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  1. Well, the whole thing is good, I was just afraid it would take too much time to implement all that and add so many skills for lightsaber skills, and also I thought it would be on the force window, by the way, how do we know how much it costs to go through profeciency levels? we don't see it on your screenshots, we just see the current level, not the points spent/to spend. As I said, it's all pretty good, but has to be balanced I think.
  2. This isn't interesting anymore, each of us are fighting for their own ideas, we need other people. You are right on a few things, in your version, hybrids would need to spend more points to get full perks, that's true. But on others, I consider my version better, for the style choosing system, and the custom fakes. This specialization of fakes and not of rest gives something unique to OJP, the attack fakes are the particular things of the styles. What I don't like in your purchasable saber skills is that the newcomer will be like "OMG what is all this buttons? ok i'm gonna play mb2 or fm3, it's better... and easier" OJP lacks of players, if we don't want all the new ones (if there are some...) to run away as soon as they open the player menu... we should keep it a bit more simple. Also, don't forget that your massive things to buy are not the only way to balance hybrids. My knockdown system will help alot if it gets implemented, and the slowdown/jump malus due to weapon carry will sure help too.
  3. Don't make me say what I haven't... I didn't even talk about you. At the moment, DEMP2 is like basejka, except the projectile speed was increased, probably damage too. But keep in mind that DEMP2 is not deflectable right now. That's all...
  4. Oh, did you toy with noclip? I don't think it's important to have OJP work properly with cheats on... use cheats at your own risk...
  5. I'm from Europe, GMT+1, just so you know, and I'm not in holidays anymore after today, (thats why I was so active in the past 2 weeks), so I won't be so avaible, and 7 pm GMT-5 is like... 1 am for me, can't be on at that time.
  6. DEMP2 as it is now (graphically and phisically), cannot be deflected. I don't really think it's necessary to add it in, but I don't mind if it's added in, I don't really care, as long as it's not overpowered or doesn't make mercs totally 0wn saberists...
  7. Well, in fact I'm against the fact that you buy progressively new things for the styles. I prefer having "pure innate" perks, sorry. Moreover, I really like this new idea I had of making attack fakes the speciality of each style. It leaves a common thing in every style (attack) and makes a part unique (attack fake). But well, that's only my point of view, we have to see what other people think, too.
  8. Changed my mind, removed that thing, check my latest post for my new ideas.
  9. So, here we go, the different saber styles need more special and unique things to be different playing ways. Feel free to post any suggestion, and we'll discuss it. At the moment, the perks are: Shii-cho: • 15 DP damage • 125% MP regen Makashi: • 14 DP damage • 1 (or 2 maybe, not sure) MP dealt to the opponent for unparried attacks Soresu: • 12 DP damage • Parrying DP cost of 75% Djem-so: • 17 DP damage • 110% DP damage with attack fakes if opponent doesn't parry them Juyo: • 16 DP damage Jar'kai (dual): • 13 DP damage per saber • Can still block when disarmed (1 saber left) • No FP cost for attack fakes direction change Staff (juyo? :S): • 13 DP damage per blade • No extra DP cost for blocking rear attacks (doesn't that apply to all styles with defense 3? If yes, then it's pointless. If no, I thought.)
  10. I thought the same, that you could buy any of the 3 if you want, or all the 3 if you have enough points. Ok I'm going to start a new thread now, don't post about this here anymore please.
  11. If you need me, just ask, and tell me when&where, and I'll help if I can.
  12. What is your pistol, Maxstate? A rapid-fire scoped pistol which shoots lightsabers? xD
  13. He started! well okay, and we'll discuss style bonus later anyway. First = bug fixes and hybrid balancement. Then skills + style perks. Right?
