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  1. i miss my old friend Daniel333.i wish this could be made better.So many people left...
  2. lets all do this.Daniel isnt replying though,but this is isnt dead,i know it.and Relenzo,do you want to be in this RP?
  3. this thread shouldn't die.yes,i have came back.i dont think its too late to start continuing this.only 17 days passed.aint dead yet. should we abandon this?or should we continue?Daniel,its the owner of this thread's choice.
  4. azimnj


    im proud of you.you took the right side.
  5. how do i make an npc smaller?
  6. azimnj


    yes but you forget the fact that it is destroying modders here in jka community.they might say oh we got disrespected and walk off if tim keeps on stealing maps and models.he should star donations AFTER the mod is finished so it could stay.the trailer doesnt prove anything.i think its used for personal use.hey daniel,on your sig,the image of the clone commander,look at the information about it.he copied it off star wars com http://www.starwars.com/databank/organization/clonetroopers/index.html
  7. i hope bf3 would be released for ps2 or pc.bf1 and 2 were released on ps2 and pc(and lots more).
  8. ok.shall we start on geonosis?the first battle?
  9. azimnj


    the videos and screenshots are fake.i think he used it for private use.i mean,anyone can play a level with spawned npcs and vehicles.i do know that people dont have to give tim money,but that was some lying tim made.for example,on his donation,he got 1800.then he erased that and started all over.and when somebody in his forums says hey its illegal,he gets banned.it really looks like a scam,and i am sure it is one.would a scammer delete posts or people that are saying that what he did is illegal in his forums?oh yeah.
  10. azimnj


    oh wait i even found out almost every map and model or skin he took clone pilot(ep3)and scout:http://www.pcgamemods.com/screenshot/74768.html the rest of clones:http://jediknight2.filefront.com/file/Clones_Ultima;53471 ill look for more models and maps he stole.
  11. i think i got a better vader version found here http://jediknight2.filefront.com/file/KeleeVaderPack;68263
  12. i agree.great job on finding the death star.that was a great map.
  13. azimnj


    hm.i found out(3 weeks ago or 2)jebus started kotf:the beggining. anyway.i found out tim stole a .map file from rich diesals site.also,kotf thread on filefront is locked,but they couldnt answer this.did kotf add new saberstance.NO. tim stole it from survival mod2.if you play as izanagi,you will find that stance.why does tim have to lie like that?its sick and horrible.good job jebus and your team,you are great men.
  14. have patience my friend.i have two rp threads to answer.im restarting the clone wars thread and i have to answer this thread(i would not like to leave this thread daniel)my thread hasnt been answered since april 11.im waiting till someone else posts.
  15. plo koon senses the attack(course,hes a very wise jedi from the past) Plo:liutenant,i sense a disturbance in the force Dran:good for you,listen we've almost won this battle Plo:we have to escape Dran:i will stay here,you run Plo:very well *Plo Koon leaves to fight on another battle* *Dran wins the war against stormtroopers on korriban,but he forgot about the sith* Dran to rebels:i will go to the planet mon calamari.where me and the rebels will gun down the stormtroopers with gun boats,there are no sith,so i am sure we will win.the reason why i think there are no sith is because the force is weak in mon calamari,other than the fact that kit fisto fought there. Rebels:HURRAY!
  16. oh uh never mind.i figured it out.i think.
  17. wow these are great i remember you used imperial officer.
  18. i could not find the readme base could you please provide a link?thanks
  19. should you have this in your readme? THIS MODIFICATION IS NOT MADE, DISTRIBUTED, OR SUPPORTED BY ACTIVISION, RAVEN, OR LUCASARTS ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY LLC. AND/OR ITS LICENSORS. *************************************** or will someone else write it?like lucasarts?
  20. oh,i cant do that.sorry if i cannot be of help.
  21. i know that.but i think you cant unlock it.its only for xbox live patch and pc patch(i think).
  22. i think i can playermodel.i think i know it.please tell me what is playermodeling.i think i know it,its just i dont know if its called playermodel.
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