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  1. I first thought OJP was a duel mode, because of the amazingly pawnage saber system. But after I played with Max and the other regulars on his server, I think that not only duel is good, but FFA and TFFA too. To be honest, OJP's future is in the last man standing feature, combined with FFA or TFFA, maybe CTF. Of course, duel will always remain a very good choice to play with the saber system. That's my point of view, and I don't really like the UT style (join, kill kill kill die kill die kill kill leave, bored of game, quit) because it has a too short life span, to me, a good game lasts years before being bored, which means hundreds and hundreds of playing, if not thousands.
  2. This would mean everybody respawns between LMS rounds (I like), and gunners would be able to create ammo out of nowhere (I like, but not completely). Gunners should have an ammo pool, which they use to manufacture their ammo that goes in the gun. Maybe we should make an ammo pool size skill (cheap) which increases the ammount of ammo that is held in the pool, so the gunner can refill his gun a lot if he spends points in this.
  3. DP always regens 6 per second (if FP >= 10), though. But well, even if it's very low, it's still infinite ammo... so they should be able to reload a certain ammount of ammo, but after a big while (imagine a player playing FFA, he doesn't die for 30 min because he pwns all) he should run out of ammo. This makes Jedi last longer than gunners, while gunners could beat a Jedi when they are "fresh" and at full power.
  4. Good idea, I'm for a reloading system, but then the gun needs a clip, and an ammo pool (pretty much like MB2), otherwise gunners would have infinite ammo, which is very bad.
  5. Ensiform is our man! Respawning without killing wins! But as for the Jawas... the idea is funny but well... By the way, why would we still need ammo or health dispensers?
  6. A cvar to make everybody respawn or not, according to the server hoster's will? This seems interesting. As for the latest revisions, they are very well hidden in a topic called OJPE Latest Revisions Thread. http://lucasforums.com/showthread.php?t=179091&page=2
  7. Seeker needs less fire rate (like 1 shot per second, or even 0.5 maybe), half of pistol's damage. Also to make it cooler it should be same shots as pistol (small yellow shots, not big pinkish-red shots) and have same speed as pistol shots. (Which means: faster projectiles, less damage, less fire rate, yellow shots)
  8. Yes there is, not a 009letter but a revision (560). And I still think that respawn is a good idea. In CTF maps you have ammo dispensers, so you don't have to make everybody respawn. And to be honest, CTF LMS wouldn't be very good... once the flag carrier killed his enemies, nobody to stop him heh? Also in holocron, LMS sounds a bit weird, and would it be that bad to lose your holocrons between each round? It would be far less boring to have to get new ones to fight, more unique combinations, more unique fights.
  9. For the bowcaster, I'd want the charge mode removed, and the shots not bouncing. Gunners are weaker than Jedi in long times. In short ones they are as strong. To avoid long times, LMS could help if it made everybody respawn.
  10. But this would take years to implement, and it would be pretty much like lugor on some aspects. I don't think it's a priority for OJP, since it's not absolutely necessary.
  11. Well, in fact I think it's a good idea to need to respawn to apply new points, so you can't make scripts to quickly change your powers an get full lightning, then press another button and get full absorb etc...
  12. What about using the ammo dispensers in CTF maps >_>
  13. Instead of trying to remove the blob, just remove it. Don't you think that all the shots should have same DP cost to block? Clone rifle's rate is not as high as before, and if you keep shooting with it a lot, it's getting damn unaccurate. Plus with the removal of blob, I don't think it would be overpowered.
  14. I don't like ammo regeneration, it was already established that inifnite ammo is bad. Although, for LMS, I've already suggested that EVERYBODY respawns, winners and losers, that way gunners spawn with all their ammo, and can apply their newly earned points without having to die.
  15. Yea, but it would be hard to make a form usable with both blades, like a 2 sabers Djem-so... This is too bad, could have been interesting.
  16. I usually use g_speed 225 when I play against bots. (As well as g_gravity 880, because I think we fall too slowly with 800, but it's not a must). Although, I got a question, I'm surprised that walking has a speed of 190-200... I thought it was like half of the running speed. Or maybe I misunderstood what you said, Max.
  17. I can't wait to see Ataru... Niman was never ever seen, though, but Jari'kai is a subform of it, so the dual stance could be a form VI. This means the 7 forms are complete (with the new coming Ataru), but there is still a problem : staff stance, what the hell is that? Maul used Juyo with his staff... but it's not an obligation for staff... any idea?
  18. Sonic blaster should have that stunshot, not pistol. A pistol is just a pistol.
  19. A thermal detonator shouldn't be used as detonation packs It is meant to be thrown AWAY, FAR AWAY... (in a galaxy... whatever). Do you see how a swoop explodes? I think that could do it. (It's already hard to use enough, so making it powerful can't harm (cept foes )) What about the different timers? Do you like the idea?
  20. In Shadows of the empire (the book), it is said a thermal detonator is a mini-nuclear bomb. There are 3 classes of TD : A B C, A being the strongest, then B, and C. B is used in this book, and it is said it has a radius of... guess... 50 metres ! (164 feet or 55 yards for people who don't use the official SI units). So let's say C is the one we have and has a 5 metres radius, 10 times less. More than basejka's...
  21. Haven't this problem either, check your RGB setup... but for bots, I don't know...
  22. What about making primary fire throw a long time before detonation TD, and altfire a short time one? Could be like... 4 seconds for primary fire, and 2 seconds for secondary fire. That way you could surprise your opponents. Also maybe thermal should be a bigger explosion though... (maybe like an explosing ship or swoop)
  23. It's not about that, instead of displaying a name, which is sometimes wrong, it displays the form number, nearly the same, except it makes less mistakes.
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