  14. I wont re-take everything step by step, this is doing too long posts... In fact, your ideas are mostly good, they just need balancing (the MP given by Makashi etc...) the Soresu low cost in DP and other stuff like that, but this can always be done after, if we notice a style totally owns the others. For balance issues, what you say is true, Juyo can't have the MP damage. Although, if you watch again the duel between Windu and Palpatine, you'll notice my MP idea was rather good. Palpy loses because of high mishap, if we translate it into OJP. But that's tipically Vapaad, and in OJP we have Juyo, so making rolls easy-use and not MP giver can be understood too. However, I still think the styles MUST be equal (You seem to think equal means "the same", it does NOT, equal means "the same value", which here means, each style has valuable boosts that the other styles don't have, none should be stronger, all should have the same price). Each level of Saber profeciency should allow you to choose 1 (any) of the 5 styles (for single of course, staff and dual = lvl 3 only). And you must not care about what is equal or not right now, the style balance isn't finished yet! Styles are not equal right now cause it's based on Basejka, later, I hope it won't be anymore. Also, when you say +x damage, it means an additional damage of x to what we have before, be careful with that. (You said Djem so attack fakes do 1 DP damage, and with hammer, they do +2 DP damage, this would mean 3 DP) If you want to say a new value instead, just say 2 DP damage, and not +2, it's much more clear. Just so you know, this Juyo we have in OJP is more like Vapaad, watch the moves, they are based on Windu... if you didn't know that, you missed something. And still, lightning reflect would be nearly impossible (or if done, very graphically ugly) in JKA, I guess. You still don't get it with the mishap idea. It's not I don't want Juyo to have it, it's the idea itself, a shot causing a mishap, that is pretty stupid! (I wanted to keep that word away till now, but no choice it seems...) OK enough of criticizing, it seems you won't get back on what you said. Let's talk about staff and duals. Yes I read that FM3 had it, but I never could make it happen. That blade destruction could be hard to do, though, and that's rather a disadvantage, what good thing should it have, since it requires level 3? Undisarmable, as I said. I think the staff already strikes in front, on side, and behind sometimes. With the super duper interpolation, I think the saber hits where you graphically see it, contrary to the Raven interpolation, so when you spin with staff, you hit all around you. What do you mean with "Slightly reduced DP damage from regular swings, but increased DP or FP cost to parries and ripostes?" advantage or disadvantage? (please precise what you mean, give names such as 'for the enemy', 'for the staff user'...) I really don't know for dual. As for the DP damage, I don't agree, 2 handed > 1 handed. And Soresu is already very slow, it has loooooong transitions. And Dual can hit 2 times (most of the time), so consider it does 26 and not 13.
  15. If you still need someone to act, I can take any role, I don't mind.
  16. Shii-cho: Maybe when attacking and being parried or riposted or so, you should gain less MP because Shii-cho uses basic moves which won't put your balance into trouble. Otherwise I don't know. Makashi: 1) When I say Juyo should have this ability, it doesn't mean the Makashi has nothing instead. I just don't find it really apropriate, it's rather the confusing Juyo/Vapaad which does this. As I proposed earlier, maybe give an advantage to it when winning a lock, give MP to the enemy as well as the usual DP damage. 2) 3 MP is faaaaaar too much, its 20% of the bar, MP goes up to 15, not 100! (I got tricked by that earlier, too.) And what is this passive upgrade? You have to buy the things you are listing? I thought it was the style's predetermined properties. 3) All styles should have the same price, none should be more expensive, nor better, all styles should be as strong as others. 2 and 4 per attack?!! it's still damn much, you don't regen 1 MP per second, I think, and with makashi you can hit 2 or 3 times per second, it means that in 4 blows (16 MP), your enemy will be disarmed or knocked down! and after 2 blows he would be stumbled! that's terribly powerful. 1-2 seems fine, to me, but for Juyo... once again... 4) Okay, I understand the idea, but an attack fake doesn't cause a mishap, it can cause a saberlock, which can cause a mishap if you don't superbreak. That's a good idea, it's nearly like what I said before, losing a saberlock against a Makashi user should give you MP (which compensates the MP loss due to mishap suffering). Soresu: I'm against boosting all the defence abilities at once, I'll repeat myself, but Soresu should be the perfect defense for a skilled player. I like everything in your Soresu idea except the 50% cost for block in the spinning shield. Djem-so: 1) Still, your thing fits more Soresu than Djem-so. Reflecting with auto-block is not, and will never be in any case, aggressive! It's defense. Aggressive would be swinging to make it accurate. 2) So this confirms, you want to add upgrades for the styles. I see, didn't expect that. I didn't understand that because I thought everything was in the properties, didn't know it was additional powerups. I see what you mean, kinda a good idea then, although IMO Djem-so should not be based on fakes much, but nevermind. 3) 3 FP damage would be a bit too much with hammer. 1 for normal attacks and 2 for fakes would be fine (I'd even rather 1, but the debate would be endless...) Juyo: 1) DP damage with a windup fake? But the enemy doesn't even have to block... why this idea? It's weird... and the +1 MP/DP cost from blocks? is it for you or the opponent? 2) This is more Juyo than Vapaad, but I agree, it could be a good idea to make it more unpredictable. 3) I don't like the style level idea, all styles are equal, just not focussed on the same thing. The lightning reflect would be hard to do, too. It's not the fact that it would be anti gunner that bugs me, it's the fact that a shot causes mishap... try to find something else, like accurate reflection even behind you or something... 4) Yea, but no, you wrote 115%, it's not enough. And it was to recap, to make sure I understood. 5) OK. Good idea. Staff: This is still a problem for me since the only staff we see is used in a Juyo way... which is already for single. (Note: Maul was on the defense a lot. But that might be due to the 2v1) What about making him un-disarmable? It would be pretty hard to disarm a staff user with 2 blades... Dual: No idea. Dooku got rid of Anakin's second saber quickly, and Anakin wasn't skilled in using dual sabers. Also, note about general DP damage of styles. Making them unique would be better. (exemple: Djem so 18, Juyo 17, Shii-cho 16, Makashi 15, Soresu 14, Dual 13 per saber, Staff 12 per blade. Yes I think Soresu should do more, it's mostly two handed, contrary to dual, and dual can do 26 if you hit with both.)
