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  1. I'm sorry but I'm sooo busy lately, I'll try to post asap cause I don't have time rite now.
  2. srry for late reply, my life's kinda busy lately. ----------------- After flying around some, following his instincts on where to go, he saw something that looked like a green star. He somehow felt drawn towards it, as if he really needed to go there. Clone went after his curiosity and moved in closer. He soon saw that it was a meteor with green light shining out of its core. He moved towards the planets surface and landed his ship. He came out and after looking around some he found an abbandoned sith academy. Clone Kithoran Thoughts: The force must have guided me here, this is no coinsidence. He moved inside and started exploring the academy. He ended up standing on a big platform that was built above a deep cliff. When we wanted to move back the door closed. He saw that he had walked into a trap, and was now surrounded by Aap, Blaze, and Kithoran. Darth Aap: Your end is here, clone. Clone Kithoran: I've counted on this, there's a rebel army just 30 seconds away. Surrender now or they'll destroy the planet with you all on it. Darth Aap: You seem so certain of yourself. Unfortunately for you, we also have an army on the way. Clone Kithoran: What?! Darth Blaze: Enough talk! die!!
  3. umm why the hell is Rogue Warrior banned?? O.o
  4. Darth Revan raised his hand and on the wall to his right an inscription started glowing. Ghostly Revan: To know the translation you'll have to prove yourself worthy. Next to him, a portal opened. Clone Kithoran entered. He was standing on a stone floor, wich seemed endless. The area was surrounded by fat mists. Kithoran saw a wooden replica of a lightsaber on the floor. He picked it up, and as he did, a spirit appeared. The spirit got a wooden saber as well and attacked. After fighting for several minutes, clone kithoran managed to hit the spirit on the head. The spirit dissapeared, and so did kithoran's saber. The endless room dissapeared and he was back in the cave, with the revan-like spirit in front of him. Ghostly Revan: You have passed the test. The inscripion on the wall changed to basic galactic so clone kithoran could read it. "On the surface of the source of darkness, either Light or Dark can be corrupted or destroyed." Clone Kithoran's Thoughts: What the hell does it mean. What's the Source of Darkness. Ghostly Revan: Your confusion is natural, but you shall find the meaning in time. This wall describes your destiny. Clone Kithoran: But what do I do now! Where do I go! What do I- The ghost vanished and so did the description. It now was a normal cave, like any other. Kithoran went back up, and saw Yoda who was waiting for him. Yoda: What did you see in the cave. Clone Kithoran: My destiny. Yoda: Then you have accomplished this test.
  5. I'm sorry for not posting but I'm having problems with my internet. Tomorrow a guy from the company is comming to fix it and after that I'll (hopefully) be able to post again. now I'm at the library with is about to close so I don't have any time left to post somethin now. Srry for this.
  6. As soon as Clone Kithoran recovered, he grabbed a ship and went to Dagobah to investigate his vision. As he approached the planet he felt that there was definetly something good on the planet. He did not know what this feeling was, but thought that it might be the force. After all, he was a clone from Okoe. He landed his ship (not in a swamp, like luke did xD ) and just walked in a random direction. He did not know why, but he just knew that he was going in the right direction. The force was guiding him, although he did not realize this yet. After reaching the small primitive house he found a little green creature. Clone Kithoran: umm hello? Yoda: hmm.. the young clone, you must be. I've been expecting you. --------------------------------------------------------------------- Aap: This clone of Kithoran is really in the way of things. If we manage to get him, the rebellion will be chanceless against us, but he keeps escaping. And to make things worse, he's establishing a force connection, I've felt it. If he masters this, he can become an actual threat. Kithoran: Is he getting force sensitive? That could work out bad. With his skills combined with the force.. Aap: I know, I know.. Blaze: Wait a minute.. force sensitive.. yeah that's it, that's how to get him! Aap: Whats your plan. Blaze: Remember the Jedi Civil War about 4000 years ago? Aap: Shure, but what's your point. Blaze: Look, how did revan manage to corrupt so many jedi, in so little time. What place corrupts anything that walks its surface, especially those force sensitive. Aap: Blaze.. that's just brilliant. If we can lure him there. Blaze: Only 1 jedi ever got off alive, and this one isn't trained yet. Kithoran: Perfect plan. Aap: Heh heh heh...
  7. That's ok, take your time. The faction stats look like this: Empire: Huge army, controls most of the galaxy, Since the emperor is dead the Grand Moff's are in charge Rebellion: Medium army, have unknown bases on several planets, The 3 High generals are in charge (1 of them died recently) Sith: Large army, Controls only Korriban, Darth Aap is in charge. We havn't really involved the Zann Consortium yet. Only Urai Fen was killed by Darth Aap at the very beginning of this story. The Empire and The Sith are neutral. Both factions are at war with the rebels.
