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    I am one with the force.
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    Rivaling master yoda as a swordsman
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    High jedi council
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  1. I find that disturbing....another jk instead of rc2 that's just odd (no offense)
  2. I highly doubt it but you can always try expirimenting
  3. What?? you mean the empire own the war?
  4. Taking out the droid control ship.
  5. Heros are stupid unless you just had one that gave orders and didn't fight...
  6. Yeah I like outfitting your soldier...but detructible environment would rock... want to block an entrance? BOOM done...want to get through a blocked entrance? BOOM done.
  7. I've seen a lot of bf3 threads about what people want...why don't we make just one thread and call it...Star wars battlefront III Supah thread continued....
  8. Yeah same here...but It worked pretty well to die in 3 or so shots in the call of duty games...
  9. I think if we can get much more intelligent ai we wouldn't need all those fancy commands
  10. They should do the customization for weapons like they do in call of duty 4 (I have the beta demo, it rocks )
  11. I like the idea of suicide bombing...You put mines all over your fighter and crash it into stuff.
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