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  1. Art thou alive?

  2. Merry (belated) Christmas and a happy new year!

  3. Your av reminds me a bit of actor Tom Wilson.

  4. Hey, just wanted to say that although you may have your doubts on spirituality and theism and the like...I admire that you still use the word "pray" to wish the best for people who've suffered a tragedy. Thank you.


    BTW you're a supermod now? Congrats!

  5. Why, thank you! I didn't think anyone around here came around much, much less gave a flip about birthdays anymore.


    How've you been, Alk?

  6. Hm, I guess there's more of us than I'd previously thought...


    I have idle interest as well, but I'd rather put some money into other things than give it to Disney lately, so I'm not going to be in a big hurry to see it in theaters. Figure it'll be out for free on the internet soon enough.


    I see you were friends with Yar-El before she was banned. I was as well. That period was rather... contentious on LF to put it nicely.

  7. BTW You were one of the ones who would continue in the new direction even though KOTOR and that was retconned right?


    I may have lost my will to follow it anymore but I don't harbor a grudge about it. In fact about 10 people asked me at the county fair about it (I wore my retro 80s style Star Wars t shirt).


    I'd have to say it's pulling in a new crowd, so it must be having the intended effect. :D

  8. Yeah. I'm not sure where all I fit into the libertarians besides minimalist government/minarchy.


    I've learned Ayn Rand was a bit of a witch, but she made a very good point: tyrants aren't born under selfishness, they are born as championing altruism; Hitler/Mao/Stalin had to be the hip cool guy at some point. That said, selfishness is something we all should be wart of both in others and ourselves.


    Bummer. Yeah I'm finally getting to a point where I can get a machine that will actually play it. Found a case for my mobo of an old office machine but will have to Dremel out the peripheral inputs so it will fit. I hope I can get the push plate in tight and aligned but I'd be happy t get the mobo in at all. :)

  9. Hey, didn't know you were a christian...and a libertarian. Don't come across that often.


    I sometimes wonder if libertarians aren't just anti religion/spirituality. Not that peer pressure pushes me around. There's a lot about them that really makes me scratch my head.

  10. I lurked logged off. Usually come 2-3 times a week. For a time I didn't visit at all.


    You go on SWTOR much?

  11. Sooo, you still come around these parts eh?

  12. Oh *that* guy.


    Yeah, go ahead and do it! :lol: I wonder what other easter eggs people can throw in?


    BTW, is Maya capable of doing what 3DS max does for games? Smith Micro's Poser series can apparently understand stuff from autodesk Maya. 'Course I'm probably going to be using gmax and blender for making custom stuff.

  13. ...Huh? :) Think you got the wrong conversation, dude.

  14. I love yer av, ye fella olde irish bastard!

  15. Can't say I blame ya for getting out. :)


    Well... It's been really weird weather in the sierra nevadas. Used to be indecisive until it decided to snow mercilessly. You could count on it. This is the 4th "nothing" winter for the sierra nevadas. This last one was basically nothing. A couple teeny storms at most. Didn't get brutally cold this past winter like the 3 before it... For those we had record lows from -14 to -22, and just moderate to severe winds if a bit long in duration. Right now? ...it's 43 out, and it's getting to be 60-70 in the daytime.


    But the wind is what is really worrisome. Extended periods of high winds. We're 30-72 hour periods of winds over 110+ mph. Trees are snapping, falling over, and uprooting around here. Some of these massive trunks are even flying a short distance, too. Hitting cars, buildings, even people, yet I hear this pales in comparison to other parts of the country. So I figured ask someone whose been in the windy city and seen worse.

  16. Hey, you said over ToR that you were looking for Metal tunes for "killing rampages" which didn't also rub you the wrong way (as I notice some metal does tend to want to be socio political to an extent)... well I found someone who does Metal covers of game music.


    Here's one of my favorite childhood tunes. It's the second to last fight for the 1994 game boy version of Donkey Kong:



    It really did lend itself to metal--not bad for an 8 bit game from '94 eh?

  17. Hey there Jae.


    Question: How windy was it in Chicago? How cold did it get?


    It was probably still worse than what I've been going through.

  18. .....huh? Could you kindly remind me what we were talking about, my friend? Haven't logged in for at least a month...(sorry!)

  19. You're human, don't be too hard on yourself. :)


    I probably should have said 'at your own pace', and it isn't my intent to force an answer out of people. I'm not the sort to "win arguments on the internet" or do weird experiments for social science. Or if you'd changed your mind you could simply have said that. I don't mean to be a bother to you either.


    I'll go check. I promise this isn't some hokey conversion or some condescending talk. Part of my own betterment is understanding others now that I think I understand myself. To help if needed and also to keep perspective in check.

  20. One last thing and don't take this the wrong way: I realize we don't know each other IRL, but it's disingenuous to keep someone waiting for it if you never intended to reply in the first place.


    "Hey, just letting you know I plan to reply to your post in my kavar's thread as soon as I can. I just got tendinitis in my dominant arm so it's very difficult to type right now. I will reply as soon as I can."

  21. Well, ignoring it didn't work for me personally but if it works for you that's okay. If you have any other existential meltdowns, I'm willing to hear your concern.


    Just keep plugging away and being you, making mods. And no matter what Disney says, KOTOR will always be what fans like you and me decide. :)


    I'd say Modding is an art form, and you express yourself quite well. Like a martial artist in his chosen field.

  22. Hey bud. I know it's been awhile. If you still want to talk regarding your "reason to believe" thread and the PM you sent me, I'm still willing to hear whatever you have to say. No judgment. I'm simply curious as to your unease and how you manage it, having myself been in that same boat once.

  23. Hello. Saw your username at the bottom highlighted in pink with a birthday crown. I don't come in as often as I used to, and I don't know you. But happy birthday nonetheless. And if you don't want to celebrate because it's getting older...well celebrate because you're alive. Good day to you.

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