  17. That's true, and my knockdown system would help in balancing that, because at the moment, hybrids are overpowered because imune to force (absorb 3) combined with their weapons/items. And if we add the slowdown+jumpcost due to weapon carrying, it might be balanced.
  18. Well, Neko aren't much better than Inu, on the contrary, a good Inu is obedient, a Neko just looks for profit, they seem to love you while they are happy of the food you give them, and then one day for no reason they scratch your leg and run away. Neko wa baka.
  19. Yea, I already do, I play with the arrows, del end page, and numpad. No problem then if I can put it to the key I want. I'd like fill bars, even if it's curved. But still, I think setting a color for each stat would be better. (Red health, green armor, cyan force, purple dodge, orange ammo, yellow fuel, blue cloak energy; that would be the 100% perfect for me )
  20. Don't make DEMP2 shots as fast as other weapon's. Maybe half of it, or like rocket maybe. Single fire should deal 2 MP per shot and do low damage. Altfire uncharged 1 MP Altfire halfcharged 2 MP altfire fullcharged 4 MP As for the damage, I don't know. Tanq : Want a good scope? search for gravescope on jk2files. It's a cool scope, it looks like a bit CS's, 2 black lines and a red dot in the middle. Accuracy's perfect.
  21. Here our point of views are totally different, it seems, I'm against those unrealistic altfires such as charge (which was removed already, thank god), or fast rate for E11 (removed too, uuuf), or bouncing bowcaster shots (if only they were ! just like the multi shot! bowcasters never shot like that in the movies...), or the nevereverseen blobs. Altfire should be kept for disruptor, rocket launcher, det packs, thermal detonator (and make the 2 attacks different with it, like... 5 seconds before boom with prim fire, and 3 sec for alt fire)
  22. Demo please. Can't reproduce it myself...
  23. Yeah, you often survive a saber slash, I hate that. Same with shots, sometimes you can shoot a jedi 8 times when he has not enough DP to block or dodge, and he'll get damaged, but for like 10 or so, so he gets hit but survives... a lot of times... What about disabling the DP damage reduction, if you don't have enough DP to perform a body dodge?
  24. Shii-cho review: (I like the overall thing.) Makashi review: (A few good ideas, but I disagree with many things) 1) I'd rather make Juyo give MP than Makashi. 2) I don't understand when Makashi deals 5 MP instead of 3. 3) It's far too much MP for Makashi! in 5 attacks of 3 MP, the enemy has full MP! It should be 1, not 3! And when you give 5, it should be 2! But once again, this is rather for Juyo 4) Why should unparried attack fakes reduce the enemy MP? Want to lose? Soresu review: (Mostly good ideas, 1 thing I don't understand or disagree with) 1) Spinning shield affect "block" (50% cost), do you mean saber block? If no, explain, if yes, I don't agree, Soresu has not just a good defense to help newbies, it's the perfect defense for skilled defenders (people who can parry and attack parry whenever they want, contrary to me) so it should have very good parry or riposte (attack parry) abilities, but not general blocking (that would be rather staff). Djem-so review: (I disagree on some things, and don't understand 1 thing) 1) You should not have a bonus when auto-blocking shots, but when swing blocking them! Djem so is an active and offensive style, you are always moving and swinging in it, contrary to Soresu who is more passive and defensive. 2) I don't understand at all the hammer part. (What I understood is that Attack fakes do 1 FP damage, and that attacks do 1 FP damage, and also that attack fakes do 2 FP damage. What the hell? And the DFA is always enabled... heeh?) 3) Also I don't think Djem-so should be fake-based. It's not confusing, it's quite fast, and strong swings, you repeat over and over, until your opponent dies tired. So normal attacks AND attack fakes, should both drain 1 FP to enemy, not ONLY attack fakes. Juyo review: (I disagree with several things, if not all, I'm a pain, right?) 1) I don't understand your first line. 2) I simply don't like the roll idea. (Sorry...) 3) I don't like the gunner mishap idea either. And lightning should not be reflectable, even if it's kinda done in EP3, I consider it as a mistake, and it's rather a force power than an ability of a style. (Really sorry...) 4) In fact, for released/unreleased, it should be like that IMO : released : no chance to lock. 125% DP damage. unreleased : just like the other styles' attack fakes. So you can choose more DP damage rather than a lock chance. 5) Enabling DFA? what the hell? this is always enabled... Current staff: 50% DP cost to block/parry/riposte enemy attacks. Swing costs 2 FP. Can hit 2 times with a swing. Current duals: No FP cost for direction changes in attack fakes. Swing costs 2 FP. Can hit 2 times with a swing.
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