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  1. OH YESSSSSSSSS just gotta remove the .th Thank you ensiform I love you ! *gives a yummy cookie*
  2. I saw that option, and made sure it was disabled... and it was set on 320x240 anyway, this one is like... 80x60... I'll resize it to 1024x768.
  3. Well it's a bit too big for me though. Maybe it's because I'm used to having a little hud on bottom, after years and years of JK2, JKA, and mods for them. Here is a pic of the hud in 009u, followed by the same pic, edited by myself (took me a whole hour...argh) to show what I'd like to have. ATM: My dream: Don't pay attention to the fact I totally made some parts dirty, cause I had to change a few things. Also, ignore that the HP and Armor are written very poorly, I can't do the same as it's written for Dodge, Force, and Mishap. But this shows how I'd really like the hud.
  4. Well, again I'm for a simple hud, but to make the difference being the stats without having to look at them, having different colours is always good. To be honest, the currect OJP 009u hud is fine, just one thing bugs me, the fact that DP has same colour as armor. Having it in the same colour as it's value is written in (purple) would make it fine for me. Another thing, I'd even prefer having a vertical bar for HP and another for armor. Just like DP, FP, and MP.
  5. Indeed, it's 2, although we were talking about parry, and this part of code is about attack parry, right? And I'm not sure it's the same MP gain.
  6. This is nice stuff, but there are a few things I don't understand. -Why is it Energy/Force bar? -Where would the fuel bar/cloak bar be? -Where does the game get the pic of the item you are using from? I don't recall seein this seeker icon anywhere... -The current force power icon is useless according to me, since I NEVER EVER use force powers like that. I got shortcuts for everything, which is far quicker than selecting the power and using it. -The currect weapon thing is useless for saber, displaying the current stance is enough since you can't have a stance with melee or gun. Else, I like the whole thing, the square mishap idea is good. A few things to make it more nearly perfect: Health in red ! Dodge in purple, Force in blue. Then it will be lovely
  7. I'd like skills do be individual too, not everything in 1 skill, but a skill for every skill, which is rather normal ! A few examples: - Aiming accuracy: each of the 3 levels imrove accuracy a bit, which makes you gain less MP per shot. (This applies also when running, standing etc... it's an overall MP gain reduce.) - Reflexes: decreases the DP cost to perform a body dodge. (Maybe put the default DP cost to 50, and then -5 per level, which puts it down to 35 at level 3.)
  8. Well I find it a bit... raw. It's just too simple, to me, just text written above everything.
  9. Alright, and how many will these special jumps cost (DFA, cartwheel, backflip)? Same as a normal jump? or 5 for the two and 6 for DFA?
  10. Good idea, to me. This would make the players have a more custom character. You would choose your own equipment and abilities, and every player could be different ! (it has to be well balanced then!)
  11. Yea it costs 13 at the moment. Should not be more than 10. Never. But I suggest 5 FP to make them more useable. Even for a normal jump 10 FP is a lot. If you want to prevent bunnyhopping, there are other ways, in MB2 you get slowed down when jump, so you can bunnyhop, but you'll be far slower than someone who is walking ! And if it's still not enough, you can add a cooldown to jump, of 1 second or something... then nobody will bunnyhop ever again. But the FP drain is maybe not the appropriate solution. 5 FP could do, 6 for DFA because it adds an attack to it, and also 5 FP for cartwheel and backflip...
  12. Indeed, your estimation was good, I counted the pixels myself, and it's 1/8,4 (yea I'm like that, some crazy guy). So there's a missing piece of the following : 1) Your meter does not indicate the parry MP increase (maybe you were not parried, or maybe you just regenerated MP right after (shii cho regens fast)). 2) The bar is not regular, it's as you said, harder to fill in the begining, easier at the end. 3) Razorace gave us fake information to toy with our brains, sadistic one. Gotta inquire to find which one is true.
  13. Okay. How do we use this tool to host/detect/join a server? Because actually I see it as a chat program.
  14. Well I think you must, it seems hard to do a bar that is not regular. Also it's not 1/8, if you read this thready completely, you'll notice MP goes up to 15, 1/8 would be nearly 2, not 4.
  15. As I expected. This means the MP increase looks fine, since it's at most like being parried. I'll update my first post.
  16. Yea, why this code name or so? Top secret? Watch out for FBI, always keep a shotgun next to you, they want to steal OJP information (lol steal open information)... They are so evil!
  17. It says the room is full and it can't exceed 16 people... Do you really have 16 people in your channel?
  18. hum 15/8 = float. nearly 2? no I think it's more, well it seems at least... isn't it rather 1/5?
  19. This would be for power 1 : 0.5-4.5 (int 0-4) power 2 : 2-4.5 (int 2-4) power 3 : 4.5 (int 4) Total range 0-4, indeed. This could be fine. Just to compare, how many MP does being parried give you? 4 also? or 3? maybe 5? Tell me .
  20. Man that's exactly what I'm saying... Accident means "not on purpose". The purpose was to increase jump, and as a result, it also increased DFA's cost... since it's a jump in it... Try to understand what I say instead of thinking what I say is wrong, my english is not that bad is it? So the fact that DFA costs 13 FP is definitely an accident, the goal was to increase cost of jump, not to put DFA's cost on 13.
  21. Exactly, it's an accident : I mean it's wanted to increase jump cost, but not to put the DFA to 13, that's because the jump cost increased. Well I'm not sure...
  22. Well maybe it seems so because we are doing a lot of calc at the moment, but once we are done with this, it might be easier than we thought. It's not very complicated, I think... just 1 test and 2 cases...
  23. Indeed, if we proceed to the increase_MP part, it means the resistance was too high for the enemy power. So making resistance - power is a bit pointless, I agree... If we halve it we'll have: MP_increase = enemy_power - resistance/2 which is also MP_increase = 2*enemy_power - resistance (to avoid float) right? Let's test the cases: power = 1 MP_increase = 2 - 1 = 1 (maximum) MP_increase = 2 - 9 = -7 (minimum) eeh? power = 4 MP_increase = 8 - 4 = 4 (maximum) MP_increase = 8 - 9 = -1 (minimum) eeh? again power = 9 MP_increase = 18 - 9 = 9 (only case, since max resistance = max power = 9) what to do with the negative numbers? Oh wait I finally got what you meant in your last sentence, indeed, it cannot go up to 18 because resistance >= power, so in my calculation, the range is 1-9 for power 1, 4-9 for power 4, and 9 for power 9. Seems a bit high though, and if we reduce of 1? 0-8 for level 1 should be OK because being invulnerable against level 1 could do...
  24. I think the FP increase of DFA's was an accident, since it includes a jump, jump was increased of 8, didn't a DFA cost 5 FP before? The very least that could be done is reduce it's cost to 11 (jump + attack). The knocking DFAs seem interesting too. Although in the movies a DFA didn't knock, what about making it give mishap and/or drain more DP than normal swings or fakes (if it's not done already)?
  25. Nevermind, just gotta find something so it fits the /15. Min power is 1 Max resistance is 9 With increase = 9 - resistance + enemy_power the minimum increase is 1, and the maximum is... well 18, but you can be knocked if you have 0 resistance, easily. *Note: the fact that MP goes up to 15 only creates a new problem in the resistance calculation, I made 5 levels... 0 25 50 75 100...(see first post for better explanation). Gotta fix it so it fits the 15 MP. =>Edit: OK changed a little thing in the resistance calculation, now the minimum resistance is 1, maximum is still 9. That won't change much in the whole thing, I think. It should be fine like this.
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