  8. Yeh his last post was over a month ago. Come on I've got my distractions as well (Girlfriend, Guild Wars) but it doesn't take much time to post a few times a week. ---------------------------------------------------------- The clone raised his blaster but the force pulled it out of his hands before he could shoot. Blaze grabbed his saber and approached the clone. Just as he was about to hit him, a ship wreck crashed into them, and blaze lost contiousness. When he woke up he was in a force cage with Darth Kithoran. Apparently the rebels had found them and took them to their base. They could still hear the battle rage on in the city. A rebel noticed they had awakened and approached them. Rebel: Enjoy your last moments, scum. You will be executed in 2 minutes. Blaze: Now what do we do.. Kithoran: No idea.. The force cages opened and the rebel aimed his gun. Blaze tried to use the force but there were isalamari everywhere. Just as he was about to shoot, the door opened and an orange lightsaber flew in, cutting off the rebels arm. The saber then returned to its owners hand, who just walked inside the room. Darth Aap tossed his cloak and used Lightning on the rebel to finish him off. Aap: Come on what is this! You're sith lords. You should be better then this. Kithoran: I'm sorry lord aap, you're right. Aap: Save it for later, lets get out of here and blow this planet to bits. I've borrowed the empires Death Star, heh heh heh. Blaze: Master, how did you use the force in here, it's crawling with Isalamari. Aap: I've managed to learn myself to draw the force to myself, just like the Isalamari drive it away. I'll learn you guys later, now lets go. They went off the planet and retreated their troops. After the last transport left the Death Star blew up the planet.
  9. Daniel u still there?? (I'll reply in a few hours)
  10. Hey welcome to the story, I'll write a brief bio of my characters Darth Aap: The current Dark Lord of the Sith. He's at the moment around 50/60 years old and very wise. He has a great knowlege of the dark side of the force. He has always been loyal to the sith, and claimed the title of dark lord by killing the emperor, wich resulted in the empire and the sith being divided in 2 factions. Darth Blaze: The apprentice of Darth Aap. Aged around 20/25 (I know it's kinda impossible as this story is set much later then the clone wars but oh well). An agressive Sith Lord who is strong in the force, but even stronger with a light saber. His parents were killed during the clone wars, and his brother was also killed not long ago. As a result he became very evil and agressive. At the moment he is the strongest of the Sith. ------------------------------------- Blaze wandered through the streets of Darna, the capital city of Tyrenus. After exploring the area for a few minutes a man rushed into him smacking Blaze on the ground. Blaze: What do you think you're doing.. Man: Me?! YOU're the one who's in MY way!! Blaze: Get out of my way, I don't have time for this.. Man: Hell no! You're gonna pay for this mister!! EH GUARD!! This man was robbing me!! A squad of rebels were incomming, ready to arrest Blaze, but at that moment blaze has had enough of it. He dropped his Cloak and grabbed his Dual Sabers. Rebel: What the.. Darth Blaze!! ATTACK!! ATTA- Before he could finish his line, blaze force-jumped towars the rebels and slashed em all down. Civillians panicked and ran for cover as they saw the orange and red sabers shining. After killing the rebels he knew he had to hide if he wanted to avoid a planetary conflict. He reached for his cloak, but then saw more rebel squads approaching. Blaze: Ah well, guess we're gonna do it the fun way He took cover behind a speeder while he requested an army of clones and some ravagers. After that he got his sabers and rushed into action, cutting down hordes of rebels.
  11. The academy is on Korriban ------------------------------------ Darth Blaze had reported his findings to Darth Aap who was now trying to find out anything about the asteroid that the Rebels wanted to blow up. He had flyed back to the academy and was at the moment meditating. Then a security officer rushed in. Officer: Lord Blaze!! Some sort of assasin has infiltrated the academy and managed to kidnap Lord Kithoran!! Blaze: What?! You incompetent fool!! How could someone have infiltrated here!! He force-pushed the security officer against the wall, almost killing him. He rushed outside and saw a ship flying away, so he got a fighter and rushed after him, trying to keep up. Blaze had a hard time doing so, as the assasin's ship's engines were modified. As they went through the atmosphere blaze realized that if the assasin would reach light speed he'd be a lot harder to track. Blaze immediately launched a tracker towards the ship. The assasin saw it comming tho. He dodged it, and started charging his hyper drive. Blaze quickly launched another but it was too late. Just as it was about to hit the ship, the ship blasted off. Blaze: Damn! Then I guess I'll just have to rely on the force. He calculated the most likely place he had gone, by using the coordinates the ship had hyperspaced in. The result was a planet called Tyrenus. Blaze: Hmm that's rebel territory. So they're probaly the ones behind this kidnapping. I better go there and find kithoran. He hyperspaced to Tyrenus and managed to land without being detected by the rebels. He put on a big grey cloack making him unrecognisable, and he started his search.
  12. aww that's too bad. I hope Rogue Warrior will do a good job at the role. The best of luck in the future to you =). And is anyone gonna frickin reply or not!?!
  13. Sorry guys I was distracted as well (got a girlfriend =D). Blaze: Thanks kithoran, I owe you big. Kithoran: You should have been more alert. You allowed rebels to capture you. Blaze: Yes you're right. It's inacceptable. Anyway the rebellion will pay for this attack against the Sith. I'm taking some troops and some sith and I'm gonna kill their 3 High-Generals. Are you comming? Kithoran: Shure, there's nothing to do at the academy now anyway. Blaze: Great. Darth Blaze, Darth Kithoran, and 7 Sith Lords took some troops and made way for Yavin 4. They charged at the rebel base and easily destoryed the defences and patroling troops. They breached the command building and there was a battle with the elite guard troops. It didn't took long and when they were dead blaze walked up to the General. General: Wha- what do u want from me.. Blaze: You planned to capture me, for that, you will die rebel scum! He slashed through the general with his lightsaber. Then he figured that it would be easy to find the other 2 by searching the computer network. He searched through some files and then saw a rebel order. Out of curiosity he read the order. Apparently there was a top secret mission to blow up a hidden asteriod in the Maw. Blaze: Why would the rebellion use their little recourses to blow up an asteroid.. Aap should definetly know this. They're up to something for shure.
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