol < E11 < bowcaster). •Explosives: -All the explosives used in OJP have better visual effect (explosion, wall mark...), so it looks less stupid when you are knocked down even if far from the explosion, since now you are in or close to the explosion (because they are bigger, well I'm not very clear, so just try it ). -Det packs and thermal detonator now have cooler sounds too.
  3. Maybe something to add to this OJP early version, it's not much, it's about look, but look can be important in contests. I have made more movie-like effects for blasters, and I made the explosions bigger (so you understand why you get knocked down even if you are rather far, it just looks better). Do you want to include it?
  4. g_dismember and cg_dismember are percentages, just so you know. Anything equal or above 100 is the same.
  5. I'm not saying we shouldn't be trying ! Of course we should ! Does anyone know if MB2 takes part to this mod contest?
  6. It seems we lacked of time, I don't feel OJP is ready for that contest... if only we had a few months more...
  7. Well everyone has to sleep, but you can stay up for hours and hours in a row, can't you? So does a Jedi, and even more probably... this can be neglected in a game, because only few people will play 20+ hours in a row
  8. Hello, I'm trying to make some effects, but there is a parameter I have no idea what it might be. It's "Bounce" (in a Tail effect, for example). I tried to put it very high, no difference, to 0, no difference, so I have no clue what it could change. Has somebody any idea? Any clue's welcome !
  9. Exactly as I said, except I didn't except Yango to agree with me <3 I prefer being forced to lose an amazingly realistic game than to be able to win an unrealistic one. Here's an example: I'd totally love a game where you are able to pick any Jedi in the geonosis arena, and try to survive against all those droids, knowing that you won't succeed anyway. If the game is well done, I don't care about losing. In this case, realism is more important than balance.
  10. It is even smaller than the base one on some aspects, but there's more particles and smoke projected on side.
  11. Always the same problem, balance over realism... I'm probably alone with that mind, but I'd prefer an unbalanced realistic game, than a well balanced with ridiculous things one.
  12. I'm not surprised, since shots are plasma (gas being so hot that it loses it's electrons and becomes ions, so basically, hot ions). Although, jetpack uses fuel, and it regenerates, heh where's the mistake...?
  13. Well, I've just tested it, it's a nice animation but it doesn't really fit a thermal detonator. The explosion is too small, too quick, and too sharp. A ship's or a swoop's destruction explosion would fit more.
  14. This makes it a lot easier. Anyway the ammo management isn't a priority, is it? And please don't start discussing lightsaber realism... I've already engaged in long debates about it, and trust me, it's unhealthy for everyone's brain. The best is to admit there is a very very powerful energy cell in the lightsaber, which has nearly infinite energy, and so the lightsaber can stay up long for hoooooours of OJP
  15. Still, cloak is a bad idea I think, how to find an opponent's cloaked dispenser? And I'm not sure it could be done easily. Also, there are maps where you can hide something easily, maybe not base maps, but big maps that we usually play on are fine to hide (jedi's home, racing something, naboohills...)
  16. Maybe make the ammo dispenser have a 100 ammo recharge potential, recharging 1 per second while set, and 1 per 10 seconds while in the inventory.
  17. I like the idea, except the cloak part. It should have a base pool of a certain ammount, and regen very slowly. Once it's set, it should be pickable again. But for balance issues, it should be destroyable (give it 50 hp or so), and it shouldn't regenerate it's pool while not placed (in inventory). So you can't just place it, empty it, pick it again and let it regen, you have to hide it somewhere to let it regenerate.
  18. Well a thermal detonator doesn't implode, but nevermind, I don't want to start arguing about that. It's said in Shadows of the Empire it's a small atomic-bomb. So just a big explosion. But that doesn't matter for the game, the result is the same : ULTRA KILL ! kill... kill......
  19. The point of a limited ammo pool is not to let gunners have infinite ammo, that's all, because it's just impossible to have infinite ammo.
  20. Oh by the way Razor, I recently tested again the clone rifle accuracy... and it seems I was right. Just stand and shoot once. The shot will rarely go in the center of the crosshair (or then you are lucky, if so, retry again once or twice). The clone rifle shouldn't have this "base" unaccuracy, The MP metter filling fast due to the rate of fire is enough in my opinion.
  21. I mean the visual effect (it's the only big explosion I can think of). But of course, the range and damage has to be increased as well as the visual explosion, or it would be stupid, you are in the explosion, but get like 2 damage... ridiculous. Thermal should be at least 2 times stronger than the rocker launcher. Of course, this difference of timer (fire and altfire) is not an emergency, it's just a little enhancement for the final version.
  22. That's exatly the point. Gunners are good on short term, Jedi on long term. A Jedi is meant to survive, while a gunner is meant to quickly take out his foes.
  23. Interesting idea Selexel, this could be a new gametype where the best player has to fight the others, much like Jedi master, except everyone has the skills they want. And when more people are in game, it's the 2 best who fight the other, and even more players, the 3 best vs the other... Like... 1v4 max then its 2v9 max then its 3v14 max then its 4v19 max ...
  24. If ammo pool is on 0, then the gunner cannot recharge his gun anymore. That's life.
  25. It must be used when you have low DP and if you don't "own" the lock. That way you can avoid the enemy superbreak and you'll be alive.
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